Sometimes you  manage to combine business and pleasures and my latest business trip to Riga was one of those occasions. Even though I was locked into a meeting room most of my time here, I got the opportunity to see the old part of Riga. The first encounter was in the evening on our way to the restaurant and the minute we entered the old part I fell in love. The narrow streets of cobble stones , the impressive historic buildings next to cute and colorful small houses, all with a romantic evening shimmer.

Torna Iela in the evening, Riga

We had dinner at the 3 chefs – Tris Pavari –  restaurant, a truly great experience. The food was delicious, the atmosphere relaxed with a hipster inspired design and and an open kitchen. But it was the food presentation that made the biggest impression. The entrees came served on a paper, looking more like a painting than food and the following courses was also very beautifully presented. If you visit Riga, a visit to 3 Chefs is a must!

Paintings or entrees @ 3 Chefs, Riga
Beautifully presented starter @3 Chefs, Riga
Delicious lamb @3 Chef, Riga

I am not a morning person but Riga was just too interesting. So before the start of the meetings next day, I went out for a morning walk to explore a bit more of the old part. It is something special with being up early, seeing the city slowly waking up. I wish I would do it more often:)! Everything is so calm and quiet. I got lost in all narrow streets, beautiful buildings, historical sites and the peaceful Bastejkalna Park.

Bastejkalna Park in Riga
Bastejkalna Park Riga
A quiet morning in Riga
Love these colorful houses in the Old Part of Riga
Beautiful Buildings in Old Part of Riga

I admired St Peter’s Church from a bench next to a young teenage couple, passed by the House of the Blackheads and ended my morning by taking a photo of my neighbor, the Nativity Cathedral.

St Peter's Church, Riga
St Peter’s Church
The square next to St Peter's Church, Riga
The square next to St Peter’s Church
House of Blackheads, Riga
House of Blackheads, Riga
The Nativity Cathedral, Riga

It was a too short visit but I will for sure be back to explore more of this beautiful little gem!

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