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My Story

Have you ever asked yourself ”How do I want to live my life?” Well, at least I have…. many times! With today’s

society and technology there are so many opportunities and choices out there, but in the end it is all up to you!

I have worked as a business layer, strategy consultant and brand & marketer for 12 years and have loved it. I
have been privileged and traveled a lot both in business and privately. There is nothing that boost my creativity
or inspire me like visiting new places, discovering hidden gems or experience new cultures. The feeling of
freedom and flexibility has become a key part of my life and in November 2016, me and my boyfriend finally
dared to make the decision to take a 3 months off. A break from our everyday lives, to explore a new part of
the world – Central & South America as well as Florida. A journey we will never forget and that changed our
lives in many ways.

During this trip I realized that I do not only love to travel but also to share my experiences, to tell my stories, all
to inspire others to travel and discover new places. I always loose myself in planning our trips, all to find hidden
treasures in terms of charming boutique and design hotels, concept restaurants and yoga shells but also
experiences and places off the beaten paths, inheriting the country’s true spirit to get a glimpse of the local life.
For me every trip is an opportunity to get a truly unique experience, to experience something more than the
touristic areas and big anonymous resorts. A personal & luxury touch and a true genuine experience.

Welcome to Travel with a Silver Lining. I hope this blog will inspire you and support you in planning your next
trip and make it a truly unique experience! For your piece of mind you can read our Privacy Policy.

Linda Voltaire
Founder & Editor