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Sometimes you are lucky to find truly unique places. Places that will stay in your heart for a long time. WoodyHanger is for sure one of those!

When searching for hotels for our 6 day road trip around northern New Zealand, I realized quickly that it would be hard to find places that offer a boutique and personal experience outside the main cities. But I am so happy I did not give up.

If describing this place in one word, breathtaking!

WoodyHanger Lodge – A Romantic Hideaway!

WoodyHanger Lodge is located on top of a mountain just outside Whitianga,  a small town on the Coromandel peninsula.  A truly hidden gem, not easy to find unless you know where you are going. We first got a bit sceptic when driving up the very narrow road along the mountain, corner after corner. But once on the top, we were both stunned.

We got a warm welcome from Warren & Carol, the owners of this piece of paradise. For me the personal touch, the feeling of being far away but still feeling at home is key when trying to find a place to stay during our travels. At WoodyHanger you truly get all of this and so much more.

Warren & Carol gave us the warmest welcome. They proudly showed us around, served us homemade breakfast and helped out with the plans for the days but at the same time gave us full privacy! Being the only lodge they rent out on the property, this is the perfect romantic or “you time” hideaway for a couple of days up in the mountains. Here you will get total privacy but still being close to the Whitianga town and other attractions in the area.

The Stylish & Cozy Lodge

Our home for two nights, turned out to be a fantastic lodge, built on a plateau, one step up from Warren & Carol’s home. The design is lovely with Scandinavian influences in terms of the light colors with a touch of blue and earthy shades, the choice of furniture and the closeness to nature. It is like stepping into an interior design magazine. Stylish and modern, with no detail left behind, all in harmony with the gorgeous surroundings.

Even when you’re inside you have a good view through these big windows
Everything feels modern and comfy

Loved the fact that you had windows in all four directions. Mountain view from the bed, the sea in front of you and the forest just outside the small kitchenette and the big bathroom. The only sounds that reach you here, are the sounds of nature and the song of the birds outside the window.

The Spectacular View

What takes your breath away is the view. At the end of the small pathway outside the lodge, you will find the most magic view over the landscape below and all the way to the sea. I loved to sit at the little bench at the highest point and just let my thoughts travel away!

We had to go out here in the morning, afternoon and at night. At all times the view was spectacular!

I loved to sit at the little bench at the highest point and just let my thoughts travel away!

My favorite spot to let my thoughts travel away!

The Magic Mornings

When living in a place like this, you want to experience the best spectacles nature has to offer and here it is the sunrises. An unmissable moment of the day, even though it happened 05.50. We brought our morning tea, our flip flops and a blanket and just got lost in this natural wonder. Imagine always waking up like this? Maybe then, I could turn of my snooze button on the phone forever…

WoodyHanger is definitely the place for magical mornings!

After a magic wake up, my favorite thing to do was to get back into the warm bed to read a book for an hour or two. If every morning looked like this….

These days were all about unwinding, and I didn’t mind spending an hour or two in this comfy bed with a book.

The Tasty Breakfast

The homemade continental breakfast is served whenever you want and consists of a delicious fruit salad, yogurt, toast, tea & coffee. Eating it outside made it taste even better. The last morning, we even moved the table to the lawn outside to get breakfast with a view!

Breakfast is served, who would’nt mind having breakfast here?

The Dreamy Pool

In front of the main house, there is a gorgeous pool, facing the sea. So if you are ready for a morning or afternoon swim, it is just to jump in.

As if the view wasn’t enough, you also have this pool for yourself to enjoy.

The Stunning Location

Once here, you do not want to leave. You could easily stay here all day, in bed, on the bench, in the pool, just taking it all in, finding peace, blogging and enjoying life!

It looks like a getaway far away, but it’s so close to the Whitianga town and everything you need is 5-10 minutes away

Still, there is so much to explore and see in New Zealand and the location for exploring the Coromandel peninsula is just perfect. The Whitianga town is just a 5-10 minutes’ drive from the lodge with supermarkets, restaurants and stores. 30 minutes away, you will find the popular Hot Water Beach and the Cathedral Cove. If you like us are up for some less touristic places, I can strongly recommend the Cook beach and a lunch and wine tasting at the lovely Mercury Bay Estate Winery. You could even take the ferry from Whitianga directly to the Cook beach for another experience and to limit your driving time!

Wine tasting and a delicious lunch at Mercury Bay Estate!

The Surrounding

The cute and picturesque Coromandel is just a 45 min to 1 hour drive a way. A very scenic drive with some of the best beaches along the way. The Coromandel Peninsula is full of things to explore, all within reach from the Woody Hanger Lodge.

As this was our last stop of our Northern New Zealand adventure, we drove to Coromandel and then down to Thames before heading back to Auckland. The costal road between Coromandel and Thames are just stunning with lots of viewpoints and the last part with the sea by your side.

We had a truly memorable time at the WoodyHanger Lodge and I can only give my warmest recommendations for this place! Warren & Carol, thanks a million for sharing your piece of paradise with us. We truly hope to be back one day! 

Would you like to stay at WoodyHanger Lodge. THEN BOOK IT HERE!

If you are planning to go to New Zealand or just want a weekend getaway to unwind, I can highly recommend going here


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