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Best Beaches in Mykonos

The best beaches in Mykonos are some of the most famous in the world, so you can imagine the clubs! This Greek island is a major tourist spot and has become a true hot spot. A paradise for sun lovers and one that’s very proud of its architectural heritage, which means so many of its major beach-related places pay homage to the colors of the ancient island. Every Mykonos beach club is also a feast to the eyes!

Scorpios – The Boho Chic Paradise

1. Design: 5

2. Sunbeds & Other Facilities 5

3. Food: 4

4. Service: 4

5. Atmosphere: 5

My very favorite Mykonos beach club! Built as a modern-day interpretation of the ancient Greek agora (a public space and the great-great-grandmother of a square), the design at Scorpios is not only beautiful, but it also complements the natural surroundings in perfect harmony. The club has a lot of different areas where you can choose your poison, so to speak: places to enjoy the sun, multiple bars and lounges, and a lot of different restaurants with delicious food!

The boho chic feel is very strong here, and the place is full of beautiful colors. As an extra plus, they have a deck that serves as both a sun-filled hangout during the day and a great dancing spot when it’s dark – and there’s no need to book in advance in this area, although the club, in general, is very popular and you will have to book ahead. In all, Scorpios is ideal to hang out all day and night, particularly on Wednesdays and Sundays.

While the food and service were good, it is the design, setting, and atmosphere that will make you fall in love. Easily one of the top experiences at the best beaches in Mykonos!

Scorpios - Mykonos Beach Club

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Kalua – Mykonos Beach Club Favorites

1. Design: 4

2. Sunbeds & Other Facilities 4

3. Food: 4

4. Service: 4

5. Atmosphere: 4

Another Mykonos beach club favorite! The setting here is far more traditional with sunbeds in rows on the sandy beach, but the design at the bar and restaurant is still really nice. Located at the gorgeous Paraga Beach, Kalua is shielded from windier days, which makes it the perfect place for such occasions. The service is really great and very friendly, while the food was delicious. It’s worth mentioning that the surroundings are also food for the soul, as you enjoy the lovely hues of one of the smallest and best beaches in Mykonos.

Kalua is also a fantastic place for night owls: after the sun sets, the DJ’s music gets louder … and it’s time to move your body!

Best beaches in Mykonos
The sunbeds at Kalua beach club

Enjoying the amazing beach club - Mykonos
Enjoying the amazing beach club

Sant Anna – The Luxury Beach Oasis

1. Design: 5

2. Sunbeds & Other Facilities: 4

3. Food: 4

4. Service: 4

5. Atmosphere: 4

Right next to Kalua, this beach club offers a very stylish option to spend your days in Mykonos. With a cool design and a nice variety of pools and artificial islands, Santanna is more of an all-around beach experience, and many of its spaces cater specifically to more upscale (and stiffy!) crowds, particularly in the VIP areas. The food and drinks, organized by chef Christos Athanasiadis, are focused on the best ingredients of the season!

Santanna offers sunbeds right by the beach or by the pool and great service. Easily one of the best beaches in Mykonos.

Santanna - Mykonos Beach Club

Nammos – Design Heaven

1. Design: 5

2. Sunbeds & Other Facilities: 3

3. Food: 3

4. Service: 2

5. Atmosphere: 3

First of all, Nammos is so breathtakingly beautiful we fell in love with it as soon as we set foot in it. Located in a small bay, the design is based on whitewashed stone with many details in turquoise, complementing Mykonos’ natural tones to perfection. The place is also much more than a beach club, and the concept is more similar to that of a resort, including suites, boutiques, restaurants and a variety of beach clubs inside.

However, we were disappointed: the service was terrible and borderline rude. Sure, the place was busy, but so was every other one and we didn’t have any issues, whereas here, the staff was not service-minded at all, and the personal touch was totally lacking. Also, due to the crowds, the (comfy) sunbeds were packed and there was little space to walk around. The music was also loud enough to be unpleasant, and didn’t match the chill vibe of the club, at all. This is also one of the most expensive beach clubs in Mykonos so I would not recommend a visit here. If you are still curious, book a table for lunch…

Nammos - Mykonos
The sunbeds - Mykonos Beach Club
The sunbeds

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