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Travel with a Silver Lining’s 2017 Boutique Hotel List is finally up! 

You might wonder why am I such a boutique hotel dweller? Well, first of all I have stayed too many nights in anonymous big chain hotels when traveling with work. Hotels that do not add anything to the experience than just a bed to sleep in. For me, traveling is about the full experience and hotels and restaurants are key parts of this experience.  I have always been interested in interior design and a great boutique hotel based on a strong concept is truly food for the soul and the personal feeling you get in small luxury hotels are just invaluable!

My 2017 was a year of amazing accommodations – and these are my top 5 favorite ones!

My Top 5 Hotels

1. Sant Francesc, Palma – The Small Luxury Mansion!

There’s nothing in the Sant Francesc Hotel that isn’t worthy of falling in love. A jewel in beautiful Palma, this hotel started as a 19th century mansion and it still screams luxury but mixed with a strong soul. At the heart of town, the location is perfect, and so are the facilities. Broad spaces, spacious suites in modern décor and a sweet rooftop overlooking old town.  It’s THE place in Palma!

Don’t miss my full hotel review, here!

The stunning courtyard - Sant Francesc, Palma
The stunning courtyard
sant francesc palma
Anyone for a drink?

2. Aria Hotel, Budapest – The Eclectic Design Gem!

The Aria Hotel was voted the #1 hotel in the world on TripAdvisor – with good reason! Everything about this place is a perfect 5. The musically-inspired design is a treat to the senses in its extravagant creativity. In all, it’s a haven of luxury, without ever losing its personal touch, always making you feel at home. Highlights here include the relaxing music garden, small harmony spa and the Sky Note skybar. The location, in a particularly picturesque area of the Budapest city center, is also perfect.

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The music garden at Aria hotel
The music garden at Aria hotel
Lazy days relaxing on the private balcony - Aria hotel
Lazy days relaxing on the private balcony

3. La Zebra Hotel, Tulum – The Boho Chic Beach Dream Away!

With an aesthetic self-described as “beach chic,” La Zebra’s Afro-Caribbean design is an explosion of color. Luxurious to its bone, this is among my top hotels due to its high-class and all-encompassing experience. Besides more traditional facilities like bars, restaurants and a spa, La Zebra offers scuba diving and cooking lessons! Their bungalows with gorgeous balconies facing the Caribbean gave us all the energy we needed each morning.

Read more on why this is among the best luxury hotels in my review!

La Zebra Beach Hotel
La Zebra Beach Hotel

4. The Rooms Hotel, Tbilisi – The Hipster Heaven!

An old publishing house turned boutique hotel, The Rooms follows the vibe of Vera, the chic neighborhood it’s located in. The design, industrial chic with Manhattanite elements, is a dream for those who seek the best boutique hotels. The whole setting is beautiful and inspiring, a true place for artists of all sorts. A true hipster paradise that also hosts the New York inspired restaurant – The Kitchen and the hip Garden Bar and just across the street you will find Lolita, one of my favorite restaurants and bars in Tbilisi!

Here’s my full boutique hotel review!

The Rooms Hotel, Tbilisi
I wouldn’t mind waking up in this room every morning
The Rooms Hotel, Tbilisi
The Terrace Queen Room

5. Roma Luxus Hotel, Rome – The Lush Boutique Star in Old Rome!

Once an 18th century convent, the Roma Luxus is perfectly located in the trendy old city area of Monti. It’s also a walking distance away from Rome’s must-sees, plus lovely little streets and boutiques. What sets this place apart from other top hotels is its eclectic design: each section has its own, distinctive look. Spacious and dreamy, other highlights include the professional and friendly service, plus their amazing use of light.

More about my stay at the Luxus here!

Roma Luxus Hotel, Rome
Madre – the insta perfect restaurant
The Roma Luxus has a lovely eclectic design
The Roma Luxus has a lovely eclectic design

Some More Favorite Boutique Hotels…

We stayed at so many amazing boutique hotels  in 2017 and even though some of them did not make it to my top 5 list, they are worth a mention. See some more gems below that I can truly recommend!


Italians are well aware of the charm of their Amalfi Coast, and they accordingly build beautiful hotels. Our Positano hotel, Villa Flavio Gioia, was a Mediterranean dream. And how could I ever forget breathtaking Le Sirenuse, atop a hill and nowadays one of the red landmarks of the colorful village of Positano?

Our mediterranean room at Villa Flavio
Our mediterranean room at Villa Flavio
The magic view from Le Sirenuse!
The magic view from Le Sirenuse!


In Amalfi town, it was speakeasy-like Amalfi Luxury House that took our hearts! A truly hidden gem where we got a true local touch!

The Colorful yard of Amalfi Luxury House
Living among the locals – The Colorful yard of Amalfi Luxury House
Our hip suite at Amalfi Luxury House
Our hip suite at Amalfi Luxury House

Read all about my favorite Amalfi Coast Boutique Hotels in my full Hotel Review Post.

Los Angeles

The U.S. Golden State is all about that Hollywood glam but still you can find some small luxury hotels here too. The Rose Hotel in Venice and the Palihouse in Melrose have a distinctly hipster and artistic vibe. Both are perfect to energize on the boho chic Cali vibe.

Read more about my stay at the Rose Hotel and Palihouse Melrose!

The Rose Hotel
The Rose Hotel is so instagrammable
Our suite at The Rose Hotel with a simplistic but artsy design
Our suite at The Rose Hotel with a simplistic but artsy design
Relaxing in my room at Palihouse Melrose after a busy day in Hollywood!
Relaxing in my room at Palihouse Melrose after a busy day in Hollywood!


The Little Rochari is a white and blue gem in paradisiac Mykonos. Magnificent view and great service, you can read all about this  little family owned hotel that treated us like princesses  here!

Welcome to Little Rochari Hotel
Welcome to Little Rochari Hotel


Another favorite from the Eternal City, Gens Luxury Suites takes the “luxury” in its name to heart. Quality materials and an earthy dark palette give this place its elegant and upscale personality. Read more here!

Gens Luxury Suites
The darker color palette adds to the luxurious feel
Gen luxury suites
Gen luxury suite bath + bubble bath + wine = perfect evening

All of these gems contributed to make our trips feel special and still there are more lovely hotels that we have visited but that did not made it to this post. As, I am doing reviews of all hotels I stay in you can find all the reviews in the Hotel Review Page!

What are your favorite boutique and design hotels? Please share with me in the comments below as I need some inspiration for 2018!!!


  1. In love with all of these hotels! I must admit, I’m a total luxury hotel addict. I love a beautiful hotel! It honestly sometimes make my entire trip to stay at a luxe hotel!

  2. I adore Italy and your recommendations are going in my collection 🙂
    Surprising you didn’t find something in Paris – I’ll wait for more suggestions from you!

    • That’s great to hear! Hopefully next time I visit Paris I’ll discover a great boutique hotel 🙂

  3. The Amalfi coast is a place I adored when I visited too. This makes me want to go back… and now I know where to stay 🙂

    • That’s great to hear! You definitely won’t regret a trip back 🙂

  4. Great Post. Hotels and resorts are the best way to judge how much we enjoyed our trip. Something goes wrong with the stay then the whole trip might turn messy. I must admit most of the times my trip plan depends on the hotel I stay.

  5. These are absolutely gorgeous! & those tiny toilets are killing me! I didn’t even know boutique hotels were a “thing”. Your pictures really capture the beauty of them all!

    • Next time be sure to book into a boutique hotel for a fabulous experience 🙂

  6. Friggin ADORE boutique hotels – they’re just so much more inviting and you feel like royalty when you stay there because the staff is just so nice and attentive!

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