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Roma Luxus Hotel – Best Luxury Boutique Hotels in Rome

Rome as seen from an 18th century palace…this hotel is just amazing! I fell in love the minute I entered this design heaven! If you’re wondering where the best luxury boutique hotels in Rome are, then look no further.

Dubbed The Eternal City due to its broad history and charm, it’s almost too easy to have a grand old time in Rome – specially when you’re staying at the Roma Luxus Hotel! Located in the old part of town, specifically in the trendy up-and-coming neighborhood of Monti, this renovated 18th century palace quickly became one my favorite hotels ever!

This luxurious spot is everything you should expect from a boutique hotel: it’s stylish and yet cosy, filled with older details and still retaining very modern and up-to-date accommodations – and all with a noticeable personal touch. Beautiful, spacious and with amazing service, this place is a dream come true.

Overall Review

1. Design & Boutique Feeling: 5

2. Room & Other Facilities: 5

3. Food & Drinks: 4

4. Service: 5

5. Location: 5

Design & Boutique Feeling

Originally a convent when built in the 18th century, the Luxus currently holds a downright exquisite design, with different styles depending on the section of the hotel, each unique and with its own very particular characteristics. Still, the design of each area is carefully thought-out: the colors and style of each setting matches the next, and there’s never any dissonance. Just what you’d expect of one of the best luxury boutique hotels in Rome?

Filled with the luxury of a time long gone by, this palace remains a very cosy spot. Plus, it felt like every inch of the place had a secret and fascinating story to tell!

The entrance - Roma Luxus Hotel
The entrance
Surprises around every corner - Roma Luxus Hotel
Surprises around every corner…
The colorful living room - Roma Luxus Hotel
The colorful living room

Room & Other Facilities

We stayed in Room 303, a very spacious suite on the third floor, luxurious to the point of having a huge tub in the living room – the palace way, of course. Our room also had a small balcony overlooking the nearby houses, as well as an adorable pink plush sofa. The bedroom was super cosy, too!

Also, the owners have made it a point to decorate each room with “Made in Italy” furniture, for an extra touch of authenticity.

As for the rest of the hotel facilities, every piece of this place is made with great design and lighting. Loved the cool corridors with jungle theme and the  colorful common living room. Not to mention the impressive facade, which looks straight out of a film!

Our cozy hotel room - Roma Luxus Hotel
Our cozy hotel room
Loved the pink plush sofa - Roma Luxus Hotel
Loved the pink plush sofa
The view from the balcony - Roma Luxus Hotel
The view from the balcony

Food & Drinks

The hotel has two restaurants: Yugo Fusion and Madre. While we didn’t try breakfast at the former, we did get lunch at Madre, and became completely enamored with the décor – it’s basically an Instagram post waiting to happen!

A semi-outdoor restaurant that’s perfect for a meal during the nicest days of summer, the look of Madre is based on a “sitting room nestled in a tropical garden,” providing an extra layer of freshness. As for the menu, it mixes Italian cuisine with South American flavors, and the pizza was downright delicious.

The service was superb, the vibe was intoxicating and, during the evenings, the restaurant was always full, particularly the bar. Do book in advance!

Madre – The cozy restaurant
Madre – The cozy restaurant
The beautiful design


The service was all-around super friendly and professional, with the kind of niceness that will put a smile on your face every time: a 5-star experience. This type of treatment is what really sets the best luxury boutique hotels in Rome apart!


At the heart of old Rome, the hotel is a walking distance away from the most iconic Roman landmarks, including the Colosseum, Piazza Venezia, and the Spanish Steps. Also, this neighborhood, in particular, Monti, is filled with picturesque boutiques and restaurants located in sweet and charming little streets. One of the best luxury boutique hotels in Rome to get lost in the magic of this magic city that ruled the West for hundreds of years.

The cosy neighbourhood
Best luxury boutique hotels in Rome
The beautiful architecture

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