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Bangkok is the city of rooftops, to enjoy the Thai capital among the stars! Many of the best restaurants in Bangkok are also mesmerizing rooftops. Float in the heavens at your favorite luxurious rooftop restaurant in Bangkok and feel the pulse of the metropolis.

restaurants in bangkok
Hello beauty…

Rooftop Restaurant in Bangkok

Above Eleven – A Fave Among the Best Restaurants in Bangkok

1. Food: 5

2. Drinks: 4

3. Atmosphere: 5

4. Design: 4

5. Service: 5

Above Eleven Restaurants & Rooftops
Perfect New Year celebration

On the 32nd floor, Above Eleven is my favorite rooftop restaurant in Bangkok. On the Sukhumvit Sui 11 party district, the vibe of this rooftop restaurant in Bangkok.

This is the top spot to have some drinks and dance under the stars or just enjoy a delicious dinner with a magic view of one of my favorite cities. This is where we had our New Year’s Eve dinner and enjoyed an incredible Peruvian culinary experience on this rooftop restaurant in Bangkok.

The food, the drinks, the view, and the audience is a perfect rooftop restaurant in Bangkok experience! Built on 3 levels makes this place feel personal and cozy, yet with a luxury touch. Mix it up with locals and tourists, all ages. Then, keep the party going at the downstairs bars and nightclubs or take a taxi home after a fabulous night among the stars. The best restaurants in Bangkok offer a vibe no other city has!

Vertigo and Moon Bar – Romance in the Heights

1. Food: 5

2. Drinks: 4

3. Atmosphere: 5

4. Design: 5

5. Service: 5

Of all the best restaurants in Bangkok, Vertigo is the most romantic one. Built to resemble a ship on the heights, this is the coolest rooftop restaurant in Bangkok. It’s also the coolest I have ever visited! Located on the 62nd floor, on top of the Banyan Tree hotel this place is for sure a must visit!

Although it doesn’t come cheap, the food here is outstanding, particularly the tornedau. The wine and cocktails list are as extensive as expected from a rooftop restaurant in Bangkok.  You can also skip the food and just chill with some drinks at their Moon Bar.

The service is a perfect blend of Thai friendliness and the professionalism you can expect from a great rooftop restaurant in Bangkok.  The staff are also professional photographer and knows how to get the perfect photo even though the sun and light long disappeared!

True to its name, Vertigo is not a place for those with a fear of heights. The last stairs to the 62nd floor is the scariest among the best restaurants in Bangkok. However, when you reach the final destination, this rooftop restaurant in Bangkok will be worth it!

Dinner with a View of Bangkok
Dinner with a view

Octave – The Best View in Town!

1. Food: 4

2.. Drinks: 4

3. Atmosphere: 5

4. Design: 4

5 Service: 4

Octave is the new rooftop restaurant in Bangkok. It offers the best 360° view of Bangkok and if you ask me, it’s the place to enjoy the magic sunset. Built in a cool way, as a multi-zone outlet with a restaurant in lounge style and with a magic rooftop for cocktails and drinks, you can easily spend your evening here. 

The food is new-age fusion like Asian-style tapas platters and a seafood bar along with a great wine and cocktail list.  This rooftop restaurant in Bangkok has a pretty unique dining experience. The setting and vibe make this one of the best restaurants in Bangkok.

Located in the Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit, it is just a 15 min walk from my favorite Bangkok hood, Thonglor. There, you’ll find more low key and local experiences, a perfect combination!

Rooftop restaurant in Bangkok
Found my favorite sunset spot

Sirocco – A Touristic Must-Visit

1. Food: NA

2. Drinks: 3

3. Atmosphere: 4

4. Design: 3

5. Service: 3

One of the most iconic luxury restaurants in Thailand, Sirocco is the most visited rooftop restaurant in Bangkok. To me, its popularity has made it lose authenticity, as it’s now very touristic but it is still worth a visiting.  The view is magnificent, plus the chance to see where The Hangover Part II was filmed. On the day you visit Sirocco, drop by the Mandarin Oriental too, as it’s a 10-minute walk away.

I have never eaten here so can not evaluate the food but this rooftop restaurant in Bangkok is all about the view and the setting. Walking down the big stairs with Bangkok at your feet make you feel like a celebrity. It’s the kind of experience that sets the best restaurants in Bangkok apart!

luxury Restaurants in Thailand - Sirocco
Enjoying the view…

My favorite restaurants in Thonglor

Shabby as they might look outside, there are some really hip restaurants in Thonglor. Also called Sukhumvit Soi 55, it has enough of the best restaurants in Bangkok to keep you entertained for a few evenings.


1. Food: 4

2. Drinks: 4

3. Atmosphere: 4

4. Design: 4

5. Service: 4

The food in Bangkok tends to be really good, and Badmotel is exceptional! Offering modern and spicy Thai flavors surrounded by cool, shabby and industrial design, Badmotel is self-described as “demolition chic.” It’s a bar, restaurant, and art gallery, with nothing to envy to the best rooftop restaurant in Bangkok!

I love their small backyard where you can eat outdoors without the noise of the outside traffic. Here you get a true Thai culinary experience with modern influences and the relaxed hipster vibe makes me return to this place over and over again. Easily among the best restaurants in Bangkok!

bangkok thailand badmotel
Badmotel – one of our favorite eateries in Thonglor

The Commons

The Commons is the coolest place in town, even more than whatever your favorite rooftop restaurant in Bangkok is. Full of restaurants, shops, and bars, this community mall is a meeting point for like-minded people. The focus is on fashion, sustainability, and entrepreneurship. You can find some of the best restaurants in Bangkok here!

bangkok thailand the commons market
Welcome to the commons


1.  Food: 4

2. Drinks: 4

3. Atmosphere: 5

4. Design: 4

5. Service: 5

One of the best restaurants in Thonglor, it’s on the top floor of The Commons. Roast is perfect for lunch and brunch, with multiple options. I’m partial to their avocado toast, omelets, and smoothies. I love the ambiance as much as any rooftop restaurant in Bangkok!

The design is fun: industrial chic and modern, a unique combo uncommon in any rooftop restaurant in Bangkok. The local and hip crowd hangs out here, working or just enjoying the day, so the vibe is amazing.  This is a very popular place so you might have to wait between 10 to 15 minutes for a table but it is worth it! The staff is amazing here. Very professional and yet friendly in an authentic way, making your experience perfect!

Brunch time…
restaurants in Bangkok
Enjoying the vibe @the Commons

Thai Dreams!

Bangkok is heaven for food lovers and offers a great mix of luxury rooftop dining with cool, hip and authentic experiences. You can also take a look at the best rooftop bars in Bangkok. There, you’ll find a more detailed account of what I love about a rooftop restaurant in Bangkok.

Planning a trip to Thailand to get in touch with your new favorite rooftop restaurant in Bangkok? I’ve got your back! For the ultimate guide to Hua Hin check out my Hua Hin travel guide. What better way to enjoy the big city than by finding the coolest things to do in my Bangkok travel guide. If you’re planning on staying in Bangkok, Akyra Thonglor is the best boutique hotel I would recommend. Extend your trip in Hua Hin and check out my top choices for the best hotels in Hua Hin. Read about our lazy days in our Hua Hin boutique Hotel.

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  1. I always love rooftops! It’s a good mixture of enjoying the time with a drink or a bite, and having those beautiful views on the city!

  2. There is always some sophistication that comes with roof tops! I like you ratings of the different restaurants and clearly you have a keen eye for details and appreciate fine things in life!

  3. Looks like you had a blast in Bangkok. Good views and vibes. And the food dishes looked so savory. I think I’ll be eating Thai for dinner. 🙂

  4. Followingtherivera Reply

    This is a lovely post on Bangkok! Love all these places, but Badmotel is definitely my favourite, if just for the name!

  5. This post came to me just in time, we are planning to visit Bangkok later this year! I really like the look of Roast and also The Commons – the rooftop restaurants look great too but I really like the low key vibes better – will definitely need to reference this on our trip!

  6. Great review. I love romantic rooftops especially with great food and drinks. Nice views from roofs in Bangkok .

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