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Best Restaurants in Rome – Rome Restaurant Review

Pasta, pizza, gelato & fantastic Italian wine, – well Rome offers a culinary experience and scene out of the ordinary!  When visiting Rome a majority of the experience is exactly this – the food, the wine, the afternoon breaks,  the dinners the nights! Rome is full of amazing restaurants from Michelin Star white dining and hip & trendy concept restaurants to true local  family owned restaurants and last but not least delicious Italian fast food. Rome knows how to enjoy life to the fullest!

During our last visit in Rome, we tried out three very different  but yet amazing restaurants offering a  truly unique and personal experience! And of course we also tried out some fast food places and bars. Read all about them below!

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Etabli – The Hip Restaurant, Cocktail & Coffe Bar

  1. Food: 4
  2. Drinks: 4
  3. Atmosphere: 5
  4. Design: 4
  5. Service: 4

Located near to Piazza Navona, the restaurant, cocktail & coffee bar,  Etabli ,  offers a truly unique style and setting. Mixing traditional elements and the latest trends, reflecting both elegance, innovativeness and warmth.  

Etalbi fares as one of the more preferred places to dine at, providing a fusion of the modern and the traditional kitchen, with a  great assortment of food and a fantastic selection of wine. The atmosphere is friendly still sophisticated with a great mix of locals, tourists,  old and young. The staff  will give you a true Italian experience  with friendly yet passionate service. If you are looking for a hip dining experience in the vibrant hoods surrounding Via dei Coronari, Etabli is the place for you! 

Popular Etabli - best restaurants in rome
Popular Etabli

IL Corallo – The Local Authentic Experience


  1. Food: 3
  2. Drinks: 3
  3. Atmosphere: 4
  4. Design: 3
  5. Service: 3

A restaurant most famous for its pizza, the IL Corallo is a typical Italian joint. Known to offer one of the best local and authentic experience in the area around Via dei Coronari, Il Corallo  offers great traditional Italian food and drinks as well as a warm and friendly atmosphere. Sit outside in the popular street or inside in the small and cosy restaurant with a design similar to many of the family owned options – design without any frizz! The staff are passionate and always on the go in this busy little place! If you want a vibrant start of the night Il Corallo will not let you down! 

A true Italian Experience at IL Corallo
A true Italian Experience

Osteria Fernanda – The Outstanding & Vibrant White Dining Option

  1. Food: 5
  2. Drinks: 5
  3. Atmosphere: 4
  4. Design: 4
  5. Service: 4

The Osteria Fernanda is one such place that can be difficult to locate if one is new to the city, but once found, it is a gem. Located close to the Tiber river in the Trastevere area in an apartment building, it is not a place you just run into. But once you enter this small modern restaurant, it will surprise you in all ways possible.

A highly modern, simplistic, yet sophisticated set-up and design, the restaurant flaunts some of the most magnificently creative and original dishes in a special cooking-in affair, at a considerably reasonable price. Osteria Fernanda offers you a culinary experience and food presentations in line with the best white dining options in Rome, yet in a much more vibrant and relaxed context. A majority of the guests are locals enjoying a night out after work. The staff are very friendly and professional, giving you a personal experience. Osteria Fernanda is a definite try for everything about the place is just exemplary.

Osteria Fernanda
Osteria Fernanda
Angrypig Biretta e Porchetta – Italian Fast Food at its Best!

A fast food place in the Vatican City that essentially provides street food to the customers, the Angrypig Biretta e Porchetta has the best porchetta paninis in the city. A small but cozy place with the friendliest and nicest owners. A perfect place to visit after a long day in the Vatican Museum.

Lovely Owner of Angrypig
Lovely Owner of Angrypig

Crispy Organic – The Healthy Break!

A small restaurant in the locale of the Spanish Steps, the Crispy Organic sells healthy and organic food such as salads, wraps and healthy juices and smooties that can serve as a quick lunch or be packed away for take away. After a couple of days with delicious  Italian food; it is actually great with a break and then Crispy Organic is a perfect choice. The restaurants also fits a boutique full of healthy food in all forms; so bring the big bags as you probably wants to bring some home!

Crispy Organic
Crispy Organic
healthy & tasty food in rome
Healthy & Tasty

Bar del Fico – The Popular Late Nighter

The bar is a good place to hang out after a busy day and to sip on drinks; all the while enjoying a nice and companionable evening. A cozy and eclectic place with an open kitchen to watch as the food is prepared, the Bar del Fico is  one of the most popular bars in the hood and a  great place to end the evening.

Salotto 42 – The Stylish Cocktail Expert

A very stylish and trendy cocktail bar located right behind the Pantheon, the Salotto 42 is well known for its assortment of drinks that are known to be some of the best in Rome and the view gives a sophisticated touch to your evening!

Fatamorgana – The Ice Cream Star

A treat on the streets of Trastevere is a lovely ice cream parlor Fatamorgana which provides amazing desserts and ice cream to die for. This place is popular. When we arrived late in the evening there was a cue far down on the street!

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