For us, Cusco whas just a place to get prepared for the Inca Trail but the 1,5 days here have shown to be so much more. Cusco gives you a sneak peak into the Inca world, into another time. The history of the Incas is everywhere – in the buildings, the atmoshpere, the hand craft and the people. It is very different from anything we have seen and experienced before!

The old part of Cusco is a true evidence of the history with colonial buildings built upon Incan foundations together with modern restaurants and influences. This city has a true soul and a history that no one can escape. Of course some part of it is a bit touristic but still in a charming way!

After having taken all this in, or at least some of it, it is the colours of this city that captures your attention. The local handcraft, the art, all fabrics are full of colours and I wished my suitcase was bigger or not so full so I could bring a lot of these colours home!

When strolling the narrow streets around the biggest plaza, Plaza De Armas del Cusco you realize that they are full of secrets if you just enter the yards. Here you can find charming cafes & restuarants, hotels, galleries or just a lovely garden with pink flowers, of course colourful too. You get obsessed, or at least we did, it is like entering a “no filter” world, where all the photos just looks perfect, and you just can not stop photographing..

But arriving to Cusco is not just a story filled with history and colours. Cusco is located 3500 meters up in the moutains and getting here is an adventure in itself. The flight here was a tue roller coaster and when finally being on safe ground we both got a bit altitude sick. Tonnes of Coca Tea and water later we are back on track and ready for tomorrow’s adventure. At this time tomorrow we will probably be sleeping… in a cold tent!.

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