After having explored the Keys, the east coast of Florida was up next! From the artistic vibe in Wynwood to alligators in Everglades and a luxurious road trip to West Palm Beach – we enjoyed it all!

The Arty part of Wynwood!

The Art District of Wynwood in downtown Miami, was one of the highlights during these days.

The rawness, the creative and artistic energy hit you the minute you step into these colorful streets with graffiti in every corner, on every wall. This is where the hip youngsters and creative entrepreneurs hang out and it is easy to understand why….

After visiting the Wynwood Walls, strolling up and down the arty streets, visiting the small design boutiques and concept stores, our creativity was boiling and the camera full of colorful photos!

But you do not visit Wynwood only for the beautiful art. Here you also find some of the best cafes and restaurants in Miami!
Dr Smood is by far the most hip and cool organic cafe we have been to. Here you choose “your food based on your mood”, all based on a simple color coding. The menu is full of healthy juices, smoothies, salads and healthy snacks.

But the greatness does not stop at the food. The entire cafe is built for maximum comfort and well-being of all entrepreneurs, having made this their working place. Comfortable seating, charging stations for your mobile devices, or what about a special music playlist for different times of the day. We could easily have stayed here all day long, living the life of a digital nomad to the fullest:)!

In one of the streets, we found KYU, a restaurants that directly made it to our top five list. This small restaurant offers delicious food, a true culinary experience, with its wide Asian inspired menu based on flavors from all over the world. The service is professional yet very relaxed and the design industrial with clear influences from nature, both in terms of material, color and decoration.

The grilled kale, the korean chicken and the baked potato with bacon was just amazing!

The Adventure!

Our next trip was of a more adventurous nature. It was time to explore the Everglades and to meet some of its many alligators!

Enjoy our boat ride in the video below!

The Luxurious Road Trip!

Early next morning we headed north to visit Miami’s more laid back neighbor, Fort Lauderdale. It all started with a healthy breakfast at Fresh First, the first 100% gluten free eatery and juicery in Fort Lauderdale.

After a good start we headed north, cruising along the lovely board walk of Fort Lauderdale, making a stop to have a walk on the long and wide beach.

Our final destination, West Palm Beach, was yet another world.

West Palm Beach is the place where the rich, retired Americans live. One mansion, or rather small castle, after the other lines the streets. The hedges are cut with such a precision, the gardens are all neatly planned and decorated and the streets are full of the latest version of the Ferrari, Bentley and Aston Martin.

Just imagine living in a house like this…:)!

The beach is not as wide as in its more southern neighbors, but still a less crowded natural beauty. A stop and some dreamy pictures at the at the clock tower at the end of Worth Avenue is a must.

Sunday brunch turned out to be a very popular concept also among the older generation. Nick & Johnnies, the brunch place we had on our radar, turned out to be full of well dressed gents and botox ladies with jewelry worth a fortune. Miles apart from the retired crowd we met in Key West:)!

Luckily, their sister restaurant Cucina Dell’Arte had a front row table free. The food was delicious, the view perfect for people watching. So… we stayed for hours enjoying the atmosphere, slowly letting the afternoon hours pass by!

We saved the best for last… The beautiful costal road from West Palm Bech all the way down to Miami. It took more than double the time compared to the highway, but it was worth every minute!

The beautiful beaches, the incredible mansions and houses, the canals, the boats, it was all quite a view and experience. We stoped along the way to enjoy the many beaches, the sun and the waves!

The east coast of Florida has so much to offer and we enjoyed every little piece of this paradise!

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