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Lisbon is heaven for bloggers, Instagram influencers and photographers. This picturesque city is one of the most photogenic ones I have ever visited. You’ll find the best photo spots in Lisbon in the streets, murals,  “miradoures” (viewpoints), tile buildings and many landmarks. Just magic Lisbon photography. Well, it was impossible to put the camera down when exploring this beautiful gem. There are so many Lisbon Instagram spots.

We left Lisbon after five amazing days with more than 1000 photos. The only negative side is the work you are left with when home.  In this post I will share all of my favorite Lisbon Instagram spots and some of my favorite Lisbon photos from this trip!

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A Windy Day in the Corridors behind Arco da Rua Agusta
A Windy Day in the Corridors behind Arco da Rua Agusta

1. Alfama – The Old Beauty That Never Fades Away!

Alfama is the old part of Lisbon and for sure one of the most instagrammable one, a must for your Lisbon photography collection. The tourists s are many but as always if you dare to step away from the main streets, you will leave the crowds behind and find the most gorgeous spots.

The streets of Alfama are stunning and with the right timing, you will be able to get a true postcard photo, a favorite of many Lisbon Instagram spots!

Lisbon photography from pretty Rua Agusto Rosa in Alfama
Pretty Rua Agusto Rosa in Alfama

Another favorite among Lisbon Instagram spots and Lisbon photography was a cute little square and viewpoint just up the hill from our boutique hotel, Memmo Alfama. The traditional Portuguese tiles, the roses, the colors – a dream for photographers looking for the best photo spots in Lisbon!

My Favorite Lisbon Instagram Spot off Rua Agusto Rosa
My Favorite Lisbon Instagram Spot off Rua Agusto Rosa
Magic Lisbon Place in Alfama
Magic Place!

2. The Castle with the Best Photo Spots in Lisbon

St Gorge’s Castle is probably one of the most popular tourist attractions in Lisbon and also a favorite one for Lisbon photography. Still this was one of my favorite Lisbon Instagram spots and viewpoints. Even though the line was long, once in the place did not feel that crowded. First out is the view from all different angles. Just breathtaking!

My Favorite Lisbon View & Lisbon Instagram Spots at st gorge's castle
My Favorite Lisbon View

Strolling around the castle you get transferred back in time and it is easy to imagine life as a princess here decades ago. Undoubtedly among the best photo spots in Lisbon!

Me at St Gorge’s Castle in Lisbon
Castle Life
Inside St Gorge's Castle in Lisbon
Come here early in the morning before the crowds come for a great shot!

3. The Streets & Tile Buildings – A Must for Your Lisbon Photography

The streets of Lisbon are the made for Instagram and photography and so are the tile dressed buildings in various beautiful colors. Maybe one of the most photographed Lisbon Instagram spots.

Tiles, tiles & tiles everywhere! - A must Lisbon Instagram Spots
Tiles, tiles & tiles everywhere!

After Alfama, Bairro Alto is another host of the best photo spots in Lisbon. It’s also THE party area in town. During the night, the streets are filled with restaurants and happy people. This vibe is for sure something you have to experience when in Lisbon.

However, during the days, the vibe is totally different. Sleepy after a long and tough night, a bit of a hangover feeling as the smell of beer and liquor is still in the air but the streets a just gorgeous and almost empty. Just some locals waking up, starting to prepare for another night. There is so much soul in this hood and during the days you get a glimpse of the local life and also a bit of that typical Lisbon melancholy. Life behind the beautiful facades is not always easy…

Lisbon Photograpy from Bairro Alto by day
Bairro Alto by Day
The Colorful Streets of Lisbon
The Colorful Streets of Lisbon

4. Lisbon Pink Vibes

If you like me love pink vibes, Lisbon is full of sweet spots for you. The first one is the famous Ruo Nova Do Carvalho street. Lisbon’s red light district that nowadays has a pink street, one of the most popular Lisbon Instagram spots and a must in your Lisbon photography collection.  For a photo without the crowds, head here during the afternoon.

The Pink Party Street in Lisbon
The Pink Party Street

If you just spontaneously explore the streets of Alfama and Bairro Alto you will also discover a lot cute pink buildings, like below in the yard outside Memmo Alfama Hotel.

Could not resist this pink beauty in Lisbon
Could not resist this pink beauty

5. The Miradoures – A Must Among Lisbon Instagram Spots!

No Lisbon photography is complete without a photo from one of the many Miradoures. Lisbon is built upon seven hills and the city is literally full of viewpoints where you can get some great captures of this gem from above.

Lisbon photography - Lisbon from above
Lisbon from above
Lisbon from above -Could stand here forever..
Could stand here forever..

6. The Obligatory Tram Photos 

Lisbon is in many ways similar to San Francisco. One common feature is the trams and a photo is of course a must before leaving this capital. Another must among Lisbon Instagram spots and in your collection of Lisbon photography!

Rua Da Bica de Duarte Belo - A great Spot for a Tram Shot!
Rua Da Bica de Duarte Belo – A great Spot for a Tram Shot!
The tram - A Common Lisbon Sight
A Common Lisbon Sight

7. The Famous Lisbon Landmarks 

Lisbon is a city with many faces and even though my favorite Lisbon Instagram spots are beyond the crowds, some of the major attractions are also worth waking up early for.  Arco Da Rua Agusta and Comercio Plaza are a beautiful place.

Arco da Rua Agusta
Arco da Rua Agusta

Take the popular tram 28 to Belem and you will see a totally different part of Lisbon and get some nice sea breeze from the Tagus river.  Belem tower is beautiful but if you want to have some great Lisbon photography without hundreds of other tourists you better wake up early.

The stunning Belem Tower - a must Lisbon Instagram Spots
The stunning Belem Tower

Jeronimos Monastary is a masterpiece and so are many other attractions and Lisbon Instagram spots in this area!

Jeronimos Monastery - A Masterpiece!
Jeronimos Monastery – A Masterpiece!

Lisbon is also full of many beautiful sqauares, especially along Avenida da Liberdade.

Monumento dos Restauradores
Monumento dos Restauradores

8. LX Factory – Where the Hip Crowd Hang Out!

LX Factory, a hip oasis below the 25 de Abril bridge. If you are into design boutiques, cool restaurants and cafés this is the place to be.

LX Factory - Such a Cool Area!
LX Factory – Such a Cool Area!
LX Factory - A Hidden Gem
A Hidden Gem

LX Cantina  is a must among Lisbon Instagram spots but the entire place are full of cute stores and boutiques.

9. The Arty Side of Lisbon

A Colorful Spot outside Time Out Market!
A Colorful Spot outside Time Out Market!

Lisbon is known for its murals so if you are into street art, Lisbon photography will be a fantastic experience,  You will enjoy the creatively decorated streets. Some of the most famous pieces you can find in Bairro Alto but as always I loved the ones you find in some hidden corners.

Colorful Murals in Alfama - A must Lisbon Instagram spot
Colorful Murals in Alfama!

10. The Instagramable Hotels & Restaurants

If like boutique hotels and rooftops, I have two gems for you that you need to pay a visit. First out is H10 Duque de Loulé, a design heaven with a small rooftop with a breathtaking view of the rooftops of Lisbon.

Love this Decor of H10 Duque Lole Lisbon
Love this Decor
Such a Cute Rooftop at Memmo Alfama Lisbon
Such a Cute Rooftop!

In Alfama hides a small boutique star, Memmo Alfama. This hotel also has an adorable rooftop with a view over the old city and the Tagus river with  a red inifinity pool.

Read all about these two boutique hotels in my Lisbon Hotel Review!

The Rooftop of Memmo Alfama!
The Rooftop of Memmo Alfama!

Moderna Taberna is the Instagram star among Lisbon restaurants with its eclectic and colorful design and the food definitely makes this place a must visit. Not only will you have great food here, you’ll also enjoy some of the best photo spots in Lisbon!

Check out all my favorite Lisbon restaurants in my restaurant review!

Eclectic Moderna Taberna restaurant in Lisbon
Eclectic Moderna Taberna!

11. Pena Palace – One of the Best Lisbon Instagram Spot!

Last but not least,  is the fairytale world located 30 minutes drive from Lisbon. A castle like no other with a mix architectural styles and colors that is hard to imagine. Even though last on this list, it is for sure the most stunning one among Lisbon Instagram spots.

Pena Palace - A Must Visit and part of any Lisbon photography
Pena Palace – A Must Visit!

Located on top of the Sintra Mountains, the view is truly stunning and, on the backside, you can get a true Titanic experience but without the sea. Remember that this is one of the best photo spots in Lisbon and don’t forget to take extra snaps!

The view from Pena Palace - Lisbon
On Top of the World!
Pena Palace - A Place Full of Surprises!
A Place Full of Surprises!

Every corner of this castle is full of new surprises, a new style, and color. Be prepared with the camera, come early and enjoy some of the best photo spots in Lisbon!

Pena Palace - A Fairytale Castle!
A Fairytale Castle!
The view from the Tagus river in Lisbon
Bye By Lisbon !

Lisbon is an Instagram gem, a dream for photographers and I am sure you too will fall in love with the capital of Portugal! Hope you enjoy my favorite Lisbon Instagram spots!

Portugal is a small country so combine your Lisbon stay with a couple of days on the sunny Algarve Coast!


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