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Azerbaijan has a unique privilege: out of 11 known climates on Earth, the country has 9! That means Azeri cuisine is very rich and full of all kinds of ingredients. You can imagine how amazing it is to visit the best restaurants in Baku! And what makes it even better is the wide variety of places to eat in Baku. Want to read more about Baku. Have a look at my post Baku – the Perfect Weekend Escape!

Chinar – One of the Best Places to Eat in Baku 

1. Food: 5

2. Drinks: 4

3. Atmosphere: 5

4. Design: 5

5. Service: 4

A trendy Asian fusion place next to the funicular, Chinar is a dream for both foodies and interior designers. Among the best restaurants in Baku and one of the best places to eat in Baku!


Chinar restaurant in Baku one of the best places to eat in Baku
Chinar was right next door to our hotel

Amazing seasoning, focused on Asian fusion and a tinge of flavors from around the world. I particularly loved their beef salad, their dumplings and their spring rolls. As is usually the case with Asian fusion restaurants, the portions are generous – great for sharing! They have a pretty interesting variety of lemonades and high quality wines. The tea section stood out above all! The reasons for having this on the list among the best restaurants in Baku and best places to eat in Baku are many…!

Spring roll time
Spring roll time

I adore the vibe: luxurious yet relaxed, this big eatery still manages to feel personal. Its many different areas add to the contemporary, vibrant feel. A must among places to eat in Baku!

The décor has a lot of dark wood, in true Asian spirit, adding many present-day elements. There are also a lot of nature details. I liked how each of the areas had a distinct design. Also, you get to sit close to the other guests, adding an extra layer of coziness!

Lastly, very friendly and professional service.

Contemporary design at Chinar
Contemporary design at Chinar

Shirvanshah – A Local Food Experience 

1. Food: 4

2. Drinks: 3

3. Atmosphere: 4

4. Design: 4

5. Service: 4

A fascinating concept, Shirvanshah goes beyond a restaurant: it’s also a museum. It should top your list of places to eat in Baku, thanks to its delicious local food and history lessons! Not only one of the best places to eat in Baku for local food but also an experience you will remember for a long time!

Huge portions, all made to share, and showing off some delicious new flavors. Shirvanshah has an all right but generally unimpressive choice of wine and drinks.

My delicious meal - Shirvanshah
My delicious meal

This is a voyage to the past. Loved the music and dance show; although it sounds touristic, you could feel the authenticity. I’d recommend getting a table in the main room to really soak up the vibrant experience.

The design is Azeri traditional, with lots of different rooms. The old look of the restaurant gives it a medieval fair vibe, which is perfect for history buffs.

Great service! I’d recommend taking the 15-minute tour of the beautiful museum. I particularly loved the upper floor, where locals eat. Now: the tour isn’t free, and tips are expected! Another top pick among the best restaurants in Baku and best places to eat in Baku!

Dinner for two - Shirvanshah
Dinner for two
Another time…

Privé Steak Gallery – One of the Best Restaurants in Baku!

1. Food: 5

2. Drinks: 4

3. Atmosphere: 4

4. Design: 4

5. Service: 4

What sets Privé Steak Gallery apart among the best restaurants in Baku is its concept. A Turkish grill and food market, it’s a paradise for meat lovers!

Meat, meat, meat! You won’t leave Privé hungry, with its generous portions: what you’d expect from one of the best restaurants in Baku. I recommend choosing yourself which cut you want to eat. The selection of wines is outstanding. We went for a strong Italian red to accompany our meat!

Privé Steak Gallery
Meat to die for

The vibe is very open and friendly: the food displays give the place a very unique and homey touch. They also had live music.

With a lot of Turkish elements and a few interesting French brasserie details, Privé is undeniably modern. Very cozy and casual design and yes I would say one of the best restaurants in Baku!

I loved how they really go out of their way to make you feel like a guest. Very friendly service.

Adorable food market in the restaurant
Adorable food market in the restaurant


Maybe not  one of the best restaurants in Baku but for sure the best burgers and fast food in Baku: this is how they sell in themselves! With trendy gourmet burgers, Fryday’s sandwiches are delicious and innovative. The vibe is young and hip: clearly a sweetheart to local foodies. I loved the modern and hipster setting, including Mason jar milkshakes! A perfect lunch place among the places to eat in Baku.

360 Bar

If, like me, you love a rooftop, you can’t miss the Hilton’s 360 Bar.  Not a top among places to eat in Baku but a must for the view and the hip factor of the place! A moving bar overlooking Baku, it’s a feast for the eyes and soul.

Baku with a view
Baku with a view

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