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Costa Rica took our hearts and so did the Costa Rica hotels – all thanks to the adrenaline rush of all the adventure, the beautiful nature and secluded beaches! As a hub for nature lovers, quite developed in terms of tourism, and Costa Rica hotels are very varied. There’s something from every budget, from backpacker-friendly lodgings to the best hotels in Costa Rica, places that we liked. The prices  of the most luxurious places to stay in Costa Rica are relatively high due to the developed tourism still many of the places to stay in Costa Rica are great. . Plus, in our experience, Costa Rica beach resorts are dreamy!

A beautiful costa rica waterfall
Beautiful Costa Rica with so much to do!

A pioneer in eco-tourism, Costa Rica hotels are all about blending in with the environment. Boutique hotels are rare in the country, but the love for nature of the best hotels in Costa Rica makes up for it. You can certainly feel the love for the Earth on places like Costa Rica beach resorts. And that makes for a great boutique feeling.

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Arenal Volcano Inn – Perfectly Located Among Costa Rica Hotels

  1. Design & Boutique Feeling: 3
  2. Room & Other Facilities: 4
  3. Food & Drinks: 3
  4. Service: 4
  5. Location: 5

Arenal Volcano Inn is about as close as you’ll get to boutique among the best hotels in Costa Rica. With 25 rooms accommodating different numbers of guests, it isn’t really boutique. It’s more like a set of bungalows, but there’s still a palpable effort in making it personal. Costa Rica hotels are more about a nice experience than perhaps a traditionally luxurious one.

the view from our bungalow at arenal volcano inn - a favorite among costa rica hotels
Imagine waking up to this amazing view in the morning.

A jungle-friendly spot, it has perhaps the most perfect location of all Costa Rica hotels. At the skirts of the Arenal Volcano, you’ll get a magical view each morning, particularly on larger bungalows. You’ll feel your breath slipping you when waking up to this wonder, and later falling asleep to its sounds.

Our bungalow was big and comfy, and as many places to stay in Costa Rica and Costa Rica hotels, it was nature-focused. It’s also very near all the adventurous activities in the area, which makes transportation easier. The staff was very professional and accommodating, making it one of the best hotels in Costa Rica for us.

one of the things to do in la fortuna that you cant miss is rafting, what an experience
There’s so many things to do in La Fortuna, rafting is one of them, what an experience!

The food was average but overall, it’s a really energizing gem among places to stay in Costa Rica!

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Ylang Ylang – One of the Best Hotels in Costa Rica Beach Resorts

  1. Design & Boutique Feeling: 4
  2. Room & Other Facilities: 4
  3. Food & Drinks: 4
  4. Service: 4
  5. Location: 5
Ylang ylan beach hotel is a hotel i can highly recommend if youre thinking of places to stay in costa rica
There’s nothing better than a beach just a few steps away from your hotel room

Jungle Life…

A paradise by the Pacific, Ylang Ylang is natural beauty at its finest. This gem among Costa Rica beach resorts and Costa Rica hotels stands on the secluded beach of Montezuma. Here, it feels as though the Pacific exists solely for you. However, it’s still a 10-minute walk away from the chill surfer village, with its many cute cafés. Ylang Ylang is one of the best Costa Rica hotels!

What sets this apart from other Costa Rica beach resorts is its communion with the nature around it. Here, you stay right in the jungle, yet only steps away from the bright blue ocean. It’s just what makes this one of the best hotels in Costa Rica!

Our jungle poool at Ylang Ylang one of the best Costa Rica beach resorts
Our jungle poool

This beautiful example of Costa Rica hotels might not be luxurious, but it’s a true joy. The design is simple and all built to be one with nature. It’s easily among the best hotels in Costa Rica. Here, you feel truly connected to the Earth. It’s been called one of the most scenic Costa Rica beach resorts, and it’s easy to see why!

Beach Life…

We stayed in a very spacious bungalow with a nice terrace, where you’ll hear all the sweet sounds around you. You’ll be lulled to sleep by the waves, the salty smell of the ocean, the birds chirping in the jungle.

Me at the empty beach outside Ylang Ylang, a costa rica beach resort
A beach for yourself….I loved the days here!
the beach at ylang ylang, one of best hotels in costa rica
And so did Fredrik!

As one of the top places to stay in Costa Rica, you’ll find plenty of ways to relax here. Their yoga and massage facilities are wonderful, perfect to prepare for the hectic life outside this oasis. A gem among Costa Rica hotels and Costa Rica beach resorts!

spa at ylang ylang beach resorts in costa rica
Why not start the day with a spa visit?

If you’re looking for a more adventurous option in Montezuma, Ylang Ylang also offers small and cheaper tents. You’ll definitely feel like you’re camping.

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Hotel Cala Lodge Monteverde – One of the More Adventurous Places to Stay in Costa Rica

  1. Design & Boutique feeling: 2
  2. Room & Other Facilities: 2
  3. Food & Drinks: 3
  4. Service: 3
  5. Location: 3

As Monteverde is a backpacking destination, you won’t find the best hotels in Costa Rica around here. What the Hotel Cala Lodge Monteverde does provide is experiencing the true country, without touristic embellishments. However, it’s basically in the middle of nowhere and the roads leading there weren’t great.

nature and places to visit in costa rica
On your own risk…

Our Rooms

Unlike our other Costa Rica hotels, the standard rooms here left us craving for more, as they were small, humid and cold. There wasn’t anything special about them, particularly as we came from pouring rain and needed something comforting. They do, however, offer suites, so if staying here that’s what I’d recommend. You’re not staying in one of the best hotels in Costa Rica here, so it’s best to set up a spot that’s as comfy as possible.

a photo from above the clouds in Costa Rica - view from one of the best hotels in costa rica
Above the clouds…

This is the least impressive of the Costa Rica hotels we visited, although the forest setting was astounding. The service was also very friendly and personal and it is a good value for money option, even though not a hotel in my style!

Food Time

One major downside here is that they don’t serve food all day, only breakfast. This is a pretty big issue considering how isolated the hotel is. You can find restaurants about a 10-minute walk away, but the roads are very dark, so I’d recommend a flashlight. We had dinner at rustic sweetheart Restaurante de Lucía, a family-owned eatery. They serve lovely home-cooked meals, with a warm atmosphere, a real break from our damp hotel room.

While not one of the best hotels in Costa Rica, Casa Lodge is a solid value for money place. We might have had a better experience staying at the suites, but we had to save for our three-month trip!

theres a lot of places to stay in costa rica and also a lot of fun activities to do
Theres a lot of places to stay in Costa Rica and also a lot of fun activities to check out. I have another blog post about this

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Some more inspiration…

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