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The Best Costa Rica Hotels for Nature & Adventure Lovers!

Costa Rica took our hearts and so did the Costa Rica hotels – all thanks to the adrenaline rush of all the adventure, the beautiful nature and secluded beaches! As a hub for nature lovers, quite developed in terms of tourism, and Costa Rica hotels are very varied. There’s something from every budget, from backpacker-friendly lodgings to the best hotels in Costa Rica, places that we liked. The prices  of the most luxurious places to stay in Costa Rica are relatively high due to the developed tourism still many of the places to stay in Costa Rica are great. . Plus, in our experience, Costa Rica beach resorts are dreamy! A pioneer in eco-tourism, Costa Rica hotels are all about blending in with the environment. Boutique hotels are rare in the country, but the love for nature of the best hotels in Costa Rica makes up for it. You can…