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TWSL Boutique Hotel List: The Best Luxury Boutique Hotels 2018!

This has been such a lovely traveling year! From beautiful Southeast Asia bungalows to Mediterranean paradises, a Europe hotel or two to some luxury boutique hotels in the East.  For sure, we haven’t lacked luxury boutique hotels. Our best boutique hotels of the first half of 2018 gave us the exact feel we needed from our destinations. Our 2018 has been mostly around the Old Continent, and we were happy to visit the best boutique hotels Europe! We can’t wait to see what the last quarter of 2018 has in store for us in terms of luxury boutique hotels. Meanwhile, here’s the Travel with a Silver Lining list of the best boutique hotels and luxury boutique hotels so far, including a Europe hotel ! Best Boutique Hotels of the First Half of 2018 1. Memmo Alfama Lisbon – A Top Europe Hotel in Old Lisbon One of the best boutique…