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St Moritz Hotel – Our Alpine Design Gem in Adventurous Queenstown!

Queenstown Hotels to Take in the Scenery! A resort town surrounded by the Southern Alps, Queenstown is a dream for adventurers. Deemed the global capital of adventure, so many activities await here. So, when we reached this gorgeous place, we decided to honor it the best way we could. How? By staying in one of the best hotels in Queenstown. And it quickly became clear which of many Queenstown hotels would be our home away from home! In Queenstown you can find all types of hotels, from backpacker lodges to more luxurious options. You’ll need a good night’s rest after all the adventure. Why not stay at our choice among Queenstown hotels? Here’s my review of the St Moritz Hotel! St Moritz Hotel – One of the Best Hotels in Queenstown Overall Experience & Rating St Moritz Hotel was an all-around astounding experience. The hotel is part of a Sofitel…