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4 U.S. & Europe Road Trips that Need to Be on Your Bucket List!

I love road trips more than words can describe. There’s a particular feeling of freedom that only comes with picking up a car and heading down the road. It’s a fundamentally adventurous thing to say, even if you’ve already planned this an Europe road trip. On the road on a road trip in Portugal, you’ll experience a completely new way to see your destination. You’ll get the pulse of the region in a way you wouldn’t experience otherwise, with its people and landscapes. Or why not try out some of my personal favorites. A Florida road trip or the famous Big Sur road trip. For a real travel with a silver lining experience, rent a convertible car and lower the hardtop. Let the breeze move your hair around! This is particularly cool on beachy summer destinations, like a Big Sur road trip or a road trip in Portugal. For the…