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Top 5 Russian Moscow Restaurants – The Best Local Cuisine!

Moscow has a little bit of everything – and a lot of great Moscow food! The best restaurants in Moscow paint a great picture of the wide gastronomic variety. There are amazing places to eat in Moscow, from luxurious rooftop dining to hip small eateries. Below you can find my favorite Russian cuisine spots. You can’t leave the city without trying at least one of the top Russian Moscow restaurants! Pelemenis, blinis with Russian caviar , borscht, Russian pies, beef stroganoff are all must tries and why not have a Russian vodka to drink! Hope you will enjoy this Moscow restaurant guide! The places below are pretty popular, so make sure to book a table. If possible, have a man make the reservation. Bigger groups might also need to pay in advance, though they tend to be nicer to foreigners. Let’s dive into Russian cuisine with some of the best…