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Living in the Skyline: My Oriental Residence Bangkok Review!

Few cities can compare to the vibrant feel of Thailand’s capital. One of the most densely populated places on Earth, it’s got an energy like no other. Skyscrapers abound, with nearly endless choices of places to do just about anything. The question of where to stay in Bangkok should always be replied with “high up!” As a city in the skies, the best hotels in Bangkok look down from above. Where to Stay in Bangkok? As one of the great capitals of Southeast Asia, there are many answers to the question where to stay in Bangkok. Big chain hotels are the norm, but you’ll find some smaller ones with great concepts. While boutique hotels are nearly non-existent here, the bigger lodgings make an effort in creating beautiful design concepts. Some of the most incredible options where to stay in Bangkok are real design gems and as always I have some…