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Magical cities deserve magical lodgings – and that’s just what The Wittmore Hotel Barcelona offers. A breathtaking and truly unique place offering a luxury oasis in the Gothic Quarter, I can’t recommend it enough. Everything and more what you can expect from a boutique hotel!

The Wittmore Hotel Barcelona - The rooftop
My favorite spot – The Gorgeous rooftop!

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The Wittmore Hotel Barcelona: An Exquisite British Gem

The Wittmore Hotel Barcelona is, without a doubt, one of the most incredible hotels I’ve ever stayed at. A well-thought-out concept, incredible service, the best location and so much more. It was love at first Mediterranean sight!

The Wittmore Hotel Barcelona - Window view!
Welcome to the Wittmore – A Sophisticated Gem!

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Overview of the Wittmore Hotel Barcelona

  1. Design & Boutique Feeling: 5
  2. Room & Other Facilities: 5
  3. Food & Drinks: 5
  4. Service: 5
  5. Location: 5

Design & Boutique Feeling

Design and boutique feeling don’t get much better than the offer at the Wittmore Hotel Barcelona. A cosy hotel of about two dozen rooms, it’s a truly intimate and personal place. The sensation when here is similar to staying at a luxury house, and you can almost forget you’re in a hotel.

The Wittmore Hotel Barcelona - The library!
British Luxury with hipster vibe!

The design is nothing short of breathtaking. British elegant luxury is the base of the entire proposal, with a tinge of contemporary elegance, sophistication and touch of hipster vibe This all comes to fruition in a dark palette starring red and black, mixing earthy colours. Luxury elements here and there finish off the look, with rich elements like glass and marble. A true boutique experience from every point of view!

Room & Other Facilities

The rooms at the Wittmore Hotel Barcelona are as enchanting as the rest of the hotel. The design is British and luxurious, with details like square carpet floors and our own mixology bar. We stayed at a suite on the top floor and can thoroughly recommend this room category. Given the 55 square meters, it felt more like moving into a luxurious apartment in elegant British design with a touch of hipster feel. 

The Wittmore Hotel Barcelona - The Suite
Feeling at home….! Can I please move in forever?

We loved the cozy living room, super comfy bed and the incredible bathroom. It was huge, featuring both a tub and one of the largest showers I’ve ever seen. 

The Wittmore Hotel Barcelona - The suite bathroom
Marble dream!

While the rest of the rooms are a little smaller, they’re still just as nice, so perfect for different budgets!

Our room was so nice we didn’t want to leave, but the whole hotel was so inviting we almost had to. The bar and library area are perfect for those rare, cold days in Barcelona, as they allow to just sit back by the fireplace after a long day in town. When it is warm outside, there’s a lovely rooftop bar with a small pool and sunbeams in yellow and white, with lots of lush plants. Sit back and enjoy the incredible view!

The Wittmore Hotel Barcelona - The rooftop
Up among the clouds..

Another lovely area is The Witty, the hotel’s restaurant. Small and sweet, it’s a wonderful place to enjoy an intimate dinner. Its outdoor patio with the vertical garden – the highest in town – just improves the romantic setting of a late-night under the stars. You can also have breakfast here.

Food & Drinks

When we stayed at the Wittmore Hotel Barcelona we only tried their breakfast, but it was just perfect. An à la carte place, they had a lot of tasty options, from healthy to not-so-much. I particularly loved their fresh juices and fruit salads, and also their croissants and different egg preparations. Everything we tried was amazing!

The Wittmore Hotel Barcelona - The witty restaurant
The cozy & stylish restaurant!

The cocktails here are also top-notch, and the place becomes a  sophisticated night outing over the weekend. Even if you’re not staying here, visit for some private party vibes, DJ and all.


The service at the Wittmore Hotel Barcelona is just outstanding! A perfect balance of friendliness and professionalism in the best way. Very personal and inviting, we felt truly welcome when here. Big shoutout to Chiara, our main supporter during our stay, who always met us with a smile and the nicest words and best all-around service.

The Wittmore Hotel Barcelona
The personal touch!


You can’t ask for a better location than the one at the Wittmore Hotel Barcelona. It’s right in the middle of everything, within the old city, yet it’s still a little hidden from crowds. You can find everything just steps away, yet you still feel a little hidden from everywhere.

The Wittmore Hotel Barcelona - The rooftop
Hello Beauty!

The Wittmore Hotel Barcelona is everything you want out of a boutique hotel in the city: gorgeous design, facilities and an exclusive yet intimate stay. You don’t find places like this very often!

The wittmore hotel barcelona - the rooftop!
Bye Bye for now! Hope to see you soon!

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