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Melbourne is a vibrant coastal city, so much so that it’s often considered the cultural capital of Australia. There are endless things to do in this marvellous town, and plenty of activities also reflect one of the city’s big loves: design. There are Melbourne Instagram spots just about everywhere you go, from cute little cafés and restaurants to hip corners. Prepare your camera and enjoy the coolest photography spots Melbourne! 

Photography spots Melbourne: Cape Otway
Let’s go & explore Melbourne’s top Instagram Spots! Here Cape Otway Lighthouse on the GOD!

Melbourne is quite broad, and each of its neighbourhoods has a distinct personality, which allows for fantastic photo ops. Every area you visit feels a little different, and that’s what makes the city such an Insta-ready place – not to mention a highly cosmopolitan town. The hip Melbourne suburbs await – and you can find even more hideouts with this Hidden Bar Tour from Get Your Guide!

Read about the hidden gems of this thriving Aussie city on my post on 12 Hipster Places in Melbourne!

Finally, check below if you need a Visa for your trip! Now, let’s enjoy the most magical Melbourne Instagram Spots !

Melbourne Instagram Spots at the Beach

So much of local life happens around the beach, so you can imagine plenty of Melbourne Instagram spots lie around the coast!

1. Brighton Bathing Boxes, King of Photography Spots Melbourne

Any tour of the coolest Melbourne Instagram spots must start here: the Brighton bathing boxes. Perhaps the city’s most iconic place, they’re thought to date all the way back to the late 19th century. Each of them has its own set of colours, from brights to pastels and even the Aussie flag. 

Photography spots Melbourne: Brighton bathing boxes
Just look at these cuties – Insta Perfection!
Brighton Bathing Boxes - Melbourne
Color bomb & Beach Vibes!

Have fun photographing the line of beach boxes or each of them individually. For even better shots, wake up early or head over there on magic hour! Do not forget your camera.


2. Walk Between Brighton & St. Kilda

Walking by the beach is always a good idea, particularly since the water and scenery offer incredible views. The walk between Brighton and St. Kilda, in particular, has an advantage among other photography spots Melbourne: its views of the city. Walk along the Melbourne coast and see the city’s impressive skyline in front of you, offering incredible photo ops. 

Photography spots Melbourne: walk between brighton and st. kilda
Even when you’re walking there’s reasons to pick up the camera, just look at the view here!
walk between brighton and st. kilda
1,2,3 Pose!
walk between brighton and st. kilda
Beautiful surroundings

3. A Stylish After-Beach Spot: Pontoon St. Kilda Beach

After your walk, chill at the Pontoon St. Kilda Beach, a cute design eatery right by the water. Have some delicious food in this fresh location, perfect for some pics of you and your company with some drinks with the ocean behind you! 

Photography spots Melbourne: pontoon cafe
A well deserved food break

The Fitzroy Melbourne Instagram Spots

Fitzroy offers some of the most amazing photography spots Melbourne. A little rougher than other areas, it’s got some strong Bohemian vibes, with lots of cool eateries and cute vintage shops. The neighbourhood has a lot of personality, and easily one of the coolest areas to explore.

Alley in Fitzroy Melbourne
Hello Fitzroy – kinda like your style!

The coolest thing about Fitzroy is that it’s the center of Melbourne’s street art scene. Charge your camera and walk around here to discover some of the coolest murals in town, with colours galore.

See more of the local mural scene by booking this Fitzroy Street Art Tour!

4. Pink Beauties at Moor St.

I have a lot of love for the colour pink, and I always love finding picture-perfect pink spots. Moor Street is full of art with little pink details, making for incredible Melbourne Instagram spots!

Photography spots Melbourne: street art in fitzroy
Just picture perfect!!!

5. Narrow & Colourful Chopper Lane

Chopper Lane is where some of the coolest murals are, so keep your camera on point and prepare for those cool photography spots Melbourne.

Photography spots Melbourne: chopper lane art
The famous narrow one – Mr Chopper Lane!

6. Street Art In Every Corner

Take your time. You might feel almost overwhelmed from all the beautiful Melbourne Instagram spots, between the murals and the cute eateries, but give yourself some time. Prepare your phone or camera and enjoy!

Photography spots Melbourne: street art
So cool

7. Faraday’s Cage Café

Once you’ve covered this lovely area, end your session at Faraday’s Cage Café. A little rough, there’s a boho charm to this place, with its brick walls and cute wooden tables. As if the place weren’t lovely enough, the food is also delicious – and very photogenic!

Photography spots Melbourne: faradays cage café
It’s time for another food break
Photography spots Melbourne: faradays café food
My guy needed a drink:)!

Photography Spots Melbourne in Hip CBD

The local downtown, CBD is the place to feel the city’s cosmopolitan heart. CBD hosts some of the most modern Melbourne Instagram spots, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by impressive glass skyscrapers. Almost futuristic, the vibe is so different from the more hipster side of town, but with some of the most enjoyable sights nonetheless. This is the place to shop and get to know local trends, then visiting contemporary, cool restaurants. 

Melbourne CBD
Down Town Time!

See the CBD with this Complete City Walking Tour!

8. AC/DC Graffiti & Hoister Lane

While Fitz Roy is my personal favourite street art area, CBD has some of the most iconic and famous pieces in town. You can’t go on a tour of photography spots Melbourne without seeing the AC/DC graffiti. The area is really cool, full of narrow little lanes, perfect to get lost with the camera. Step a little further from the more touristic places, namely the business district with its upscale offices and eateries, and you’ll find yourself in the true heart of the town.

Head to Hoister Lane for a feast of colour – and don’t miss getting your picture taken in this amazing place!

9. Delicious Food at the Drumplings Insta Gem

Serving dumplings with an international twist, Drumplings isn’t only delicious – it’s also one of my favourite Melbourne Instagram spots. Enjoy exotic fillings like cheeseburger inside classic dumplings, while surrounded by a fun and modern setting. A perfect lunch outing!

Photography spots Melbourne: drumplings food
Such a cute place, perfect for photos and of course food
Photography spots Melbourne: drumplings
So Yummy!

10. French Vibes & Madame Brussels

If you want to treat yourself to an evening of luxury downtown, Madame Brussels is the place to be. A bistro with Parisian-inspired design, its incredible rooftop garden bar is a romantic dream, particularly in the summer. Pamper yourself with fine food and tasty drinks while enjoying one of the ultimate Melbourne Instagram spots! 

Chill to the Fantastic South Yarra Atmosphere

One of the coolest neighbourhoods in the city, South Yarra offers truly fantastic photography spots Melbourne. A fantastic area to eat, drink and shop, you’ll want to have your camera ready at Chapel Street. A famous area full of boutiques, cafés, and restaurants, it’s a fantastic spot to experience the true local vibe. Plenty of party spots around here, too!

South Yarra Melbourne
South Yarra is full of cool places like this!

See Melbourne from another perspective with this Highlights of Melbourne 2-Hour River Cruise!

11. Murals for Every Taste

Melbourne is a fantastic city for those who love street art, and South Yarra is yet another lovely example. Every corner is full of colour and incredible murals, so prepare for those photography spots Melbourne!

Photography spots Melbourne: south yarra street art
Photography spots Melbourne – South Yarra here we come!

12. Cafés & Eateries

This up-and-coming area is one of the best spots to get the current gastronomic trends in the city. Hip restaurants and cafés abound here, and many are also among the coolest Melbourne Instagram spots. Enjoy a great meal and take some cute snaps at amazing places like Abacus Bar & Kitchen, Lucky Penny, and Journeyman Café!

Photography spots Melbourne: Abacus bar and kitchen
My favorite: The Abacus Bar & Kitchen!
Abacus bar and kitchen, Melbourne
Lovely decor & design!
Lucky Penny Melbourne
Another charming café, Lucky Penny

Melbourne Instagram Spots by Night

Like any major city, Melbourne lights up in the evenings, with plenty of incredible spaces to spend the after-hours. Melbourne Instagram spots at night will give you a chance to experiment a little with your photo skills – and enjoy lovely sights in the meantime!

13. Sunset by the River

Cities with bodies of water always offer incredible photo opportunities, and Melbourne is no exception. Head to the riverside to catch a sunset – I’ve found that Princess Bridge offers one of the coolest photography spots Melbourne. The combination of the city skyline, the river and the colours of the sunset make for truly magic snaps!

Melbourne city sunset
Incredible city!
Photography spots Melbourne: sunset in the city
Pinch me!

14. Night Shoots

Once the sun sets, stay by the river and catch the colours of the buildings at night. Big cities like this one are always a joy to photograph at night, as the skyscrapers work their lighting magic.

Photography spots Melbourne: night in the city
Photography spots Melbourne: city by night
Thank you Melbourne, I’ll be back

Beyond Photography Spots Melbourne: the Great Ocean Road

Once you’ve covered the coolest photography spots Melbourne, why not go a little beyond and get to know the surroundings? Australia is a huge and magical country, with so much to offer in terms of local travelling. We took a road trip across the Great Ocean Road and found ourselves marvelled at the beautiful sights. If you have the time, I highly recommend taking a few days to get to know the beautiful scenery. It’s full of photo ops, but the ones below are definitely my favourite!

Photography spots Melbourne: 12 apostles
The most iconic photo spots of the all – The 12 Apostles!

Read all about our voyage across this incredible oceanside path on my Great Ocean Road Trip post!

15. Cape Otway & An Enchanted Forest Leading to a Lighthouse

Cape Otway in itself is quite magical, with its large lighthouse making way for all ships to enter the Great Ocean Road. What makes it even more magical, however, is that it’s right within the Great Otway National Park, a place of wonder. The way to the lighthouse is within a forest with beautiful hanging trees, with a mystique I’ve rarely experienced before. Plus, there are koala bears around here, so prepare your camera for incredible nature snaps! 

Photography spots Melbourne: cape otway light house
Photography spots Melbourne – Cape Otway has the most gorgeous light house

16. The Famous 12 Apostles

The most iconic sight in the Great Ocean Road, it can get pretty crowded here, so arrive early in the morning or late in the afternoon for great pics. A collection of limestone stacks, the huge rocks in the middle of the wild Pacific make for some incredible pictures. Popular, yet unmissable!

Photography spots Melbourne: 12 apostles
12 Apostles is worthy of being on that bucket list
Photography spots Melbourne: 12 apostles
Happy Linda!

17. The Beautiful Sights of the Grotto

Easily my favourite spot along the Great Ocean Road, The Grotto looks straight out of a postcard. A formation that resembles a window into the open sea, the contrast between the rocks and the water has a flair for the dramatic. Take your time here, from going down the steps to seeing the actual grotto. A place as beautiful as this deserves your full focus! 

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