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Finally, our 2 months travel has begun and we started with some days of Bangkok travel!

It must be destiny that took us out again. Exactly 2 years ago, we headed out for an even longer trip. 3 months in South & Central America. A trip that turned out to be a trip we will always remember and the start of Travel with a Silver Lining.

We did not plan to wait exactly two years for the next long trip. Life just wanted it to be that way. This time it is Australia & New Zealand that are on our itinerary. Countries that have been the no 1 destinations on our bucket list for so long! But first a touchdown and stop in one of our favorite cities. It was time for some Bangkok travel again!

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Bangkok river with a typical thai boat and skyscrapers in the background - a must for any Bangkok travel
Down by the river…

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Hello Bangkok!

Arriving 6 am in the morning, stuck in traffic jam for 2 hours, I asked myself, what is it really that I love with this city? The traffic jam in Moscow always made me in a bad mood but here it does not bother me at all.

Bangkok you always make me happy, you make me smile and as crazy as it might sound, it is in this bustling city, I find peace. A creative chaos, a vibe that I have not found anywhere else. This is where my creativity thrives, where a lot of great ideas are born. Well, me and Bangkok for sure have a special relationship.  So I was very happy to be here again and so was Fred!

The pool at Oriental Residence hotel in Bangkok - Quite a view!
Hello Bangkok! Always a pleasure to see you!

‘So, how did we spend our 3 days in the bustling cosmopolitan capital of Thailand and what to see in Bangkok this time? Well, in true Travel with a Silver Lining style. We stayed in a great design hotel, had dinners & drinks among the clouds but also experienced some real & authentic Bangkok vibes.

Our Stay During Our 3 Days Bangkok Travel

Starting my Bangkok travel long time ago with work, Akyra Boutique hotel has become my favorite place to stay when in the capital of Thailand. However, during this Bangkok travel, it was time to try out a new place. And so we check in at Oriental Residence Bangkok. It turned out to be a perfect choice.

We got a great welcome of our Bangkok travel, when entering the bright and beautifully designed lobby. Interior design inspiration for sure! Loved the pastel colors, the marble mixed with the British mansion styled furniture.

Me in the lobby of Oriental Residence Bangkok!
Interior Goals at Oriental Hotel BKK! My Favorite Corner!

Our suite was big, bright and very comfy. The bathroom was a gem. All in marble with separate make up spot, something I would love to have at home… As always for any Bangkok travel story, the best thing is to fall asleep and to wake up to the Bangkok skyline outside the window . The Oriental hotel delivered bit time with its huge floor to ceiling windows!

Me in the our room watching the magic Bangkok skyline in Oriental Residence hotel
Love waking up like this!

Believe it or not but I also managed to visit the gym ones during this Bangkok travel…. Who does not want to work out to this view? Fredrik preferred the pool and lounge beds. No Iron man mentality yet!

Read also my full review the Akyra Thonglor Boutique Hotel for another favorite Bangkok hotel of mine!

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Out & About: What to see in Bangkok?

The good thing about returning to a city is that you can just enjoy life. You do not have to run around ticking of various spots and tourist attractions of your Bangkok travel list. Still when it comes to what to see in Bangkok, we did explore some new places also during this Bangkok travel of ours.

Me in a street market in Bangkok - a must on any list of what to see in Bangkok!
Bangkok Vibe! Love the creative chaos in this city!

Shopping & Inspiration

First out among what to see in Bangkok, was inspiration and shopping. Luckily, our hotel was just a 10 minutes’ walk from Bangkok shopping street with all big shopping malls like Central Embassy, Central World and Siam x3. I am not much of a shopping mall person but still I like to spend some time here during my Bangkok travel, especially in Siam Centre to get some local designer inspiration. I love the hip eateries in Central World and found a new pink gem this time. Also found a new great and cute pedicure place in Central Embassy!

Cute Hose of Eden cafe bangkok
Cute Hose of Eden!

Gorgeous Wat Arun

Next out was some sightseeing and a visit to Wat Arun. It is said to be one of the most beautiful Buddhist temples in Thailand. As crazy as it sounds, I have never visited this place during my Bangkok travel. Turned out to be a big mistake. It was just gorgeous. Given its size, a perfect half day destination So if you ask yourself what to see in Bangkok, take a taxi or a river boat and enjoy this beauty!

Fred in front of gorgeous Wat Arun in Bangkok - a must see of any Bangkok travel!
Fred in front of gorgeous Wat Arun!

I always get amazed of how it is possible to build these master pieces – a heaven for any photographer! For a temple tour with the most stunning temples in Bangkok CHECK OUT THIS GREAT TEMPLE TOUR!

Gorgeous Wat Arun in Bangkok
Spot me if you can…

China Town & An Oasis by the River

A boat ride later, a must of any Bangkok travel, and we found ourselves in the vibrant China town. Even though a very crowded place, I love to get lost in areas like this to get a feel of the local life, let the smell and flavours lead your way through the narrow streets.

Another great activity for the local flavours is an excursion to the famous floating markets. Book a COOL RAILWAY TOUR or THIS GREAT 6 HOURS TOUR.

Me in busy china town in bangkok - a must on the list of what to see in Bangkok
China town here we go!

We made a short stop down by the river at the Mandarin Hotel. A favorite oasis of ours during our Bangkok travel. The perfect place for a late lunch or a drink while enjoying some peaceful river vibes.

My favorite Bangkok travel oasis by the river
My favorite oasis in Bangkok by the river

For more Bangkok travel tips and what to see in Bangkok, have a look at my full Bangkok Travel Guide here!

 The Mesmerizing Evenings & Nights

It is during the sunset, the evenings and the nights when magic happens in any Bangkok travel. This is when you fall in love, when you say there is no city like this one and promise each other to be back soon.

Sipping a drink on the 60th floor under the sky, watching the Bangkok skyline. It can not get more romantic than this. A must on any list of what to see in Bangkok.

Bangkok by night
Bangkok by Night – Quite a Sight!

We had two long and magic nights during our Bangkok travel, and we visited two new rooftops. A new fave spot to enjoy the sunset was at the rooftop of the hip hotel So Sofitel – Hi-So the Bar. A small but lovely rooftop in lounge style with a beautiful view over the Lumpini park (the local Central Park) and the Bangkok skyscrapers in the background.

The view at Hi-So the bar at So Sofitel
The view at Hi-So the bar at So Sofitel

The night is always young in Bangkok and when here, you just do not want to go to sleep. So our night continued at the relatively new one – CRU champagne bar on top of Central World mall. A 360 view rooftop literally below the stars. We talked, admired, dreamt, sipped on our cocktails and started all over again. None of us wanted to leave this bubble!

For some more Bangkok by night vibes, book A TUK TUK NIGHT TOUR.

The Romantic End

Last night, and time for some true romance. Vertigo and the Moon bar on top of the Banyan tree hotel. This place is just breathtaking, stunning, romantic, spectacular – all in one. There and then, we nominated Bangkok as being the best rooftop city in the world. Even though not on the top 10 list in terms of number of skyscrapers, in terms of quality Bangkok must be among the top ones. Enjoying a drink or dinner, outdoor in 30 degrees, with a stunning view. What can be a better way to end the day or any Bangkok travel?

Quite a view at Vertigo and Moon Bar in Bangkok
Quite a view at Vertigo and Moon Bar

So if you ask yourself what to see in Bangkok. Do not only go for the most popular tourist destinations because in Bangkok, it is the rooftops you will remember!

Bangkok is full of amazing restaurants and rooftops so check out my full list of my favorite picks in my Restaurant & Rooftop Post!

Want to see more of Bangkok? Have at our Bangkok Vlog below!

Next Stop

After 3 days of Bangkok travel and some new discoveries on the list of what to see in Bangkok, we were ready to continue our journey. But first a 9 hours flight to the world down under…  Do not miss our post about the next stop – SYDNEY!

Booking Support & Input

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  1. Beautiful website and article! I used to live in Bangkok so I totally love this city. Three days certainly does not appear to be enough but you have some great suggestions here. Thank you for sharing.

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      oh wow, that must have been amazing. I wouldnt mind to stay even longer if we could 🙂

    • Linda Reply

      im glad you like it! I can understand,there’s so much happening there and you dont always have time to see everything.

  2. This is nice! I will be travelling to Bangkok for the second time next week with my boyfriend. Lovely video & well-written blog <3

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