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After two months travel in Australia, Byron Bay quickly became a favorite of mine, and Byron Bay outfits became a priority! We had 10 amazing days here filled with a lazy life in this cute town. A perfect spot to relax and still get tonnes of inspiration from all Boho Boutique Hotels and Guest Houses, the Hip Eateries and the awesome Breakfast Spots and not to miss – all the lovely small local designer shops. Byron Bay style has lately become the hub for Australian fashion and inspired the global fashion scene.

I fell in love with the relaxed still boho chic and stylish Byron Bay style. If I can only choose one fashion style, this is for sure the one for me!  Below you will find my top 6 Boho Byron Bay Outfits Outfits, some pieces bought in Byron, some brought from home but still fitting perfectly into the Byron Bay scene.

1. Boho Chic Navy Blues for Lazy Byron Bay Style

I was living for this gem among Byron Bay outfits. Byron Bay style fits perfect for the beach, for hip breakfast or just chill days in the town. The queen of this outfit is the boho chic skirt from HM with a navy touch. Found it Australia, in their summer collection. Wear it with a simple white top (this one from the Swedish store Åhlens) for a relaxed outfit.

The Famous Byron Bay Wall
The Famous Byron Bay Wall

Stylish accessories are a must in Byron Bay style. Loved my cute sun hat from Johny Who, as well as the round rattan bag.

The minute I put my feet on Australian soil, this bag was calling for me to buy it. It was everywhere and you could find it in so many versions. I bought mine at Sea Bones Byron Bay. Perfect to so many Byron Bay outfits, giving it the boho touch needed for Byron Bay style.

Beach Happiness a la Byron Bay!
Beach Happiness, Byron Bay style!

None of my Byron Bay outfits is complete without glasses. I love my oldies from Tom Ford but also my new trendy ones from TIJN Eyewear!

an australian rattan bag from sea bones byron bay
How cute isn’t this bag?

For a bit more dressed impression for the posh Gold Coast, I matched it with my cute boho top from Tiger Lily – one of my absolute favorite Australian Fashion brands.

Put on some matching sandals, also in navy boho style and also from HM and you have full-blown boho Byron Bay outfits! Want to join for some stylish camper life in this cool van, Byron Bay style?

Let's go for a ride! A cool van outside QT Hotel Gold Coast
Let’s go for a ride!

2. Off Shoulder Excursion Chic

So maybe off shoulders are not the most trendy piece at the moment but I do not travel anywhere without at least one of these tops in my bag. These make the perfect Byron Bay outfits for an excursion day like when we did the Bondi to Coogee walk and the weather was very unpredictable. 

The magic view over Bronte Beach!
The magic view over Bronte Beach!

For colder days put on a pair of jeans and a cool headwear like my favorite scarfs from Bangkok Treasures and you will look good all day.

Still, my favorite out of these Byron Bay outfits, together with this pink jeans skirt from HM. I am a pink lover so tough to compete with this Byron Bay style…:)!

But I also wore it during our Gorgeous & Luxury Whitsunday Sailing. In short, pack it and you will use it for almost all Byron Bay outfits!

Excursion time in Bondi Beach!
Excursion time in Bondi Beach!
Pure Magic at our sailing in the Whitsundays
Pure Magic!

3. Flirty Pink 

Romance, pink and a touch of the square in the 50s, that’s all Byron Bay style is about. What more can you ask from Byron Bay outfits?

Walking on glass.... on the Belongil beach byron bay
Walking on glass…

This dress from AVA also quickly became a favorite of mine and during our days spent Byron Bay style. I wore it both for beach days and Lovely Byron Bay Brunches like below at the cute Belongil Café.

Love the cute back of this dress too!
Love the cute back of this dress too – pure Byron Bay style!

4. Tropical Vibes

Just to be clear: I am not a typical Billabong girl. Not sure if it was the Aussie vibes or the Byron Bay style itself but when here I found so many cute pieces in the Billabong store. My number one darling was my new tropical swimsuit. I get happy just by watching these photos… 100% beach vibes from these Byron Bay outfits!

Beach vibes at Byron Bay
Can I please stay here forever?
In love with these colors of the Billabong Swimsuit
In love with the colors of my Byron Bay outfits!!!
Billabong swimsuit
Jump in or not?

Also wore it as a top to my jeans shorts during our excursion to the magic Whitehaven Beach! The deep back, the colors – just pure happiness from my Byron Bay outfits!

Jungle time at the Whitehaven Beach
Jungle time at the Whitehaven Beach
The tropical couple at the Whitehaven Beach
The tropical couple:)!

5.  Byron Bay Outfits for Evening Romance

When the evening settles in it is time for sunset, one of the best moments of the day. The Byron Bay style sunset was magic and the best spot was at the lighthouse. The walk there took approximately one hour and was full of gorgeous viewpoints. The evenings can be a bit chilly and as I get cold so easily, I went for my favorite travel skirt from the Swedish high fashion brand Toteme. This skirt has traveled the world with me and was a perfect fit for my top from Tigerlily. The result – a bit more mature romance and boho: Byron Bay outfits for a date night!

sunset at the lighthouse in Byron Bay
Moments like this….

Same beauty among Byron Bay outfits, same time, just a different spot. Here on our lovely sailing boat – the Whitsunday Bliss, experiencing another magic sunset, Byron Bay style.

The Golden Hour at Sea during our sail in the whitsunday islands
The Golden Hour at Sea!

6. Glam Time, Byron Bay Style

So Byron Bay Style & Fashion is not so much about glamorous evenings and dressing up. Still, for an evening out you want to feel a bit more stylish than the more traditional Byron Bay outfits. My choice was the newcomer from again… Tigerlily. This is not a sponsored post:), we just happened to like each other very much, and they became part of my Byron Bay outfits!

The color of this dress is a perfect match for some sun tanned body and together with my golden sandals that I bought in Rome (that has also travelled the world with me) made me feel ready for a night out in Byron Bay or like here – Hamilton Island.

A windy evening at Hamilton Island
A windy evening at Hamilton Island
All set for the evening dressed in a dress from Tigerlily
All set for the evening in one of my favorite Byron Bay outfits
Sunset time at Hamilton Island
Pink Heaven!

More Travel In Style Inspiration

For me, travel and fashion go hand in hand and I always try to buy some pieces from local designers where ever I go. By doing so, I bring the travel memories home into my everyday life, and Byron Bay outfits were no different. For some more of my Travel in Style Posts see some posts below or head over to the Fashion part of the blog.

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  1. What an ideal spot to unwind, a dazzling outfits, loving this Bay outfits am enticed to travel this period. thanks a lot for sharing.

  2. I super love your style, amazing! I love the blue dress, it is my fav. Oh and your pictures are gorgeous wow!!! Thanks for sharing.

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      Thanks Chad! It’s a favorite of mine too. Have a good weekend 🙂

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