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For the past few years, Prague has become a growingly popular destination, and it’s easy to see why. This Central Europe gem is easily one of the most beautiful cities on the continent! A great capital dating back to the 9th century, it’s full of colourful buildings, narrow and picturesque old streets, squares, and a majestic river full of famous bridges. I found that the design hotels Prague were just as enchanting as the city. And so the quest for the ultimate unique hotel Prague began! 

Czechs know quite a bit about boutique hotels, and this vibrant capital is full of options. Here, you’ll find plenty of small and family-run hotels in old heritage buildings to sleek and cool design gems with a contemporary approach. Don’t let the Prague crowds fool you, luxury abounds. 

nyx hotel prague
Prague definitely offers amazing hotel gems like this cool artsy one – The Nyx Hotel!

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Where to Stay in Prague?

When visiting the Czech capital, it’s important to know that the districts may sound confusing. There are several district systems in place, often incompatible between them, which can be puzzling for the visitor. Still, I found that the best design hotels Prague were mostly located between two areas: Malá Strana, translated as Lesser Town, and the Old Town. Keep in mind that this is an ancient city so most of it looks like the “old” part!

prague hotel guide
Have you ever been to Prague, let me know!

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Design Hotels Prague at Malá Strana

Some of the best choices for your unique hotel Prague are around Malá Strana. My favourite part of town. It’s full of hidden gems and incredible eateries. Loved getting lost in these cute little streets! 

This is the perfect area for foodies, with options like lovely French bistro Café Savoy, and two darlings by the river: Italian Piknik Park and Czech restaurant U Karlova Mostu at the Archibald Hotel.

hotel U krale karla prague
This hotel blew me away, Hotel U Krale Karla

Less crowded than the Old Town, you’ll still find quite a few people here, as it’s where the famous Prague Castle is located. Malá Strana is also home to some enchanting boutique lodgings on charming old and restored buildings.

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1. Hotel Waldstein – A Medieval Boutique Star

  1. Design & Boutique Feeling: 5
  2. Service: 5
  3. Location: 5

When searching for a unique hotel Prague, Hotel Waldstein swiftly took my heart. It’s everything I expect from a boutique hotel! A 14th-century building newly restored to the most modern comforts, the actual place is all charm. A hidden gem in a square away from crowds, it’s a small and cosy hotel. With its modern reception and cute inner yard, the boutique flair here is everything.

unique hotel Prague: Hotel Waldstein
Beautiful surroundings makes the visit even better

Design-wise, the Waldstein is a little Alpine in its strong presence of wood, including the balconies and the narrow staircase. Our suite, the Double Room Deluxe on the top floor, also had a strong presence of wood, including the beams and floors. Loved the luxurious and very modern marble bathroom. The room was charming, and so was the Family Room Standard, where my dad stayed.

unique hotel Prague: hotel waldstein bedroom
Super comfy bed & cozy room!

True to its medieval past, the hotel’s breakfast is served in the basement, which has quite a cave feel to it, with its ancient stone walls. A true boutique darling, mixing old architecture with modern design – and just below Prague Castle. Keep in mind there’s no elevator here, though!

waldstein hotel visit
So happy with our stay here, can’t you tell?

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2. The Nicholas Hotel Residence – Traditional Charm

  1. Design & Boutique Feeling: 4
  2. Service: 5
  3. Location: 5

A small and cute place, The Nicholas Hotel Residence has quite a personality. Located in a romantic Rococo building, you can tell this place has a history and a soul. Coming here is kind of like walking into a maze, with its beams, narrow staircases, and low mazes. All areas are a little different and hidden, mixing details of the past with a more current approach.

the nicholas hotel residence view
Located just by the gorgeous St Nicolas Church!
the nicholas hotel residence
How cute is this? It feels very home-like

While the rooms were spacious, some even in loft styles, they weren’t the most modern yet still charming enough to be among the best design hotels Prague. The approach here is a more traditional style, which is lovely for such an old and sweet city. Incredible service and perfect location, near the Charles Bridge !

design hotels Prague: the nicholas hotel residence bed
Small but cosy loft!
design hotels Prague: the nicholas hotel residence breakfast
Simpe but yummy breakfast

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3. Hotel U Krale Karla – An Old & Romantic Mini Palace

  1. Design & Boutique Feeling: 4
  2. Service: 5
  3. Location: 4

Another romantic lodging, Hotel U Krale Karla feels like a compact palace. Here, you’ll find lots of cute details from ages long gone, like the gorgeously decorated ceiling, the staircases in gold, and the wall paintings.

design hotels Prague: U krale karla hotel
Rustic and romantic feelings in this hotel
design hotels Prague: U krale karla hotel
This was one of the wow factors at this hotel

This unique hotel Prague stands on a 17th-century building, and it oozes old school luxury. I absolutely loved the corridor, a spectacle of colourful glass ceilings and gold-lined banisters. Each room is unique and breathtaking and everywhere there are uniquely painted and decorated ceilings!

design hotels Prague: U krale karla hotel room
Not the typical hotel room! Totally unique!

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4. Design Hotel Neruda – An Old Labyrinth of Modern Design

  1. Design & Boutique Feeling: 5
  2. Service: 4
  3. Location: 4

Right at the heart of the historic centre, Design Hotel Neruda is a design gem. This darling of design hotels Prague is located on a fully renovated old building. Jointly crafted by famous architect Borek Sipek and designer Barbora Skorpilova, the inside feel is exquisite and a bit more contemporary than the previous two hotels. 

design hotels Prague: hotel neruda
Welcome to Hotel Neruda!

There’s a fully modern approach that still honours the old building. In fact, these were originally two buildings that were later connected to form a single hotel, so there’s a lovely labyrinth feel to it. Loved the artsy elements everywhere, including painted ceilings and brick walls, all very contemporary.

design hotels Prague: design hotel neruda
Modern, classy, and a really comfy place to eat
design hotels Prague: design hotel neruda
Loved the terrace and the chance to go outside and catch some sun

The service was great and very friendly – just lacked a slightly more personal touch!

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The Unique Hotel Prague Scene at Old Town

The whole city is about a millennia old, but this is specifically the part known as Old Town. It’s also the most popular area with tourists, and honestly I’d never seen so many people in a single place. Walking through the town square and towards Charles Bridge felt a little like the Moscow metro at rush hour!

Crowded places aren’t my cup of tea but, as everywhere, you’ll find gems after stepping away from the main streets and into the more secluded areas. There’s lots of space to explore beyond the tourist traps, with lots to see, plus cute restaurants and boutiques. Here you’ll find newer design hotels Prague, with a more luxurious and contemporary approach.

Charles Bridge at sunrise - Quite a sight!
Charles Bridge at sunrise – Quite a sight!

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5. Nyx Hotel Prague – Modern Luxury in Bright Colours

  1. Design & Boutique Feeling: 4
  2. Service: 4
  3. Location: 5

Part of the design chain Leonardo Hotels, Nyx Hotel Prague is an artsy gem. A creative hub built with artists in mind, this is a little too big to be a boutique hotel.

design hotels Prague: nyx hotel prague art
You can tell that this was built with artists in mind

Still, it’s a unique hotel Prague in its beautiful design, with beautiful spaces in bright colours. Loved the creative lobby and colorful and bright dining area.  

design hotels Prague: nyx hotel prague
Even the lounge area has an artsy vibe to it!

The rooms are very modern and in darker shades for a more luxurious feel. A cool and contemporary style and innovative mix of furnitures and of course cool art. I did miss a good light space inside the room to get ready for an evening out but that is just a minor detail.

design hotels Prague: nyx hotel prague bedroom
Cozy vibe and bed!

The location is perfect, near every main attraction on this side and right off the city’s main shopping streets.

design hotels Prague: nyx hotel prague
Of course I loved the Instagram spots in the lobby!

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6. Hotel BoHo – A Glimpse of Exclusive Prague

  1. Design & Boutique Feeling: 5
  2. Service: 3
  3. Location: 5

The Hotel BoHo Prague is a luxurious design darling. Simple yet glamorous, there’s a distinctly western European vibe here – it’s almost Scandinavian making me feel at home the minute I entered.

design hotels Prague: hotel Boho
The Boho hotel!

You’ll find a mix of bright design with dark wooden details in this unique hotel Prague, along with lots of concrete and glass. The lobby is broad and elegant, and there’s a real feel of exclusivity in this hip and modern place. Meanwhile, the rooms were simple yet still stylish. 

design hotels Prague: hotel boho lounge
Love the mix of colors and textures here
design hotels Prague: hotel boho restaurant
The cool restaurant area in the inner yard! So elegant!

The service isn’t quite on par with the rest of the hotels on this list, though it was okay. Lacked the personal feel a bit!

Loved the Hotel BoHo Prague? Book your stay HERE!

7. The Emblem Hotel – The Ultimate Urban Boutique Experience

  1. Design & Boutique Feeling: 5
  2. Service: 5
  3. Location: 5

Where BoHo was elegance, The Emblem Hotel is all about the luxury boutique hotel experience. You feel the unique approach to design hotels Prague the second you enter. The stylish lobby with leather sofas and marble floors.

design hotels Prague: The emblem hotel
Next off we have The Emblem Hotel! You can see us in the  glass doors:)!

The lobby itself is a bit small but the lounge downstairs makes up for it with a feeling of a living room at home. The spa+gym on the top floor make for great relaxing spots. There’s also a small rooftop where you can rent the jacuzzi and bathe under the stars.  Plus there’s also a luxury restaurant next door! Luxury boutique at its best! And what I loved here – they have managed to keep the outstanding and super friendly service!

design hotels Prague: emblem hotel spa
Love to hang out among the rooftops!

As for the rooms, they’re very spacious, and simple yet elegant. Particularly the modern and beautiful bathrooms. The service was superb, keeping a personal touch in every turn.

the emblem hotel suite bathroom
The bathroom in the suite, you gotta love a bathtub!

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8. 3 Epoques – A Cute Boutique Residence

  1. Design & Boutique Feeling: 4
  2. Service: 4
  3. Location: 5

What makes 3 Epoques a unique hotel Prague is its boutique approach to apart-hotels. This lovely accommodation is located inside The Kunstat Palace, the oldest building in Old Town, which is saying a lot – this is a 13th-century construction! The hotel takes its name from the three architectural epochs the building has withstood: Roman, Gothic and Renaissance. Back in the 15th century, this place was the home of a Czech king!

A very cosy and cute place, its little yard in front was a respite from the Prague crowds. Once inside the spacious room, the beams made them even more comforting and home-like. This is a perfect option for anyone looking to stay at a full-service apartment, as it’s lovely and barely off the city’s main attractions. There are several other Prague Residences in town, such as Four Elements and 7 Tales Suites!

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