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Activities to do in Costa Rica

Finally we arrived to the green paradise, preparing for all the activities to do in Costa Rica! Better late than never…

Imagine our happiness when we after 20 hours of travelling reached our hotel, Arenal Volcano Inn. Here, we found a big luxurious bungalow with a beautiful view of the volcano itself.

best places to visit in costa rica

Costa Rica is a true paradise for nature and adventure lovers. Wherever you go there is forest, forest and forest – a bit like our own “little land” (Småland) – just a totally different forest. And in every corner there is a personal adventure waiting for you!

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River Rafting Costa Rica

So, no time to be wasted, as many activities to do in Costa Rica awaited. First out was River Rafting, level II and III. Seeing the river and listening to the guide talking about what to do when falling into the water, well. We were both getting a bit nervous, but off we went…!

river rafting costa ricariver rafting costa ricariver rafting costa ricariver rafting costa ricariver rafting costa ricariver rafting costa rica

Level III – what an adventure!!! Yes, it was scary. However, after the first bumps and waves of water coming over you, we both started to enjoy the ride! See it all below!

Horseback Riding Costa Rica

Next out was horseback riding in the rain forest and a visit to La Fortuna waterfall, one of our favorite activities to do in Costa Rica. So great to be back on a horse again and Fredrik turned out to be a natural talent:)!

horseback riding costa rica

horseback riding costa rica

Exploring Costa Rica

Walking down the stairs surrounded by the rain forest made our minds drift back to the Inca Trail. Hidden in this jungle we found a beautiful oasis and waterfall from which many model shootings have been made and so we arrange one of our own!

Then it started to rain and ones again we got home soaking wet…

horseback riding costa rica

horseback riding costa rica

horseback riding costa rica

Rainy Day in Costa Rica

The next destination was Monteverde, the backpackers’ and bird watchers’ paradise. Let me put it like this… We were not overwhelmed by happiness when we arrived to our small, damp and very basic room after hours on bad bumpy roads, up and down the mountains. The temperature of 15 degrees did not help our mood as we set out to our activities to do in Costa Rica.

However, after a good nights sleep we were in a good mood again and at 7 am, in the pouring rain, off we went to the Cloud Forest.

Entering this place was such a cool experience, even for us non nature experts. The different vegetation, the life and the fantastic eco system of our nature, all in one place. We were lucky to see monkeys and birds like the Quetzal, that are rarely seen.

All of a sudden the silence was broken by a loud crash and down fell a HUGE tree… right at the spot where we were only seconds ago. Luckily, this time we were not in the wrong place at the wrong time…

what to do in costa rica

what to do in costa ricawhat to do in costa ricawhat to do in costa rica what to do in costa rica

Zipline in Costa Rica

You should save the best of activities to do in Costa Rica for last and so we did. Last out was the Zip Line!

I have always been afraid of heights and what was not cured during the Inca Trail for sure disappeared here. Our agency had booked the SKY Zip Line, which is not among the trees but ABOVE both trees and clouds – high up in the cloud forest! Just climbing up the stairs to the platforms is something I thought I would never do. But there and then I did it – we did! After nervously throwing yourself out on the first couple of rides, even I dared to open my eyes to enjoy the stunning view!

What happened in the end at the vertical drop, still we can not grasp. BUT WE DID IT!!! One thing is for sure, I am now officially cured from any fear of heights! Enjoy the amazing views and our FIRST VERTICAL DROP below!

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