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After a 20 minutes breathtaking drive from Positano, we arrived to Amalfi. So close but yet so different! Here is my Amalfi Coast Travel Guide which includes some of the best restaurants and boutique hotels in Amalfi!

A Dreamy Amalfi Coast Travel Guide

To be honest, it was a bit of a shock to arrive at this busy and crowded town filled with cruise and daily tour tourists. Arriving in our own car did not make it easier as you had to drive through the main pedestrian street to reach the one and only parking lot in town. At first glance, it felt that there were more people than space in this pretty little town and it is hard to imagine that it once had more than 70 000 inhabitants and was a maritime superpower. Sadly, most of the old city together with its populations disappeared into the deep blue sea in an earthquake in the early 1300 century.

boutique hotels in Amalfi Coast travel guide
A day by the small Amalfi Beach

Once dawn settled in and the day tourists returned back to their cruise ships and nests, the true beauty of this bright diamond started to appear.

Unlike Positano, the sun-filled main square and street are nestled in between the mountains and thus more flat. Furthermore, you can easily walk from one end to the other in 20 minutes. We slowly started to explore the streets, the squares, well, all picturesque corners of Amalfi!

boutique hotels in Amalfi Coast travel guide
A Picturesque Corner of Amalfi Town
boutique hotels in Amalfi Coast travel guide
A Colorful Café @ The Beach Side Walk
Amalfi Coast travel guide
One of many cute Stores on the Main Street of Amalfi

Discovering this Mediterranean Gem

A late lunch at the popular Marina Grande, a family-owned beachfront restaurant. It does not look too impressive from the outside but as soon as you enter this place you are struck by the friendly and authentic atmosphere and the beautiful view.  Most of all the seafood pasta was just amazing, based on locally sourced and organically produced ingredients.

Amalfi Coast travel guide
Seafood Pasta @ Ristorante Marina Grande

Once the crowds have left the the stairs of Amalfi Cathedral l is the perfect place to enjoy a cup of delicious Nocciola ice cream from Pasticceria Savoia, the best ice cream place in town!

Amalfi Coast travel guide
The magnificent Amalfi Cathedral

Amalfi By Night

Shines bright like a diamond – Amalfi in the evenings. Once dawn has settled in, the white houses climbing onto the mountains gives Amalfi a white beautiful shimmer contrasting to the grey mountains and the deep blue sea. This is the time to stroll along the short boardwalk and visit the beach!

Amalfi Coast travel guide
Amalfi Beach & Surroundings at Dawn

Beyond the main street in the older part of town, you will find hidden down side streets, tunnels, colorful houses and narrow stairs leading you up the mountainside. Furthermore, this is where people live and some of the best hotels and restaurants are located.

If we have not been met by a nice porter, we would never have found Amalfi Luxury House – the first of our boutique hotels in Amalfi, for two days! Entering the door you find the cutest little back yard in all my favorite colors and a steep staircase leading up to the hotel.

boutique hotels in Amalfi
The Colorful yard of Amalfi Luxury House
boutique hotels in Amalfi
The Colorful yard of Our Hotel

Boutique Hotels in Amalfi – So Enchanting!

Amalfi Luxury House is newly refurbished with a modern touch still keeping all original and beautiful features, like the amazing floor! Our suite was nicely designed with a big a comfy bed, modern bathroom and a lovely balcony overlooking the heart of Amalfi and if you looked to the left you could even get a glimpse of the sea! Stepping up the see-through stairs and you will reach the rooftop. Our favorite spot for breakfast and afternoon chilling!

boutique hotels in Amalfi
Our Suite @ Amalfi Luxury House

If you want to escape the crowd during the day and get a relaxing and luxurious day in a beach club you do not have to go far!

Would you like to stay at Amalfi Luxury House. THEN BOOK IT HERE!

Santa Catarina

5 minutes from the city center is Santa Catarina, a 5-star luxury hotel, located on a cliff. The hotel is such nicely decorated in a mix of antique and modern style. It is easy to get lost in all rooms and corridors but it is the views from the many terraces that take your breath away. Even the elevator down to the beach club offers a magnificent view.

boutique hotels in Amalfi
One of many Terraces of Santa Caterina

The Beach Club is located on a rock platform, between the edge of the sea and the dramatic cliffs.  The scenery is stunning, a perfect  spot for a relaxing day, reading a book or just dreaming away to the sound of the waves! The service was 5 star and the lunch by the sun bed  was delicious. Already looking forward to the next visit!

boutique hotels in Amalfi
The Beach Club at Hotel Santa Caterina

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The Beach Club Restaurant with a View
The Beach Club Restaurant with a View

Dining Out in Amalfi

When it comes to dinner you have to explore a bit. The best restaurants are to be found in the small streets beyond the main street. Unfortunately, they are not always so easy to find!

Just around the corner from our hotel, in a hidden yard, we found Pizzeria Donna Stella. A family-owned pizza restaurant which is know for its delicious fast food. The pizzas and wine were for sure tasty. Eating in the cosy yard under a heaven of lemon trees made the experience even better!

Dinner under the Lemon Trees @ Pizzeria Donna Stella
Dinner under the Lemon Trees @ Pizzeria Donna Stella

Finally, as we were not in the mood for white dining during our days in Amalfi, we tried out another local favorite, Il Teatro. Also a family owned restaurant with the entire family working. Furthermore, no extras in terms of design, but great pasta, lovely atmosphere and if you are into football this is the place to be!

Ristorante Il Teatro
Ristorante Il Teatro

So our two Amalfi days turned out to be great! Amalfi is for sure worth a visit! Although if you do not like the crowds, you better escape during daytime! It is in the evenings when Amalfi shines bright like a Diamond!

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  3. What a beautiful trip! I would love to visit the Amalfi coast. I have been in Italy in the winter and it was beautiful, but the summer gives the Mediterranean a special glow. Big hugs from NYC!

    • Linda Reply

      Oh, I can imagine its beautiful during the winter too 🙂

  4. Your photographs are absolutely gorgeous. Italy has always been on my list of places to visit in Europe (although Portugal tops the list for sure) and every time I see pictures of it I always want to go more.

    Looks like you had a fab time! x


    • Linda Reply

      thanks dear 🙂 You definitely should, it’s worth a visit!

  5. I absolutely LOVE Amalfi!! This is a great guide and I’ll definitely be using it when I go back!

    • Linda Reply

      I totally agree with you, its so beautiful. Im glad you liked it 🙂

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