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Tbilisi, a relatively new acquaintance that directly made it to my top 10 list. I love to wander the streets of this shabby chic little gem and the amazing Georgian hospitality always makes me in a good mood. Tbilisi is also a paradise for food lovers, a bit like Italy in Western Europe. The Georgian cuisine is world known and the city is literally full of hip, cozy and cool restaurants and bars! This time I found a new cool place, a new favorite of mine – the very first club house in Tbilisi, the Arthouse Tbilisi!

Arthouse Tbilisi
The grand entrance of Arthouse….

Located in the very center of Tbilisi, in the small and quiet street of Gudiashvili, I was met by the very friendly door man! Open the door and you are met by an adorable hallway with a white marble staircase inviting you to explore this place. There and then you realize that this is something special, a unique place!

Arthouse Tbilisi – The Concept

The idea behind the Arthouse is to create a place where people can work out, have breakfast, lunch, dinner, work, create and of course party. Well… basically a place where people can spend their full day!

I was met by lovely Sophie and Tatuli and they gave me a full tour. The Arthouse Tbilisi is truly built and designed as a one stop premium spot for the hip Tbilisi crowd. A center of inspiration and the place to be for food and party lovers.

Arthouse Tbilisi
Enjoying the beautiful cafe at the gym

The Gym & Health Club

On the top floor you will find a modern and bright gym with the latest equipment. Would have loved to try out their Pilates classes and why not take a swim in the big and dreamy pool. The members also have access to the cozy and trendy gym café and in the summer, you can also enjoy the view of Tbilisi from the big roof top!

Arthouse Tbilisi
Fancy a swim… so dreamy!

The 3 Restaurants

The Arthouse Tbilisi has three restaurants. All unique, still very different. Kharcho, the Georgian white dining experience, open for lunch and dinner. A lovely mix of Georgian design and a modern touch. Will for sure book a table here next time as the Georgian Cuisine is one of the best in the world if you ask me!

Arthouse Tbilisi
Kharcho – Georgian white dining

Brasserie Buvette is the first European white dining restaurant in Tbilisi with an impressive wine cellar. You could literally get lost in there among all high-quality wines. Of course you need to try some delicious Georgian wine while here.

arthouse tbilisi
A wine cellar to die for…

Publica – My Favorite Spot

My favorite place, where I could see myself spend the days blogging, creating and getting inspired was Publica. A restaurant with a clear New York vibe and design. A lounge style restaurant and cafe with a beautiful bar. Here people are invited to live their digital nomad life to the fullest.  You can work from here all day long without any fees.

arthouse tbilisi
Hello Publica!
arthouse tbilisi
So Cozy – Almost like home

I quickly found my favorite spot. The creative corner where guests are invited to paint and be creative. All paintings end up on the wall. Here you could also find a small library full of books for you to read!

arthouse tbilisi
My favorite spot filled with inspiration

They say they have the best burger in town and even though I have not tried them all, I must admit they were truly delicious and so was the beautiful cocktails! Not a surprise when the chef is a Michelin star culinary director from New York.

The Cool Events & Happenings

Arthouse is a place full of surprises. In the evenings they arrange pop up events, jazz nights, premium gastronomic experience and during weekends you can even watch movies on a big screen in Publica together with friends and your family!

arthouse tbilisi
Enjoying the vibe!

I love finding new cool places like this. Next time I am in Tbilisi, I know where I will hang out! Make sure you do not miss this new shining star in Tbilisi!

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  1. What a gorgeous place. Cannot believe I did not know about this when I was there. Ps. there is a cute little bookstore/cafe in the same courtyard as where the Canadian Embassy. I just stumbled on it 🙂 and it became a favourite.

    • TWSL Reply

      Yes it was amazing but it is quite new so maybe that is why:)! Oh thanks dear! Then I will check it out next time in Tbilisi!

  2. This looks so beautiful! I never considered Georgia but now I want to go!

    • TWSL Reply

      You should dear! Georgia & Tbilisi is amazing and still not over exploited!!!

  3. What beautiful photos! Also I need your style, so gorgeous! I have always wanted to explore Europe and my husband and I are planning to do a backpacking trip in 2019! This may be one of the places that I might have to see. Thank you for your recommendations!

    • TWSL Reply

      Thanks a million dear!!! You should! Tbilisi is amazing and so is Georgia!

    • TWSL Reply

      It is amazing for sure! Yeah, it should be there:)!!!

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