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I wish all autumns would be like this one. September and October have been amazing. Warm still with the fresh and crisp fall air. Sunny and with amazing colors on the trees! So what can be better than some autumn fashion inspiration, some fall outfit ideas plus some magic Moscow photo spots for fall that will make you love this season even more!

In one of our last Sunday’s in Moscow, we took our camera and went out for autumn fashion photo shoot and some fall outfit ideas. Luckily, we have some of the best Moscow photo spots just around the corner. Moscow truly showed itself from its best side this day! A perfect day for shooting some fall outfit ideas! Autumn fashion at its best!

We hope you get inspired by our colorful autumn fashion shoot below and the 5 amazing Moscow photo spots dressed in fall colors, all for you too boost your Instagram or photo collection!

Gorky Park Dressed in Fall perfect place for autumn fashion photo shoot
Gorky Park Dressed in Fall!

Some Favorites in this Year’s Autumn Fashion Collection!

Time for some fall outfit ideas!

2018 truly was the year when I got a crush on yellow. It all started with my yellow dress bought in Madrid (read all about this in my first Fall Fashion Post) and it has now continued with my current wardrobe favorite. A knitted yellow jumper from Zara in the perfect yellow fall shade!

Me showing Autumn Fashion and my fall outfit ideas in Moscow
Under the bridge in my favorite Autumn Fashion Outfit!

I just love this autumn fashion piece as it both keeps me warm and stylish. A perfect fit to my Tiger jeans and my black Dasia  boots that I bought last year. Add a black hat for colder days and you have the perfect weekend outfit for a day out and about! An extra bonus – yellow is THE perfect color to spice up your fall photo shoot!

Strolling beatuiful Gorky Park in my favorite autumn fashion outfit!
Out & About in Gorky Park!

The second favorite is my fury white friend that I bought at HM! I have used it so much this year and I just love it. It adds an extra touch, a bit of a luxury & cool feel to every outfit.

Me strolling around Red October, Moscow in my white fur - a favorite among my fall outfit ideas!
In love with my white fake fur coat from @HM!

After my years in Moscow I have fallen in love with fake furs of all kind! Perfect for colder days to keep you warm but yet stylish!

Me in my autumn fashion outfit a cold day in Moscow with the Kreml in the background
A cold day with a beautiful view!
The entrance of Gorky Park a cold day in Moscow!
Hello Gorky Park!

My fur hat together with my cozy coat from Odd Molly in the prefect autumn fashion green shade have been my best friends during cold days!

Some More Fall Outfit Ideas – Fall Accessories!

Fall is also the perfect time of the year to play around with some cool colorful accessories. A must in any post about fall outfit ideas! I am so in love with the autumn fashion collection from Oriflame this season!

Two smaller bags and one super cool clutch in B&W pattern are my picks . All three fits perfect to my yellow autumn fashion outfit above!

When home in Stockholm, I also got my birthday present from my always so fashionable friend @Swedishyogagirl. Some perfect travel accessories from Other Stories for our upcoming two months trip to Australia and New Zealand, all in a new fresh autumn fashion burgundy color!

Autumn fashion photo with my favorite travel accessories and jewelries from other stories and Tiffany's
My new gifts – perfect for my upcoming trip!

I also got a cute bracelet an earrings, also from Other Stories that  will look perfect together with my boho outfit in Bondi beach and Byron Bay!

Before leaving Moscow, I got the most amazing good bye gift from my team. A necklace from Tiffany’s. A necklace I will keep close to me every day going forward, reminding me of what you can do if you just have the right people on board. Staying awesome is for sure a motto I will try to live up to! When it comes to accessories and jewelries the fall outfit ideas are many but these gift I will for sure use a lot during my trip!

A collage of fall fashion ideas including travel accessories and jewelries from other stories and Tiffanys'
Staying Awesome….

I hope you got some autumn fashion inspiration and fall outfit ideas from this fall photoshoot in Moscow!

If you want more Travel in Style Inspiration check out all my fashion post at my Travel In Style Page. I am sure you will my previous Fall Outfit Post as well as the post about 6 Must Have Outfits for your Upcoming Vacay to the Sun written by @Swedishyogagirl!


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