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There’s a lot to explore in the biggest of the Balearic islands archipelago, and Mallorca, in particular, has two lovely mountainous regions. However, let’s face it, the beach is where it’s at! A famous Mediterranean summer spot, the Majorcan coastline is obviously filled with beach clubs, and they’re the ultimate hangout in Palma and its coastal vicinity. This is also where you find my favorite beach club in Palma, Puro Beach Club Palma!

As Mallorca really depends on its summer tourism, locals put a lot of love and effort into making their beach club experience a unique one, which is why there are a lot of places with beautiful and well-thought-out design, great ambiance and, of course, that Mediterranean feel!

Here are my two favorite beach clubs in town, both from the same chain:

Purobeach Club Palma – A Beautiful Oasis

Design: 5

Sunbeds & Other Facilities: 5

 Food: 4

Service: 5

 Atmosphere: 4

Puro Beach Club Palmais one of those places I keep returning to every time. It happens to be one of the most popular beach clubs on the entire island. It’s definitely important to book your place in advance, particularly during the high summer season.

A local favorite since it opened in 2005, Puro Beach Club Palma is a place to relax and a huge social hangout. This luxurious spot might be small, but that only makes the setting more intimate. Still, you can choose between the club’s different areas and decide what kind of day you’re looking to have: if you want to spend a quiet day by the sea, you can book a place in the terrace; if you want to go for the full mingling experience, the pool area is where it’s all happening!

The Puro Beach Club Palma location dreamy! A tiny peninsula on the island, it serves as a platform with a 180-degree view of the sea. You can really bask in the feel of the wind and the colors of the Mediterranean here! It’s easy to breathe the luxury here, between the ambiance and the amazing service. Plus, its location makes for a perfect place to have lunch – not to mention the fact that the food is downright delicious!

Purobeach Illetas – A Retreat Beyond the Capital

beach club in palma
Puro Beach Illetas – Stairs with a view

Design: 5

 Sunbeds & Other Facilities: 4

Food: 4

Service: 4

 Atmosphere: 5

Formerly The Virtual Beach Club, this spot has officially been Purobeach Illetas since May this year. It now holds the ground as the top beach club in this area right outside Palma! Just as good as it was before, the staff took over this venue to add to their collection of beach club in Palma. (The design here is a little different, but still wonderful: with a lot of Arabian-inspired arches, the place is also filled with native Majorcan olive and pine trees, with a beautiful mélange for the senses.

beach club in palma
Enjoying the environment

Unique features of Any Puro Beach Club Palma

Located on a stone platform, you come in here by going through a staircase on the mountainside, almost like a speakeasy. Still, once you’re on top, the view of the Puro Beach Club Palma is incomparable! The place combines the famous Illeta beach feel with the more mountainous side of the island, with the best ambiance to enjoy the Spanish sun. The service is as top-notch as I’ve become accustomed to on the Puro Beach Club Palma, and the sunbeds are also fantastic. The food is top-notch, although they do not have sushi here.

beach club in palma
Relaxing with a view

As it’s outside the more touristic side of the island, I’d say the Illetas club is more relaxed, and perhaps more rustic in its vibe and location. Also, unlike the Palma and Marbella clubs, there’s no pool here.  But who needs a pool when you have the deep blue see at your feet! 

So if you are after a day or two by the sea, while at the same time being swept away by the beautiful design and spoiled by amazing service and delicious food and wine. Puro Beach Club Palma is the place to be!

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