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Buenos Aires is a city unlike any other. One of the great capitals of Latin America, it’s architecturally closer to Paris or Lisbon than any other neighboring city. It’s a vibrant place where there’s always something going on, which is a vibe that the coolest hotels in Buenos Aires certainly follow. When visiting the Argentine capital, luxury and joie de vivre are the two essential pillars – and the best boutique hotels Buenos Aires are the place to experience that.

The coolest hotels in Buenos Aires are presented below based on the district they are located in starting with Old & Proud Recoleta,  followed by Hip & Trendy Palermo and last but not least the Popular Downtown of Buenos Aires.

best boutique hotels Buenos Aires: paolo santo hotel
The green oasis @ Paolo Santo Hotel

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Best Boutique Hotels Buenos Aires in Recoleta

Old and proud, Recoleta is the traditional neighborhood of the Buenos Aires elites. Booming with old museums and exquisite architecture from decades and centuries past, it’s home to one of the city’s best-known landmarks: the Recoleta Cemetery. 

While Recoleta is quite touristy, it’s still stunning, with gorgeous buildings and parks – including a few trees planted during the Spanish colony. This barrio (neighborhood) also hosts my first two choices running for the best boutique hotels Buenos Aires!

The Recoleta Cementary - A truly unique place!
The Recoleta Cementary – A truly unique place!

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1. Algodón Mansion – A Boutique Gem in the Heart of Recoleta

  1. Design & Boutique Feeling: 5
  2. Service: 5
  3. Location: 5

A feast of luxury, it’s no coincidence that Algodón Mansion is the first place on this list. Once the ancestral home of a wealthy Buenos Aires family, the site was refurbished as a lodging a little over a decade ago. With its luscious common spaces and ample and beautiful rooms, this is easily one of the best boutique hotels Buenos Aires. 

coolest hotels in Buenos Aires: algodon mansion hotel
Welcome to Algodon Mansion Hotel!

The second you come in, you know you’ve entered someplace special: the striking dark design, the cute bar at the lobby, the decoration heavy on wine bottles. The rest of the facilities are just as lovely, with lots of little details designed to make for a relaxed accommodation. 

There’s also a real love of service, and you can tell the staff loves working here. The location is also perfect, within walking distance of the Recoleta bar and restaurant area. 

Algodón is more than a Recoleta hotel, as they also have a brand of wine, a vast wine-making property in the Mendoza region (Algodon Wine Estates & Champions Club) and even a fashion brand. A true luxury discovery! 

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2. Hub Porteño – A Luxurious Local Connection

  1. Design & Boutique Feeling: 5
  2. Service: 5
  3. Location: 5

Not far from Algodón lies Hub Porteño, another Recoleta mansion renovated as one of the coolest hotels in Buenos Aires. Another place with broad and luscious suites, there’s a distinctly female touch in the décor, yet relaxation is the dominant feature. 

coolest hotels in Buenos Aires: hub porteno restaurant
The beautifully designed restaurant

Its common areas are enchanting, and I particularly loved the terrace full of plants and with a cute little bar, perfect for an evening of drinks. The service is also top-notch, and it also has a very centric Recoleta location.

coolest hotels in Buenos Aires: hub porteno hotel
A lush oasis in the bustling city

The concept of Hub Porteño focuses on bringing guests as close to the Buenos Aires jet-set experience as possible. The hotel has a sort of club that organizes art and cultural experiences for visitors and locals, offering a lovely way to connect with the city experience.

hub porteno hotel buenos aires room
Classy & neat design in the rooms

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Coolest Hotels in Buenos Aires in Trendy Palermo

The business center of Buenos Aires may lie between Microcentro and Puerto Madero, but its heart beats in Palermo. The biggest barrio in town, Palermo is where everything is happening at all times. From the unique restaurants in Soho to the booming local film and TV industry in Palermo Hollywood, this is the ultimate meeting point. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that some of the coolest hotels in Buenos Aires are here!

Vibrant & Colorful Palermo buenos Aires
Vibrant & Colorful Palermo District

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3. Palo Santo Hotel – A Green Oasis

  1. Design & Boutique Feeling: 4
  2. Service: 5
  3. Location: 4

Buenos Aires is a thriving metropolis, and it can be profoundly hectic, which is why staying at Palo Santo can feel like such a relaxing experience. A cute little place that seems made out of nearly stolen spaces, the hotel is deceptively long once you enter it. 

paolo santo hotel buenos aires
Paolo Santo Hotel, welcome!
coolest hotels in Buenos Aires: paolo santo hotel lounge
Gorgeous design and green elements & flowers everywhere!

Its distinct smell and details of green everywhere make Palo Santo special, along with its top-notch service. The standard rooms are a bit small, though, so I’d recommend booking a suite.

coolest hotels in Buenos Aires: paolo santo hotel review
Getting lost in this green oasis!

A little away from the Palermo “center” where things happen, it more than makes up in fantastic service, including a welcoming piece of carrot cake and a complimentary wine glass. The breakfast buffet was also quite lovely!

best boutique hotels Buenos Aires: paolo santo hotel room
Beautiful and classy rooms – want a bigger room? Then go for the suite!

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4. Mine Hotel – A Cosy Darling in the Middle of Everything

  1. Design & Boutique Feeling: 4
  2. Service: 4
  3. Location: 5

Right at the heart of the booming Palermo scene stands Mine Hotel, another green gem. Merely a couple of blocks away from Plaza Serrano, the Palermo Soho meeting point, the location is perfect. 

best boutique hotels Buenos Aires: mine hotel lobby
A true oasis in vibrant Palermo!

The setup is very similar to Palo Santo’s: a long corridor with a green space in the middle, then a restaurant, and then a little backyard patio. I loved the lobby, set out as a living room, with a big couch and lots of books everywhere. The breakfast was also fantastic, with lots of organic options like homemade yogurt and oatmeal.

best boutique hotels Buenos Aires: mine hotel pool
Yay for the pool & outdoor terrace!

The service was quite attentive, and I loved the little complimentary wine bottle with nuts and tote bags. If you can, book one of the bigger rooms!

mine hotel room, buenos aires
Our room

Want to stay at Mine Hotel? Book your stay HERE!

5. Home Hotel Boutique – A Shelter for the Artistically Inclined

  1. Design & Boutique Feeling: 5
  2. Service: 5
  3. Location: 5

With a similar setup as Palo Santo and Mine Hotel, Home Boutique Hotel is the broadest of the three. True to its name, it’s also the one that feels more like a home than anything else. By the time I visited, it was a booming summer afternoon, and the bar and pool were full of people hanging out over drinks. The vibe was fantastic, and I loved the cozy design. 

best boutique hotels Buenos Aires: home hotel boutique
Feeling like we’re in a living room at someones house
best boutique hotels Buenos Aires: home hotel boutique
If you’re into books or maybe some time with a computer, you’ll like this

Animal lovers will find an extra plus to Home: the hotel has a pet, a gorgeous and friendly dark cat called Mulata!

Home Hotel is a project of an Argentine publicist returning to her home country after years abroad and her British and artist husband. There’s a real sense of homecoming here, and also a love of the arts. The spaces are always under artistic intervention, and they hold events and performances by local artists every couple of months!

home hotel boutiqe, buenos aires
Afternoon coffee here maybe?

The location is pretty close to the “it” Palermo scene while also being a little guarded against noise. As with most of the coolest hotels in Buenos Aires, the rooms are a bit small, though the design is beautiful.

Want to stay at Home Hotel? Book your stay HERE!

6. CasaSur Bellini – A Personalized Take on Business Stays

  1. Design & Boutique Feeling: 4
  2. Service: 5
  3. Location: 5

Larger than your average boutique hotel at 80 rooms, CasaSur Bellini is a quiet and elegant beauty. It’s a spacious place, which is a rarity among the best boutique hotels Buenos Aires.  

There’s a sense of oasis here like the hotel is shielded – even though it sits at a prime location within the palatial Bellini complex in Palermo. The décor is classic, and it feels a little like a four-star large chain hotel. As such, while lovely, it does lack that boutique feel a bit.

best boutique hotels Buenos Aires: casasur bellini hotel
Creative elements

Still, there’s a broad array of premium services, including in-house massages, plus a huge semi-Olympic pool and large gym. I didn’t try their Asian restaurant, Tora, but it’s one of the best-rated in town!

best boutique hotels Buenos Aires: casasur bellini
Our room had pretty much everything you could ask for

CasaSur has two more locations in Buenos Aires: another one in Palermo Hollywood (which I visited and it was lovely) and one in Recoleta. There’s also a bigger hotel in Pilar, in the city’s metropolitan region.

Want to stay at CasaSur Bellini? Book your stay HERE!

7. 248 Finisterra – A Guarded Home Away from Home

  1. Design & Boutique Feeling: 4
  2. Service: 5
  3. Location: 4

248 Finisterra feels more like a cozy bed and breakfast than a boutique hotel. It was a lazy summer afternoon when I visited, and it just felt like a home, with the staff hanging around with their kids. And they were almost fully booked! 

248 finisterra hotel Buenos Aires
A home away from home feeling

I loved the sweetly decorated living room area, with its large couch and afternoon snacks, kind of like an aunt’s house. They also have a cute little backyard to hang out during sunny days, and a jacuzzi area upstairs with some space to tan.

The rooms are a bit small, though! 

248 Finisterra isn’t precisely in Palermo: it’s actually in the neighboring area of Cañitas. I struggled a little over how to rank the location because, while it’s a bit far from the touristic Palermo zone, it’s a cute area with a few exciting restaurants. It’s also tranquil and secluded, which can be a respite in this crazy town. 

coolest hotels in Buenos Aires: 248 finisterra room
Small but neat rooms

Want to stay at 248 Finisterra? Book your stay HERE!

Luxury Hotels Buenos Aires in the City Center

The official downtown, dubbed “Microcentro,” is officially comprised of the San Nicolás and Monserrat barrios – but the actual center is much bigger. Unofficially, it also includes the oldest neighborhoods, San Telmo, Boca, and Retiro, and the newest area in the city, Puerto Madero.

Once the port, Puerto Madero is now is a recovered area full of large chain hotels and impressive glass buildings. Just Uber for a few minutes, and you’ll go from 19th-century architecture to the iconic Puente de la Mujer, a Santiago Calatrava-designed bridge dedicated to women. Few things represent Buenos Aires’ vibe as well as this mix of old and new.

Buenos Aires in bloom!
Buenos Aires Donwtown in bloom!

If you’re only visiting for a few days, staying around the city center can be your best choice, as most of the landmarks are in this area. It’s also home to some of the best boutique hotels Buenos Aires!

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8. Faena Hotel – Grandiose and Exclusive Luxury

  1. Design & Boutique Feeling: 5
  2. Service: 5
  3. Location: 5

One phrase comes to mind when talking about Faena: built to impress. This is the place where rock stars and world-renowned celebrities stay when in Buenos Aires, and it’s easy to see why.

Faena hotel Buenos aires
Welcome to the truly unique Faena hotel!

An all-inclusive urban resort, Faena has everything: landmark restaurants, a beautiful boutique, an incredible pool area, one of the most famous spas in the city, a huge gym, and even an in-house tango show. The rooms are the largest I saw in any hotel in town, including a few with different areas and even a small kitchenette, perfect for either large groups. 

Imperial suite faena hotel buenos aires
Fancy staying in the Imperial Suite?
Bathroom in the Presidential Suite faena hotel buenos aires
Bathroom goals in the Presidential Suite

The common areas are exquisite, and there’s a sense of elevation just walking from place to place.

Time for some relaxing moments in the Sala Relax at Faena hotel buenos aires
Time for some relaxing moments in the Sala Relax!

The building where the hotel is located was a grain silo for nearly a century, fully refurbished in the early 2000s. Faena was one of the first developments of the new Puerto Madero area, and its visionary founder, retired fashion designer Alan Faena, teamed up with Phillipe Starck to design the hotel. It shows. Every little piece of décor looks to expand on the feeling of luxury, like the animal-shaped bathroom details.

the cathredral faena hotel buenos aires
The Cathedral – Built to Impress!

Faena is a little far from the classic Buenos Aires sightseeing spots, but right at the center of Puerto Madero, an attraction of its own!

design at El Mercado Restaurant Faena hotel buenos aires
Love the design here at El Mercado Restaurant!

Want to stay at Faena? Book your stay HERE!

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9. CasaCalma Hotel – A Quiet Alternative Downtown

  1. Design & Boutique Feeling: 4
  2. Service: 5
  3. Location: 5

A small boutique hotel in the business district, CasaCalma offers a lovely stay. While the common areas are a bit small, they make up for it in spacious and luxurious rooms.

casacalma hotel review
Small but cosy lobby with a homey feel

They have two room categories, both equally large and with a jacuzzi. The difference is the setup and whether or not the bathroom has a small dry sauna. Although they don’t have a spa area, they do offer in-room massages, but they ask that you book yours a few hours in advance.

casacalma hotel room
I love that the rooms have so much space, especially with a balcony as well
best boutique hotels Buenos Aires: casacalma hotel bathroom
One of my favorite parts of the room. Time for a bath with a view!

While a little far from the “it” area downtown, CasaCalma happens to be a block away from my favorite green space in town: Plaza San Martín. Luxurious hotels and eateries also surround it!

Casacalma hotel buenos Aires
Lush vibes also here!

Want to stay at CasaCalma? Book your stay HERE!

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