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Copenhagen is the continental darling of Scandinavia; old, beautiful and metropolitan, it’s also small enough to feel intimate. Vibrant and happy, Danes are among the happiest citizens on Earth! A perfect city for a weekend, you can find fantastic shopping, food, and drinks. As it usually happens, the best area to stay Copenhagen is beyond the crowds. And as you can imagine from a great Scandinavian capital, the best boutique hotels Copenhagen are design wonders!

When it comes to the best boutique hotels Copenhagen, two brands reign supreme: Guldsmeden and Brochner. Guldsmeden hotels are homey, Bali-inspired and focused on sustainability. Meanwhile, Brochner has a knack for chic spots with an urban desgin experience.

Spring in Nyhavn, Copenhagen
Spring in Nyhavn

Here are my 11 favourite hotels in the Danish capital – plus my picks for the best area to stay Copenhagen. Through GET YOUR GUIDE, you can find incredible tours around Copenhagen and Denmark, with unique experiences!

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Best Boutique Hotels Copenhagen Beyond the Beaten Tracks

As such a cosy town, you’ll find beautiful lodging options in different areas of Copenhagen. In fact, my pick for the no. 1 best boutique hotels Copenhagen is located between Norrebro and Vesterbro!

1. Manon Les Suites – A 5-Star Hotel Like No Other

  1. Design and Boutique Feeling: 5
  2. Service: 5
  3. Location: 3

Manon Les Suites is the new Guldsmeden 5-star darling, and no place is quite like it. Creativity and innovation are everywhere here, and it’s completely different from its sister lodgings. A full experience of Bohemian luxury, breathtaking design and a festive atmosphere – all with a sustainable approach. Definitely the best luxury hotel I’ve visited in Copenhagen – and that’s saying a lot considering how tough the competition is!

best boutique hotels copenhagen: Manon Les Suites
Welcome to Manon Les Suites

The lobby is small with neon lights and full of colours, featuring a small shop specialising in Danish design. From the get-go, you know this place is unique. Colour, art, and creativity are the heart of the Manon design, even if some wooden elements of Guldsmeden remain. 

best area to stay copenhagen manon les suites
Loving the vibe here

The best part is the pool area smack in the middle of the hotel, with open space all the way to the ceiling. There’s a definite Asian bungalow touch, plus lush décor with palm trees. The rooftop bar and restaurant are conscious-minded, with the excellent service I expect from this chain. The only downside is the location, as there isn’t much going on around it. However, you can easily reach Vesterbro, Indre By, and Norrebro after walking for 10 minutes so not a big problem.

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Verterbro – The Best Area to Stay in Copenhagen?

For me, Vesterbro is the best area to stay Copenhagen! Just outside the centre, it’s hip and up-and-coming. Recently restored, it’s now booming with hip eateries, cafés and burger and shawarma places for a quick meal. Cultures mix wonderfully here, with small streets lined up with boutiques and restaurants. 

It’s also home to some of the best boutique hotels in Copenhagen and this Beer Makes Vesterbro Better tour!

best area to stay copengagen vesterbro
One of my favorite streets in Vesterbro – Værnedamsvej

2. Axel Guldsmeden – A Conscious Oasis Inspired by Bali

  1. Design and Boutique Feeling: 5
  2. Service: 5
  3. Location: 5

Axel Guldsmeden is my top choice among the best boutique hotels Copenhagen. The second you walk in, you feel like home. Fall in love with a glance around the lobby and its warm interior with wooden details, an earthy palette, plants everywhere and splashes of fur. Bali-inspired, the rooms are simple and comfy, with Persian carpeting and details in wood. And, of course, the Guldsmeden hotel rooms’ staple poster bed.

best boutique hotels copenhagen axel guldsmeden
Simple yet cosy and very home-like
best boutique hotels copenhagen axel guldsmeden
Wooden details pretty much everywhere

The perfect choice for conscious travellers, they offer incredible organic toiletries. The breakfast is also organic, and well worth a visit even if you’re not staying here.

This is the biggest of all the Guldsmeden hotels, and huge for a boutique, with 212 rooms. Despite the size, they’ve managed to retain all the boutique feel. Thorough design, a well-built concept and a friendly vibe with very personal service, Axel is a dream. Plus, it’s just a 15-minute walk from city centre, Indre By, and 5 minutes away from Central Station!

best boutique hotels copenhagen axel guldsmeden
We loved our stay here, definitely a 5/5

Love the Axel Guldsmeden? Book your stay HERE!

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3. Bertrams Guldsmeden – A Cosy & Romantic Hideaway for Adults

  1. Design and Boutique Feeling: 5
  2. Service: 5
  3. Location: 4

Contrasting its big brother, Bertrams is the smallest of the Copenhagen Guldsmeden hotels. Built in 2005, this gem is located in a residential building and feels like coming into an apartment. The ground floor is built with cosiness in mind, with lounge areas, a café and a backyard/patio. I particularly love the lobby, designed to make guests feel like they’re hanging out in their living room. 

best boutique hotels copenhagen betrams guldsmeden
Feeling like we’re hanging out in someones living room

As it happens in all the Guldsmeden hotels, the service is wonderful, and so is the organic breakfast. Here, the standard rooms are a little spacier than they are at Axel, yet retaining the Balinese inspiration. If you’re looking for a quiet experience, book a room facing the backyard, since the hotel faces busy Vesterbrogade street. 

best boutique hotels copenhagen betrams guldsmeden bedroom
Our bedroom
best boutique hotels copenhagen betrams guldsmeden
Would you stay here?

The hotel is an oasis in the bustling city, in the best area to stay in Copenhagen. Just 15 minutes from Strøget. Still, the best are to be found outside the door.  Some of my favourite restaurants are around the corner, such as GRØD, Granola, and Les Trois Cochons. It’s also very near Kodebyn, the meat-packing district of Copenhagen, home to many of the hippest eateries in town. 

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4. 66 Guldsmeden – An Urban & Chic Escape

  1. Design and Boutique Feeling: 5
  2. Service: 5
  3. Location: 5

Formerly the Carlton, the 66 Guldsmeden is a little closer to the city centre, making it perhaps the best area to stay Copenhagen for first-time visitors. Following the same style as the other locations, it’s a little more chic. No surprise there – this was the first hotel of the chain!

Warm and secluded, it’s a trendy place that feels like stepping into the home of a friend with great taste. The lobby is small yet cosy, with two lovely balconies to hang out in sunny days, plus a backyard patio. The service and organic tone is just as great as in the other locations.

best area to stay copenhagen 66 guldsmeden
Organic breakfast, yes please!

Love the 66 Guldsmeden? Book your stay HERE!

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5. Andersen Boutique Hotel – A Pink & Funky Stay

  1. Design and Boutique Feeling: 3
  2. Service: 4
  3. Location: 5

Across the street from Axel Guldsmeden stands Andersen Boutique Hotel, a pink sweetheart. It stands out in Copenhagen’s Scandinavian design approach due to its colours, particularly the big lobby in bright pink and blue. Make sure you book a suite, as the regular rooms are a little small, as it often happens in Europe. 

andersen hotel copenhagen, denmark
Huge lobby

The bar for the best boutique hotels Copenhagen is pretty high, and Andersen lacks the true personal feel. Still, it’s a good and contemporary option with a fantastic location. And I love the pink vibes!

best area to stay copenhagen andersen boutique hotel room
Our room, keeping the pink details

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6. Absalon Hotel – A Contemporary Design Companion

  1. Design and Boutique Feeling: 3
  2. Service: 3
  3. Location: 5

From the same brand as the Andersen, Absalon Hotel is a little more luxurious than its pink sister. It’s also got a different colour scheme: green and yellow. There are lots of great details here, from the large lobby with a bar and restaurant to the industrial windows with black steel frames. Much like the Andersen, it lacks the personal feel to be one of the very best boutique hotels Copenhagen. Still, it makes up for that in location and overall experience. If you like urban design hotels this is a good choice!

absalon hotel copenhagen, denmark
A walk across the street and the pink has changed to green & yellow!

Love the Absalon Hotel? Book your stay HERE!

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Indre By – Home to Some of the Best Boutique Hotels Copenhagen

I don’t usually recommend city centres, but Copenhagen is cosy enough to make it work. While I don’t think this is the best area to stay Copenhagen, there’s a lot to be discovered by going beyond Strøget, the main shopping street. Find your way towards the side streets for smaller and more intimate streets lined with boutiques, restaurants and wonderful cafés like Café Atelier September and Fars Dreng.

best area to stay copenhagen vesterbro
Beautiful Ganni boutique in Vesterbro

For a more traditional luxury shopping, head to Illum, or Magasin du Nord for somewhat more affordable designer options.

Get to know the Danish capital like a local: on a bike! This 3 Hour Bike Tour with Guide is a great way to see the historical centre of Copenhagen!

7. Hotel Herman K – A City Centre Haven of Industrial Luxury & Style

  1. Design and Boutique Feeling: 5
  2. Service: 5
  3. Location: 5

Part of the other major design hotel chain in Copenhagen, Brochner, Hotel Herman K is built to impress. A five-star lodging, industrial luxury is its flag. The outside black window will impress you, yet it’s nothing compared to the lobby. The iron stairs, the huge steel bar, the dark colours, even the trees hanging as decorations – everything is carefully curated to make visitors gasp. Steel, glass, and concrete take center stage, and you’ll feel inside an early 20th-century painting. 

best boutique hotels copenhagen herman k
You will definitely understand why Herman K got five stars
best boutique hotels copenhagen herman k
I can highly recommend this hotel, one of the best boutique hotels in Copenhagen

“Cool” is the all-defining word here, from the common areas to the rooms and their all-marble bathrooms. The service is very professional, and the small restaurant is great to spend a fun evening out. It’s also in the best area to stay in Copenhagen for shoppers, as it’s right opposite Magasin Du Nord. Keep in mind that this prime location also means you’ll see lots of tourists!

best boutique hotels copenhagen herman k bar
Where else can you find a bar like this?

Love the Hotel Herman K? Book your stay HERE!

8. SP34 – A Hip & Chic Design Gem

  1. Design and Boutique Feeling: 5
  2. Service: 4
  3. Location: 5

What makes SP34 one of the best boutique hotels in Copenhagen is… everything. A Brochner design hotel, it’s essentially contemporary. Design styles mix for a perfect mélange, with wide spaces in clear colours and bikes hanging from the walls. The look here is relaxed, with a dash of colours like purple and burgundy to finish the touch. Surprisingly cosy, I love their urban terrace, ideal for people-watching in the summer. 

best boutique hotels copenhagen sp34 hotel
SP34 entrance

It’s best to book suites, as the standard rooms are on the small side, in true European fashion. Still, simple design reigns, only maintaining old building details like the beautiful windows. 

best boutique hotels copenhagen sp34 rooftop
Feeling like you’re in a garden
best boutique hotels copenhagen sp34 lobby
Want to bring your bike inside after seeing this cool lobby?

The location is perfect, on a quiet street near Strøget. The next-door restaurant, Vækst, is a must for foodies. You can also visit Cock’s & Cows and Din Nye Ven nearby. It’s also important to note that the hotel proudly announces it has the largest selection of Port wine in Denmark!

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9. Hotel Danmark – A Trendy & Urban Marvel with a Dash of Industrial

  1. Design and Boutique Feeling: 4
  2. Service: 5
  3. Location: 5

Another Brochner lodging, Hotel Danmark is one of the smaller options, yet vibrant with urban trendy vibes. The lobby has a true air of luxury, with its brass and wine bars and large windows. Other areas I loved were the outdoor patio and the rooftop bar overlooking the hall square. There’s also a small and cosy spot for the super tasty and all-organic breakfast. Another detail I loved? Free wine between 5 and 6 pm, great for a drink after a long day!

best boutique hotels copenhagen hotel denmark rooftop
This patio is one of a kind

The rooms were almost too simple in their design, although I liked how they kept a few old building details yet adding industrial touches. Unfortunately, the rooms weren’t quite as cosy as the rest of the hotel. Also, it’s best to book a junior suite, as standard rooms are very small, particularly the bathrooms.

best boutique hotels copenhagen hotel denmark room
I liked how the big window made the rom feel brighter
best boutique hotels copenhagen hotel denmark breakfast
We loved the breakfast

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10. First Hotel Kong Frederik – A Meeting of History & Luxury

  1. Design and Boutique Feeling: 4
  2. Service: 4
  3. Location: 5

A truly vibrant place, First Hotel Kong Frederik is one of those places where history titillates. The second you enter, you feel the years of history in the building, which makes for one of the best boutique hotels Copenhagen. Instead of Scandinavian simplicity, here you’ll find English luxury, with strong colors like black, yellow and purple. The courtyard allows you to see everything from the centre, to really delve into the experience. 

first hotel kong frederik copenhagen, denmark
Prepare to be amazed
best boutique hotels copenhagen first hotel kong frederik
Purple details adding to the luxurious vibe

Rooms are all luxury, for a warm feel with distinctly English details like wallpapers and colours. Foodies will love the fish restaurant next door, Louises Fiskebar.

Love the First Hotel Kong Frederik? Book your stay HERE!

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Nyhavn – The Waterfront Experience

Easily one of the loveliest areas in the Danish capital, it’s also one of the most popular. The canal lines up with colourful houses here for perfect photo ops. The streets are usually very busy, yet it’s undoubtedly a must-visit. Get the local vibe by going further to the old custom house, where you’ll find lovely restaurant choices. See the harbour from another perspective on this Copenhagen Bus and Boat Hop-On, Hop-Off 48-Hour Pass!

Don’t miss the traditional Smørrebrød at Almanak – and then pass the bridge to find a great street food market. While for me it’s not the best area to stay Copenhagen, it does host a great boutique hotel!

11. 71 Nyhavn – A Cosy Spot by the Sea

  1. Design and Boutique Feeling: 4
  2. Service: 4
  3. Location: 4

Originally an 18th-century harbour warehouse, 71 Nyhavn retains its rustic feel hundreds of years later. Overlooking the sea, it’s a cosy choice for those looking for the best area to stay Copenhagen. Wood beams are a major part of the hotel’s décor, a great throwback to the building’s past. Wake up to the sunrise over the city by staying on an east-facing executive room, or go for some classic Danish luxury. A great choice in the area!

best boutique hotels copenhagen nyhavn 71
You will for sure have a great view from your hotel room

Love the 71 Nyhavn? Book your stay HERE!

Travel with a Silver Lining Beyond the Best Area to Stay Copenhagen

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