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2017 was truly an amazing travel year. It was the year when Travel with a Silver Lining was born, a year when I became a travel blogger and an “instagramer”. Something I would never had imagined a year before. If there is something I learnt during my life journey, it is that life is full of surprises! 2017 we visited 15 countries and around 30 cities from South America to US to Europe to Asia. I have had the privilege of staying in so many adorable boutique hotels, explored new cultures and places and met a lot of fantastic people! Curious to know which were the best places to travel in 2017?

So which places where the best? To be honest, I liked them all.  But there are always some that will stay in our memories longer than others. So here comes my 2017 favorite destinations!

The Sunny Paradise Trips

I am, and will always be, a beach dweller. Luckily my most frequent travel buddies, Fredrik & Jenny, are so too. I just love the feeling of sand under my feet, the sun in my face and what can be better than reading a book in a sun bed to the sound of the waves?

Tulum – The Bohochic Place to Be

The year started on a white sandy beach, in the paradise with a true Mayan vibe. I love everything about Tulum. The wide beach, the turquoise water, all hip boutique hotel, the jungle side restaurants, the breakfast places filled with smoothies and juices, the yoga places, the small and trendy boutiques. It is easy to understand why this little piece of paradise has become so popular!

My favorite spot @Coco Tulum

Mykonos – The Instagram Dream

If you follow the Instagram travel blogger community, then I guess  you, like me, have dreamt away to this little gem many times. And Mykonos will not make you disappointed. It is as gorgeous in reality as in Instagram. I totally got swept away by Chora’s cute streets lined by the whitewashed houses, the cool beach clubs, the stylish boutique hotels but maybe most of all by the magic sunsets. Definitely one of the best places to travel in 2017!

Little Venice in Mykonos
Little Venice in Mykonos
boutique hotels
Just magic…

Palma De Mallorca – The Celebration of a Major Milestone in Life

In October it was time to celebrate one of the major happenings this year…. I must admit that it was with mixed emotions, I boarded the flight to Palma this time. However, both Palma and my family made sure this was a trip I will never forget and turning 40 turned out to be quite fun. Palma is the perfect destination if you want a mix of city and beach life. Here you find two versions of my favorite beach club – Puro Beach.  This time we also stayed in the amazing small luxury hotel – San Franscesc – that made to the list of my favorite boutique hotels.

Puro Beach Illetas
Enjyoing the view @Puro Beach Illetas

The Mesmerizing Road Trips

For me, road trips equals freedom. Just you, the car and the wind – at least if you drive a convertible. Luckily, Fredrik loves to drive so I can just relax and enjoy the setting and scenery passing by. 2017 was the year, I finally got to tick of two road trips that has been on my list for a long time…!

1. Passing the Bridges of Key West

First out was Key West. After 3 months traveling in fantastic South America, it was the perfect end to cruise down to Key West in our black beauty. The wind in our hair, bridge after bridge and the turquoise water as our companion, all ending with some truly relaxing days in hippie style in lovely Key West!

The Railway Bridge on the way to Key West
The railway bridge on the way to Key West

2. The Spectacular Amalfi Coast

Ever since I visited Capri some years ago, the Amalfi Coast has been a dream destination. And a dream it was. The drive along this spectacular and romantic coastline literally takes your breath away. Even though a bit scary, you want to stop at every corner to take it all in.

There are so many gems along this coast but it was Positano that stole my heart and the views from Villa Rufolo in Ravello that totally swept me away!

Villa Rufolo in Ravello
My adorable Positano
The Romantic Streets of Ravello
The Romantic Streets of Ravello

3. The Majestic US West Coast & Route 1

So different from the previous road trips but yet amazing. I had never been in California before and did not know what to expect but Californias is for sure as amazing as everyone told me and has so much to offer. Driving from San Francisco to Napa Valley and down to Los Angeles, you almost get overwhelmed by all impressions, the different types of landscapes, the different vibes.

If the Amalfi Coast is spectacular and romantic, the Big Sur is majestic and impressive. Like with everything in US, the mountains and valleys here are huge and the wild Pacific Ocean makes this impression even stronger!

boutique hotels
Not sure where this road will take me…
The famous Bixby Creek Bridge
The famous Bixby Creek Bridge
The Big Sur & Fredrik
The Big Sur & Fredrik

The Eastern European Gems

One of the best things with moving to Moscow, in addition to Moscow itself, is the opportunity to explore a new part of the world. A part of the world that was not even on my list before moving here, some places I did not even know existed. Eastern Europe has some real gems and even though I like them all, I found thee favorites of mine.

boutique hotels
Budapest – a favorite of mine that did not make it to the list

Tbilisi, the Shabby Chic Hipster Paradise

Tbilisi, you had me at hello is the name of my post about the Georgian capital. And true it was. This pretty little city has so much to discover, so much to offer. I had the best guide by my side and he showed me the most beautiful spots of the old part, the baths, the modern landmarks, the best views, the artsy places and of course the many cool restaurants, cafes and bars. I also found myself a new favorite boutique hotel in the romantic hoods of Vera, the Rooms Hotel. A hipster paradise.

Tblisi Hotel
Hello Tblisi
boutique hotels
The romantic streets of the old town

Yerevan, The City of Pink

A city all dressed in my favorite colour. What can be a better addition to my list of best places to travel in 2017?

But Yerevan has so much more to offer, than just my favorite color. It is a perfect weekend destination. Everything here is warm and friendly. The sun is always shining, the people always smiling and the food is always delicious and so is their own wine. There is so much to see in terms of history and if you like French vibes then afternoons at one of the many restaurants in  the Cascade is the place for you!

boutique hotels
The city in pink

Kiev, the queen of cathedrals and architecture

I have visited Kiev many times for work but in 2017, I finally got the chance to explore the capital of Ukraine a bit more. In general, the cathedrals of this part of the world are impressive but I found my favorite ones here in Kiev. So colorful and pretty!

This vibrant place has a tragic history of which you can see evidence  everywhere. Still, the atmosphere here relaxed and the people are very friendly. Kiev offer so much to see, so many cool areas to explore and are full of lovely cafes and restaurants. A perfect weekend destination!

Inside Saint Sophia's Cathedral
Inside Saint Sophia’s Cathedral
boutique hotels
Enjoying the vibe

Last but not least, a travel back in time!

In the end, the trip that made the biggest impression was Cuba. One of the destinations during our 3 months travel in South and Central America, a place like no other.  The trip to Vinales was a true travel back in time but also an amazing experience where we got a glimpse of the local Cuban life and experiencing the amazing hospitality! Havana, the city dressed in vintage, stole our heart. So different from any city we have seen, yet so amazing!

boutique hotels
The shabby chic streets of Havana
boutique hotels
Found a cute spot
boutique hotels
Cruising Havana

You want to know more about the above destinations? Read all our travel stories & travel guides per country under the Escape Pages!

Want to see more about the best holiday destinations 2017? Then check out my travel vlog; I think you’ll love it!

Thanks a million for following us on our journey. We hope that 2018 will be as exciting as 2017!!!

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