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While we usually do some boutique hotel “shopping” during our trips, it wasn’t the case in the Azeri capital. Still, we got a glimpse of the best hotels in Baku through one major accommodation in the city. Our boutique hotel in Baku, the Intourist Hotel Baku, was so much more than we expected!

We went for a chain hotel instead of a boutique hotel in Baku, and were pleasantly surprised by the service and experience. Enjoy my Intourist Hote Bakul review below! You want to read more about my Baku experience – have a look at my Baku – The Perfect Weekend Escape post!

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Best hotels in Baku
Hello Baku!

Intourist Hotel Baku- Our Boutique Hotel in Baku

Part of the Marriott conglomerate, the Intourist hotel Baku isn’t exactly boutique, though I must say I liked it very much and it had some true elements that made it feel like a smaller hotel. It’s easily one of the best hotels in Baku, even if it is a chain one! A beautifully designed 5-star place, our so-called boutique hotel in Baku was a lovely surprise!

Overall Review of One of the Best Hotels in Baku

1. Design & Boutique Feeling: N/A – 4

2. Room & Other Facilities: 4

3. Food & Drinks: 4

4. Service: 5

5. Location: 3

Design & Boutique Feeling 

The Intourist Hotel Baku is part of a huge international chain, so it certainly doesn’t apply as a boutique hotel in Baku. Still, the design in the common areas (including the lobby and the restaurant) is remarkably cool. Located on a restored old building, they strive for a modern and elegant private club vibe – and achieve it. The spaces are broad and comfortable, with a lot of detail put into bringing a luxurious experience. In all, there was clearly a lot of love put into creating a unifying design concept. It really stands out as one of the best hotels in Baku!

 the lounge of the intourist hotel baku
The Intourist lounge
Relaxing and enjoying the view!
Relaxing and enjoying the view!

Room & Other Facilities

Even though I liked the Intourist hotel Baku, I wasn’t crazy about the room, which was fairly basic. Unfortunately, the feeling didn’t stand out as much as the design outside. However, the nice and modern bathroom was one of the features that put it among the best hotels in Baku.

Another highlight was the sea view, which allowed us to see the lovely boardwalk and the Baku Eye every morning and evening. Unfortunately, the location also meant facing a very busy street, which could get pretty noisy during the night.

Our room & very comfy bed
Our room & very comfy bed

Food & Drinks

I was pleasantly surprised with the food here, as it was certainly much better than your average hotel offerings. No Intourist Hotel Baku review would be complete without mentioning their delicious breakfast buffet! I had some hearty pancakes and omelettes during my stay, but they also offer a wide variety of healthier options. Whether you’re into big breakfasts or a quick bite, they offer a great way to boost up your day!

Time for a delicious breakfast!
Time for a delicious breakfast!


This may be what sets Intourist hotel Baku apart from all the other places to stay in Baku. The service is truly outstanding: very personal, professional and friendly. In all, everyone was always willing to lend a hand and make our time at the hotel feel like home. I didn’t expect such an accommodating staff in our boutique hotel in Baku like this, it was a great surprise!

There’s always time to relax and catch up on some TV
The lobby of our boutique hotel in Baku - the intourist hotel baku
So many books, so little time


The view of the Caspian Sea and the boardwalk  is truly spectacular from the Intourist hotel Baku, our boutique hotel in Baku. That said, it does take a little bit to walk to the old town and other major city landmarks. It’s a 15 to 20-minute walk to the old city, which might feel like a lot during a short stay. However, the hotel is very close to the funicular, and of course Chinar restaurant right next to it.

Chinar – one of my favorite restaurants in Baku!
Chinar – one of my favorite restaurants in Baku!
Baku from above!

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  1. It sounds like you found a winning place of lodging! I have never even heard of this area of the world, so good to know about this place of lodging in case I ever visit

    • TWSL Reply

      If you’re ever in Baku, you won’t regret a stay at Intourist 🙂

    • TWSL Reply

      Thanks dear! I’ve been to many boutique hotels but no doubt this rates very highly 🙂

  2. I think it’s a beautiful hotel that’s worth visiting especially since it has lot to offer. I agree about the rooms but it looks really comfortable to stay in. I just love the overall look of this hotel.

    • TWSL Reply

      I couldn’t agree more, it’s definitely worth a stay 🙂

  3. I think it’s a beautiful hotel that’s worth visiting especially since it has lot to offer. I agree about the rooms but it looks really comfortable to stay in. I just love the overall look of this hotel.

  4. The design and architect of this hotel got me stunned, it looks so amazing. The interiors compliment them very well. Would really love to explore it.

  5. My husband and I love to travel and see the world and it would be a pleasure to stay here if we’re ever in Azeri. The interior is stunning and it’s definitely the kind of hotel you’d want to stay at!

    • TWSL Reply

      I stayed here for work and it really suited my schedule – everything is so convenient!

  6. Geraline Batarra Reply

    Such a nice hotel to stay in and it has a very welcoming ambiance. Aside from the hotel, you can also enjoy the beautiful view of that place.

    • TWSL Reply

      The view of Baku you get from the hotel is extraordinary! 🙂

  7. Gorgeous! We have never stayed at a boutique hotel although I would LOVE to!! I much prefer somewhere smaller and stylish than a huge chain!

  8. Blair Villanueva Reply

    OMG I’m feeling jealous that you spend your time at this gorgeous boutique hotel. It is so posh! Glad you had a fantastic stay.

    • TWSL Reply

      Thanks dear! You don’t have to be jealous you can stay there too! 🙂

  9. I simply love the way you described about the hotel. I never knew about such Boutique hotels. But the pictures you posted are amazing.

    • TWSL Reply

      Hopefully now you’ll consider a boutique hotel for your next trip! Thanks so much 🙂

  10. I do really love all of the photos here. The hotel does look amazing and somewhere worth staying. Sorry that the location didn’t live up to what you were looking for. I know not horrible but still not amazing either.

    • TWSL Reply

      Thank you so much! And yes not the best location but so many things made up for it

  11. Nice and fair review. Though I really consider a hotel that is spacious, I also look and what to feel that stand out when you already in the room. Though pictures that you posted shows great space and amenities too. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Hotels have become more creative! This Baku Hotel is beautiful and very unique. I would love to stay there when I visit Azeri.

    • TWSL Reply

      I sure hope you enjoy your stay there as much as I did 🙂

  13. When you take time out to visit places and you end up in such a wonderful hotel. There can never be a better feeling. Such a good choice. I give this 5 star as it is ehat it is.

    • TWSL Reply

      Thank you! And yes it’s definitely one of my favourites 🙂

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