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We found so many of the best Instagram spots in Mexico during our visit! Our favorites go from adorable villages like Sayulita to natural sights and beaches to mesmerising remains of ancient civilisations. Here you will find incredible Mexico photo spots  in every corner.

We fell in love with the look of the US’ southern neighbour. The gorgeous and never-ending beaches, the colourful designs of the handicrafts, the ancient culture, the boho chic villages, the gorgeous & turquoise water. We tried to take advantage of all the wonders here, and hopefully, this post will make you book a trip. It’s well worth it – so much that it was difficult to choose only 11 Mexico photo spots for this post! 

The Tulum beach - one of the best instagram spots in Mexico
When visiting Mexico, you will definitely get a lot of nice beach photos!

For more on the beautiful Mexico destinations here, check out my travel guides for SAYULITA and TULUM. And if you’re ready for adventure, check out the many amazing tours from GET YOUR GUIDE, like this Four-Cenote Adventure from Tulum!

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Get your smartphone ready and let’s explore all the beauty of Mexico!

The 11 Best Instagram Spots in Mexico: Sayulita

Let’s start our tour of the best Instagram spots in Mexico in the surfer village of Sayulita! A Pacific Ocean beauty, this picturesque surfer town is a dream for foodies, beach lovers, yogis and those who crave water sports. We found a little peace of heaven in this hip little place, just what we deserved. And, of course, we were mesmerised by the beauty of the nature.  This little gem is full of Mexico photo spots so make sure your camera is ready!

If you’re visiting the area between November and April, you’re in luck: it’s whale watching season. Check out this incredible Nayarit: Whale Watching tour!


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the colorful streets of sayulita some of the mexico photo spots
Here you will find colorful places in every corner, a great vibe!

1. The Gorgeous Sayulita Town & Hip Restaurants

There isn’t one corner in Sayulita I wouldn’t place among the best Instagram spots in Mexico. Sayulita is always camera-ready, with its colorful houses, street decorations, and cute small boutiques and street markets.

the street market in sayulita is one of the best instagram spots in mexico
Time for a colorful souvenir.. or two?
one of the restaurants we went to in sayulita
Sayulita has a lot of cozy restaurants

Foodies love the town’s look, as hip eateries often have a lovely design. If food is your thing you will find some of the top Mexico photo spots in the many Sayulita restaurants.  For more on Sayulita restaurants, check out my full  SAYULITA RESTAURANT REVIEW!

the streets of sayulita by night
Enjoy dinner right at the streets of Sayulita, this place has a very authentic vibe

2. Sayulita Beach – A Natural Beauty

As it happens everywhere, the best Instagram spots in Mexico are away from crowds. Walk past the crowded Sayulita beach and find a perfect place for solitude and incredible photos. At the end of the beach, the view is magnificent! The mornings and afternoons offered rough waves, athletic surfers in the groove. The magic hour seems endless as you walk around one of the loveliest Mexico photo spots.

the beach in sayulita is one of the best instagram spots in Mexico
Of course, the town is beautiful but I found my favorite spot on the beach…

For another hotspot among the best Instagram spots in Mexico, make an excursion to Punta Mita in the early morning for some killer waves and mesmerising light.


the beach in sayulita is perfect for surfing, swimming or just relaxing.
Looking at these photos again makes me want to change into my swimsuit and catch the waves!
surfing and relaxing at the beach, one of the great mexico photo spots
This is one of the good Mexico photo spots, but it’s also great for unwinding and relaxing.

3. Petit Hotel Hafa – An Instagram Dream

An interior decorator’s dream, the Petit Hotel Hafa is a little boutique heaven. A bohemian darling with Mexican sensibilities. We couldn’t get enough of the look here. I decided to visit Sayulita during a grey and cold Stockholm afternoon… after seeing this hotel on a magazine.  Even then, I knew the Hafa would be among my favorite Mexico photo spots!

One of the room in petit hotel hafa in sayulita
This place is so colorful and unique, definitely one of a kind

This gem among the best Instagram spots in Mexico only has six rooms and is described as “bohemian tropical.” The colorful design delivers on that promise, and so do the many areas. From the comfy rooms to the incredible rooftop. This place is for sure one of my favorite Mexico photo spots!

petit hotel hafa is a boutique hotel heaven
Best instagram spots in Mexico? Petit Hafa will for sure spice up your feed with some color
the rooftop was my favorite place at petit hotel hafa
One of my favorite places of the hotel, this amazing rooftop!

If you would like to stay at Petit Hafa Hotel – then BOOK IT HERE!

For more on Sayulita hotels, check out my PETIT HAFA HOTEL REVIEW. For a mindful approach, read my My SAYULITA YOGA REVIEW! If you would like to do a day trip from Puerto Vallarta you can BOOK IT ONLINE HERE!

Tulum – The Boho Chic Dream by the Caribbean

Paradisiac Tulum offers many of the best Instagram spots in Mexico. A little more developed than Sayulita without losing its essence, this cute town is the ultimate retreat. 

Tulum blends with nature perfectly, with beautiful boutique & design hotels and hip & trendy restaurants that incorporate the surroundings and the ancient Mayan culture into the design. In turn, you’ll find truly unique Mexico photo spots. It’s also got a sort of Upper West Side hippie vibe that’s truly unique.

For an adventurous time in Tulum, check out this Sian Kaan Lagoons and Cenote Escondido tour!

the beach in tulum a great Mexico photo spots

Can I please stay here forever… Tulum Beach Love!

4. Tulum Hotels

As a boho-chic destination, Tulum elevates the concept of the boutique hotel, offering incredible Mexico photo spots. With gorgeous beach views, full integration with the environment and sustainable practices, Tulum design hotels offer some of the best Instagram spots in Mexico. 

Below, you’ll find my favourites – but BOOKING.COM offers amazing choices for all travellers!

The massage spot - Azulik Hotel Tulum
As if the beach isn’t relaxing enough, you can also get a massage right next to the waves

First out is Azulik . Such an impressive place and so much more than a hotel: it’s an eco-friendly castle on a cliff, one of the most imposing Mexico photo spots. Azulik resonates with centuries of Mayan history for a unique spa experience.

azulik tulum has the perfect location right on the beach
A true beach castle, who wouldn’t want to spend a couple of nights here?

La Zebra’s concept is all about Afro-Caribbean, and you can feel that on the vibrant colors, offering some of the coolest Mexico photo spots. 

La zebra Hotel Tulum with a great vibe right at the beach
Can you see yourself relaxing here? Yes me too..

Finally, Coco Tulum is a stylish hotel where great B&W design meets a fabulous beach club with beautiful views of the Caribbean.

coco hotel Tulum is one of the best instagram spots in Mexico
Are you looking for Mexico photo spots? Well here you have it, Coco Tulum!
tropical drinks at the beach in Tulum
Tropical vibes – A must in your Tulum photo collection!

Read more about each of these lodgings in my TULUM HOTEL REVIEW POST, where you’ll find some of our best Instagram spots in Mexico!

5. Tulum Beach

If Sayulita stands out for its stormy and surf-friendly waves, Tulum’s beach is exceptional for its immensity. What makes this one of the best Instagram spots in Mexico? Well, everything! It has bright turquoise water, and white sand as far as the eye can see! My favorite part of the beach is around  Coco Tulum.

Magic sunset in tulum
A magic sunset moment at the Tulum beach

Even in “bad” weather, it’s among the top Mexico photo spots: the grey clouds with the wild sea make for some incredible snaps!

sun beds at the beach in tulum
Bad weather? Well there’s still no bad photos

6. Hip Jungle Restaurants and Cute Design Boutiques

The jungle side of Tulum is full of restaurants with incredible concepts and incredible Mexico photo spots!

boutiques in tulum
A bohemian vibe at this cute design boutique

Hartwood Tulum is very open and friendly-looking, and offers a different menu each day, depending on which ingredients are freshest. Casa Banana has a great rustic vibe – not to mention very photo-friendly steaks. Mur Mur is very beachy, with colorful dishes you’ll need to photograph before eating. 

lunch at the beach at Coco Tulum
Let’s dig in.. But don’t forget to take a photo first

We visited many delicious and Insta-ready eateries in Tulum and took some of the best Instagram snaps in Mexico. You can read more in my RESTAURANT REVIEW!

Tulum feels very much like a hippie New Yorker’s tropical retreat, and the Mexico photo spots here reflect that. In local style, the design boutiques are gorgeous, and you’ll have so much fun shopping and posing there. This Tulum Discovery Private Tour is a great way to see this lovely town with new eyes!

boho vibes at the shops in tulum
Interior design inspiration overload!

Want to know more about our Tulum adventures? Check out my two travel stories, here and here!

The Wonders, Natural and Cultural!

Mexico photo spots are everywhere, from natural wonders to a rich history. Among the best Instagram spots in Mexico you will find a mix of the rich cultural heritage and pure natural wonders!

7. Chichen Itzá – A True Wonder of the World

Along with the pyramids of the Sun and the Moon near Mexico City, Chichen Itzá is the biggest of all Mexico photo spots. It’s one of the New Seven Wonders of the World!

chichen itza in mexico is a place worth visiting
If I have to pick one place to see first, it’s definitely Chichen Itzá

The Old Chichen Itzá

The oldest area of Chichen Itzá was built between 800 and 1,000 BC, while the newest parts date back to approximately 1,300 BC. Both sides are full of treasures and the best Instagram spots in Mexico. First, go crazy taking pictures of El Castillo, the most famous pyramid!

Chichen Itzá - a magic Mexico photo spot
This place is truly breathtaking, we took so many photos

Head to the older area of Chichen Itzá to see lesser-known pyramids, massive temples, saunas, and even ball courts. Did you know the Mayans played a ballgame that nowadays offers incredible Mexico photo spots? You can see where they played here, alongside impressive ancient buildings filled with symbols.

Chichen Itzá in mexico
Make sure you have enough time to walk around and take photos when you’re here

The New Chichen Itzá

The newer part of Chichen Itzá contains El Castillo and other amazing buildings like the Temple of Warriors. Feel the energy of this ancient place, without missing the best Instagram spots in Mexico.

chichen itza Mexico
A magic place…

Read all about our trip to Chichen Itzá HERE! We did a full day tour including Chichen Itza, one magic cenote and the Mayan ancient city Valladolid. A truly great day in the footsteps of the Mayans. BOOK IT HERE! Or why not book AN EARLY ENTRANCE TOUR WITH A PRIVATE ARCHEOLOGIST

8. Maya Ruins – Where History & Nature Meet

While Chichen Itzá is the most famous of all Maya ruins, the Mexican Caribbean is full of remains from this fascinating culture. There’s one just a short bike away from Tulum, the most significant ruin still standing on the Riviera Maya shore. 

Maya ruins in tulum
When you’re in Tulum make sure to take the bike over to this place to catch some beautiful photos & historical vibes!

The place offers some of the best Instagram spots in Mexico. The views over the sea and the surround are just breathtaking and together with the remains of the ruins, this place offers some magic Mexico photo spots. 

taking some photos on a cloudy day in tulum of the Mayan ruins
Even on the cloudy days you can get some nice photos

Read more about it on my TULUM TRAVEL GUIDE and why not take a guided tour. Book it ONLINE HERE WITH GET YOUR GUIDE!

maya ruins

9. The Cenotes – A Natural Underground Wonder

Cenotes are a natural wonder an offer some of the best Instagram spots in Mexico, mostly because of how unique they are. Cenotes are natural sinkholes that expose underground water. These geological marvels offer some of the most breathtaking Mexico photo spots, and they also have a lot of cultural meaning. 

Ancient Mayans thought cenotes were connected to the gods and often used them for sacrificial offerings. Why not book a SNORKELLING & CENOTE TOUR

cenotes in Mexico
Our magic nature never stops to surprise me!

10. Cozumel – A small Piece of Paradise

Cozumel is a little piece of paradise just a boat ride away from Playa del Carmen. Although highly touristic, this island has some of the best Instagram spots in Mexico!

cozumel beach in mexico
Mexico is the best place if you can’t get enough of beach photos & Caribbean blues!

To find the most breathtaking sites, rent a car and drive to the opposite side of the harbor. Here, you’ll reach the top snorkeling places and some of the coolest Mexico photo spots. The Caribbean blue never disappoints!

If you prefer booking a tour – I can strongly recommend a PRIVATE JEEP TOUR in true travel with a silver lining style.

blue caribbean water at Cozumel in mexico
Let’s take a moment to just appreciate this beautiful blue Caribbean water

11. Playa del Carmen – Paradise for Party Lovers

While it has plenty of incredible Mexico photo spots, Playa del Carmen isn’t my favorite place, as it’s a little too touristic. However, it has the best Instagram spots in Mexico for party lovers!

party at playa del carmen
If you are looking for a party whilst visiting Mexico, Playa Del Carmen is the place

For the best pics in Playa, wake up early and head to the beach before it’s full of people. The harbor will show off its lovely colors for your camera. 

playa del carmen is full of tourists
An early morning at Playa del Carmen

You can also take some beautiful snaps on the hotel rooftops, showcasing the whole of this crazy destination. When walking around town, head for the little alleys. Cute design stores with gorgeous looks awaits, even though not among the best Instagram spots in Mexico!

relax at the roof top at playa del carmen
You know I am rooftop lover…

Read more about our days in Playa del Carmen and Cozumel in my travel story, RIGHT HERE. Or join the party in advance by booking your at Coco Bongo Nightclub with Open Bar in Playa del Carmen!

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