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Time for an Algarve road trip and a visit to Portugal. A country I had only visited quickly twice for business. Finally, it was time to explore this trending destination a bit more. We had heard so much about this country and the best places in Algarve so excited we were!

First one week at the sunny Algarve Coast with an Algarve road trip and visits to the best places in Algarve, followed by 4 days in Lisbon! Fredrik’s mother was celebrating an important birthday and we were up for some true family time, something you truly miss when living abroad.

If you’re planning on taking an Algarve Coast road trip, you’ll need great activities to fill your time. GET YOUR GUIDE is my favorite site to find the most unique experiences each place has to offer. One of my favorites from the Algarve Coast is this boat cruise along the coast, surrounded by dolphins – a perfect opportunity for pics that ends at the wondrous Benagil caves!

The Full Group for our Algarve road trip - Dressed for Some Party!
The Full Group – Dressed for Some Party!

The Warmest Welcome & Start of Our Algarve Road Trip!

The Algarve gave us a stunning welcome. Our little Airbnb house, Villa Kelly, turned out to be the perfect spot for some family time. Modern, well planned and with a lovely pool for the sunny days. There was even an Instagramable pink pool flamingo in the package☺!

Our lovely Airbnb in Algarve
Our lovely Airbnb

However, the best part was the location. Just a couple of steps from the wild and rough Atlantic. The beach and nature reminded me a lot of California and our route 1 road trip last year. Wide long beaches, the red/orange soil, the impressive rock formations, and the rough sea and waves. Fresh air, salt in your hair, the colors – we loved the days at the beach – even the colder and windier ones. Our beautiful nature never stops impressing me!

Enjoying the sun on the beach - one the best places in Algarve
Hello Beach – I Missed You a LOT!

Lazy Days at the Beach & Our Cute Airbnb

The beach is for sure one of the best places in Algarve to spend your days and we spend a lot of time on the windy but beautiful Algarve Coast beach!

We spent most of the days around the house. It was located in Guia, a relaxed and peaceful part of the beach. So much laughter and fun, so much to catch up upon after months apart. Morning walks or runs along the wooden beach walk and even some yoga by the pool.

Nothing Beats the Feeling of Sand between Your Toes!
Nothing Beats the Feeling of Sand between Your Toes!

We found our favorite lunch place just around the corner – Bellavita. Great food, rose and service and we celebrated the big day with a magic sunset and view at one of the nice beach restaurants, Pedras Amarelas. Evenings like this stay in your memories forever!

Celebration Time with my family
Celebration Time!

The Algarve Road Trip – Here We Go!

Coming to new places means so much excitement. What will we see this time, how will this place be, how are the people here, what will be the best places in Algarve?

After two days of family time we all started to get a bit restless. Time for some road tripping! An early and cloudy morning we headed out west -– towards the end of the world. At least the Ancient Greeks thought so!

Beautiful View at Cape Sankt Vincent - a must stop on any Algarve road trip
Beautiful View at Cape Sankt Vincent!

When reaching Sagres and Cape St Vincent, we had left the clouds behind and the sun was shining. We were met by the deep blue sea smashing the huge rocks and a cute white lighthouse in the background. What can be better than letting your mind travel over the horizon, crossing the never-ending sea…

Enjoying the sun on a cliff on the algarve coast - one of the best places in Algarve
Missed the Sun so Much!

Next stop was Ponta da Piedada, described as one of the most beautiful places at the Algarve Coast and beautiful it was. This is the place for gorgeous views and some of us were more daring than others, climbing the highest rock. At the bottom of the stairs we found some more wonders of the world! However, this is not a place beyond the crowds so wake up early if you want some private time with nature.

Found a Gorgeous Spot at Ponta Da Piedada - a must stop on any Algarve road trip
Found a Gorgeous Spot at Ponta Da Piedada

Silves – One of the Best Places in Algarve!

One must see on the Algarve coast is Silves. A true little gem up in the mountains full of the most adorable houses in different colors and with the typical Portuguese tiles. Here life is quiet and peaceful and it is easy to get lost in the myriad of streets for an hour or two. 

The cute streets of Algarve and me
Got a Crush on These Streets…

The most famous landmark is the castle of Silves. All built-in red bricks and with a 360 view of the valley.

Quite a View from Slives castle - one of the best places in Algarve!
Quite a View!

Another special feature of Silves is the storks. Apparently they have chosen this picturesque village as their favorite nest! I have never seen so many in one place before…

We had such lovely days at the windy during our Algarve road trip. A perfect mix of lazy days by the pool and some adventures. The natural beauty of this coast is something that will stay in my memory for a long time….and I have already put a road trip along the Portuguese Atlantic coast on my travel list.

Time for a Swim in the Atlantic on the Algarve coast - one of the best places in algarve
Time for a Swim in the Atlantic!


Road trips are among my favorite things in the world, and the best places in Algarve didn’t disappoint. Check out some more posts on Portugal and southern Europe!

Travel with a Silver Lining Beyond our Algarve Road Trip

Tours & Guides

Pair up an amazing Algarve road trip with a unique experience at the Portuguese capital. Through HI, HI, you can get to know the city in-depth, with in-the-know locals as guides.

Once you’re there, find the hotel of your dreams through BOOKING.COM, with options for all budgets and preferences.

If you’re looking for activities in Lisbon, the GET YOUR GUIDE city guide has you covered!

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  1. I’ve been to Portugal but never really outside of the Lisbon area. I am really considering a trip to the Algarve. It’s one of the regions I kept hearing about in high school, and your pictures really make it look fantastic.

    • Linda Reply

      Thanks dear! So beautiful so perfect for a beach vacation with some wine tasting and road trippin!

  2. Linda Reply

    Thanks dear! So beautiful so perfect for a beach vacation with some wine tasting and road trippin!

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