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The Amalfi Coast is one of the most romantic and spectacular places I have ever visited. The Amalfi Coast is a paradise for any photographer or Instagramer and a week or two here will for sure boost your social media accounts and photo collections.  Below I will share 11  amazing Amalfi Coast Instagram spots, the best Amalfi Coast photography, including my favorite Positano Instagram spots, my favorite place on the coast! Get ready for some colorful inspiration by the best photo spots on the Amalfi Coast.

During our road trip from Rome to the Amalfi Coast, we experienced the most magic and breathtaking views and had some amazing days in Positano, Amalfi, and Ravello. Read all about our Amalfi Coast Road Trip in my AMALFI COAST TRAVEL GUIDE FOR AN ULTIMATE ROAD TRIP. You can find your dream road trip hotel below!

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The Famous Positano View - One of the best Positano Instagram Spots
The Famous Positano View

My 5 Favorite Positano Instagram Spots

Positano you stole my heart is the heading of my Positano travel story and it is hard not to fall in love with this small colorful village climbing up the mountainside by the gorgeous turquoise water. A true heaven for photographers and Instagram lovers. You will find a new photo and magic Positano Instagram spots around every corner but to help you out I will share some of my favorite Positano Instagram Spots and the best photo spots on the Amalfi Coast below.

Even if you are not staying here, this gem is, as you will see below, for sure worth a visit. For a true travel with a silver lining experience book a PRIVATE TOUR FROM SORRENTO. If you ask me you will find the best Amalfi Coast Instagram spots, right here in Positano!

best photo spots Amalfi Coast: Positano by night
Positano by night

1.  The Star Among Positano Instagram Spots: The Postcard Views!

Instagram is overloaded with these Amalfi Coast Instagram spots and postcard photos, still, you never get tired of them. Positano offers the most magical Amalfi Coast photography spots. Given the many viewpoints and small streets up along the mountainside, there is always a new angle to capture to make your photo unique. I found three favorite Positano Instagram Spots.

To get a magic view of the full valley with the sea in the background take a walk up the streets towards the entrance point of Positano. Climb up the small stairs: you will find a lot of nice spots along the way and some of the best photo spots on the Amalfi Coast. Outside my favorite breakfast place  Casa e Bottega , a perfect spot with a bench (the first photo of this post) and if you climb one level up you will get a breathtaking view of the full valley.

One of my favorite Amalfi Coast Instagram Spots with the view of the picturesque Positano village and the blue sea
Positano Post Card

The Cutest Hotel…

Even though you are not staying at Le Sirenuse you must pay this red gem a visit. If not just for a minute or two to step out on the terrace. One of my favorite Positano Instagram spots for sure and a place from where many photos are taken.

View of colorful Positano from the terrace of Le Sirenuse - one of the most famous Positano Instagram Spots
One of the Most Famous Positano Instagram Spots
Hotel Le Sirenuse Positano - a gem among Positano instagram spots
The Red Gem – Le Sirenuse

Continue up the road from Le Sirenuse hotel and you will find yet another gem among Positano Instagram spots and an unforgettable view. If you are lucky the locals have put some lemons up for you for a picture-perfect photo!

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Fresh Lemons and Positano village in the background - Positano Instagram Spots
Picture Perfect Positano

2. The Picturesque Alleys of Positano – A Gem Among Amalfi Coast Instagram Spots!

Walking around Positano is not something you do without getting a bit tired. But do not let the many stairs and hills scare you as it is there you will find the most gorgeous spots among the Amalfi Coast Instagram spots! Climb up the hills and take the small alleys down to the Positano Smaller Beach. The combination of colors here is truly stunning and so many Positano Instagram spots along the way!

best photo spots Amalfi Coast: One of many cute Positano alleys, here with a stone house and a blue door
Could Not Resist This Blue Door!
A cute Positano alley on the way down to the sea - Positano Instagram Spots
On the Way to the Smaller Beach!

3. The Deep Blue Sea – A Star Among the Positano Instagram Spots!

Once down by the beach you will get your reward for the steep climbing. Positano Smaller Besch is located in a small bay and the water is as deep blue as it can get! The turquoise sea is always a great idea for some great Amalfi Coast Instagram Spots and Positano Instagram spots.

best photo spots Amalfi Coast: The Beautiful Positano Smaller Beach
The Beautiful Positano Smaller Beach

The walk along the coastline to the main beach -Positano Spiaggia – offers a lot of nice viewpoints and ones again, magic Positano Instagram spots!

Magic view from the coastline between the Positano Beaches - Magic Positano Instagram Spots
Another Positano Post Card

I’m often asked, what is the secret behind my beautiful travel photos. The answer is simple, it’s a good camera!

4. The Iconic Landmark – The  Church of Santa Maria Assunta

A famous one among Amalfi Coast Instagram spots, you will find in Positano. The Church of Santa Maria Assunta, with its golden dome, is for sure a Positano Instagram spot you have to add to your list.

Me and the Positano cathedral - Another gem of Positano Instagram spots
Trying to fit in with my purple dress

The square in front is another great viewpoint and if you like me are a pink girl. Well, then you have found another gem among Positano Instagram spots for sure!

best photo spots Amalfi Coast: A pink viewpoint in Positano - with me in my pink dress
Pink Heaven with a Magic View!

5. Breakfast with a View to Your Positano Instagram Spots Collection

You can not leave Positano without at least one breakfast with a view photo in your Amalfi Coast photography collection. Caffé Positano is a good spot for a good Instagram breakfast photo.

best photo spots Amalfi Coast: Breakfast with a View in Positano!
Breakfast with a View!

However, if you are in for a delicious breakfast  Casa e Bottega is my strongest recommendation. This place might not have the view but the design is spot on and the food amazing. For design lovers, this is one of the best Amalfi Coast Instagram spots!

If you are a foodie, you have to check out my most popular restaurant review of the 10 COOLEST HIPSTER EATERIES IN MOSCOW and all my other Hip Eatery Reviews You an also try this lovely experience: Amalfi Coast and Food Tour: from Farm to Table. On it, you’ll visit my three favourite Amalfi Coast towns for a gastronomic tour!

Positano Instagram Spots: Casa e Bottega - An instagramable cafe with delicious food
The Insta Cafe with Delicious Food

Do you want to read more about our Positano experience, then check out my Positano Travel Story!

One thing that I can strongly recommend to do is a BOAT TOUR TO CAPRI & SORRENTO. I visited Capri some years ago and it is a true luxury gem that should be seen!

My 4 Top Amalfi Instagram Spots

Amalfi, is the white shining diamond just around the corner from Positano. Still very different with one main street, much more crowded and touristic than Positano. Amalfi is one of the favorite stops of many of the cruise ships in the Mediterranean and during the daytime it is hard to get any good photos without the crowd. As always, there are some hidden gems also in Amalfi and below are my favorites. Two beyond the crowds and two that you either make sure to be an early or late bird to catch.

best photo spots Amalfi Coast: Amalfi from a distance a cloudy day!
Amalfi from a distance a cloudy day!

1. Amalfi Shine Bright Like a Diamond: A Favorite of Amalfi Coast Instagram Spots!

Amalfi from a distance, from the sea side and the roundabout just by the harbor is a fantastic sight and a favourite of mine among Amalfi Coast Instagram spots. The bright and white houses climbing the hillside is a perfect scenery for some epic photos. You just have to wait for the right moment when the crowd has left Amalfi and the perfect lightening hour is setting in! Another must for your Amalfi Coast photography collection.

best photo spots Amalfi Coast: Amalfi from the Sea Side with its white houses
Amalfi from the Sea Side!

2. The Cathedral – A Must Among Amalfi Coast Instagram Spots 

One of the most iconic landmarks in Amalfi is its cathedral, the Amalfi Cathedral. 

Of course one of the most popular Amalfi Coast Instagram spots but if you wake up early or wait until dawn is setting in you can get some truly amazing photos here. The many steps leading up to this majestic cathedral is just waiting for you to take a magic shot to your Amalfi Coast photography collection.

The majestic cathedral in Amalfi centre - a must for your Amalfi Coast photography collection
The majestic cathedral in Amalfi centre

3. A Luxury Escape @ Santa Caterina Hotel

If you are looking for  Amalfi Coast Instagram spots beyond the crowds, then  Santa Caterina hotel is the perfect hang out during day time and place for some Amalfi Coast photography. This traditional hotel has a breathtaking location. Basically hanging out over the steep cliff and at the bottom is a luxury beach club. The setting of both the hotel and the beach club will inspire you to keep your camera busy

best photo spots Amalfi Coast: A Peaceful Spot by the Sea at Santa Caterina Hotel in Amalfi
A Peaceful Spot by the Sea
best photo spots Amalfi Coast: Magic view from the balcony of Santa Caterina hotel
A Magic View, A Magic Place

4. The Hidden Gems Beyond the Main Street: A Treasure of Amalfi Coast Instagram Spots

At first glance you will find one main street and a square in Amalfi town but if you step into the narrow tunnel streets and the stairs beyond them, you will find some true hidden gems and great Amalfi Coast Instagram spots and places for your Amalfi Coast photography.

We stayed at a hip boutique hotel,  Amalfi Luxury House, located 100 meters up the mountains with the cutest hidden yard decorated in my favorite pastel colors.

Amalfi Coast Instagram Spots: A pastel color yard in Amalfi
How cute isn’t this place?
 Amalfi Coast Instagram Spots: A Cute Amalfi Yard with Lemon Trees
Lemons Outside Your Door

The hotel in itself was also an Amalfi Instagram spot with cool design and a rooftop with view of Amalfi from above!

Do you want to read more about our Amalfi experience, then check out my Amalfi Travel Story!

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Ravello – The Amalfi Coast Instagram Spots with the Most Spectacular Views 

We thought we had seen the best photo spots on the Amalfi Coast and the most magic Amalfi Coast Instagram spots during our road trip and did not have any high expectations regarding our last stop, Ravello. However,  the sights at Ravello completely took our breath away. The Ravello Instagram spots are truly one of a kind, almost better than the Positano Instagram spots!

The view from Villa Rufolo - one of the best Amalfi Coast Instagram spots
No words needed…

Read more about this gem in my Ravello Travel Story Post!

If staying in Sorrento, you could do a PRIVATE AMALFI COAST TOUR INCLUDING RAVELLO.

1. The Views from Villa Rufolo – The no 1 among the Best Photo Spots on the Amalfi Coast?

Villa Rufolo was built in the 13th century by a wealthy family which is easy to tell. Everything about this place is just stunning, from the courtyards to the design of the villa with the amazing marble floor. However, it is the view that will make your Instagram engagement rate skyrocket:)! A dream for every photographer and nature lover. A place that is even better in reality than in a photo! An absolute favorite of mine among the Amalfi Coast Instagram spots. Probably the best photo spots on the Amalfi Coast.

Magic view point at Villa Rufolo - A gem among the best photo spots Amalfi Coast
The View, the Colors…. Just Gorgeous!
Amalfi Coast Instagram Spots: Magic view and colors from Villa Rufolo in Ravello
A Ravello Post Card
Another gem among Amalfi Coast Instagram Spots! Magic view and blues with Fredrik
Another Ravello Instagram Spot!

Would you like to stay at Villa Rufolo? THEN BOOK IT HERE!

2. The Colorful & Artsy Streets

When in Ravello, do not stop at Villa Rufolo but continue exploring the streets and alleys behind the square and you will find the most amazing Amalfi Coast Instagram spots with the prettiest squares with painters, colorful houses and yards and a lot of pink houses. Similar to the Positano Instagram spots, yet different and a bit more artsy and romantic!

best photo spots Amalfi Coast: A cute square in Ravello with pink buildings and paintings from local painters.
Fell in love with this artsy pink square
best photo spots Amalfi Coast: A gorgeous narrow street in Ravello with pink houses and cobble stones
Getting lost in the narrow alleys of Ravello
Amalfi Coast Instagram Spots: Exploring the streets of ravello and all ravello instagram spots
So much to see beyond the crowds in Ravello!

Truth is that me and Fredrik were not so good at photography when we did our Amalfi Coast Road trip but as you see, this place is so beautiful so every photo you take here just turns into magic. Hope you will enjoy the Amalfi Coast Instagram spots as much as we did and that this guide will help you boost your Instagram or just your travel photos. The best photo spots on the Amalfi Coast are for sure something special!

Amalfi coast instagram spots: A gorgeous yard with a yellow old building
Can not stop taking photos here…!

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      Yes one of the most spectacular places I have been too… could not stop the camera:)!

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    Naples is a major cruise departure port where you can begin and end your cruisetour vacation. MSC Cruises and Costa Cruises both offer weekly 7 night cruises out of Naples to exciting ports of call throughout the Mediterranean. Marella Cruises (formerly Thomson Cruises) also offers 7 night cruises to exotic ports of call in the Adriatic Sea.

    I’ve already pinned your post to share with clients considering a cruise of the Mediterranean or Adriatic Sea. I’ll also share your post with my Facebook travel group. Thanks for making my job easier! Best wishes and happy travels.

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