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Peru is well known for being a country of flavors, and they all meet up in the best restaurants in Lima. In fact, Lima food is absolutely outstanding, and even little hole-in-the-wall offer amazing experiences. This is a city for those who love seafood, potatoes and even Asian fusion.

The best restaurants in Lima are for all to enjoy, and the seasoning cannot be missed. Enjoy my Lima restaurant review, and ¡buen provecho!

Delicious Food & Ingredients Everywhere

La Plazita – One of our Favorite Places to eat in Lima

For us, one of the best restaurants in Lima, Miraflores’ La Plazita, has fantastic options for every meal!

1. Food: 4

2. Drinks: 4

3. Atmosphere: 5

4. Design: 4

5. Service: 4

La Plazita’s varied menu includes many classic dishes from local cuisine, with plenty of shellfish, all incredible Lima food. You can also try their take on international fast food, as they also serve tacos, pizzas and burgers. Plus, their selection of desserts, coffee and infusions is pretty interesting – great for some afternoon sweets!

They have a good variety of liqueurs and cocktails, too, if you’re looking for a nightcap. Their Pisco Sour is a must!

Another highlight in La Plazita is the design. There’s a lot of clear wood everywhere, and a very inviting atmosphere. Plus, they have their own vegetable garden.

Lastly, the service is really good and the atmosphere invites you to hang out here and chill for hours! La Plazita has everything I am looking for in small cozy eateries; above all, incredible Lima food!

Loved the Setting & Decor
Can you ever have enough avo?
Bon apetit!

Huaca Pucllana – A Truly Special Restaurant in Lima

Among the best restaurants in Lima according to TripAdvisor, Huaca Pucllana is a must visit. It’s focused on local cuisine, with a lot of Peruvian classics!

1. Food: 4

2. Drinks: 4

3. Atmosphere: 5

4. Design: 5

5. Service: 5

This Lima food is delicious, with an interesting variety of lesser-known Peruvian dishes. Also, the different options of Pisco Sour were very tasty. Try out the passion fruit one to accompany the amazing Lima food!

I really loved the décor, too: it’s a place with lots of space, and it feels super friendly. The great service added an extra layer to one of the best restaurants in Lima.

What makes this stand out among the places to eat in Lima is its location. Next to the Huaca Pucllana Museum, the restaurant faces the ancient ruins, in a seemingly endless and fascinating terrace. Hundreds of years of history await in this culture relic of a time gone by.

Mixing History & Food

Amaz – Into the Jungle

A cozy little place, Amaz is an ode to South America’s most famous rainforest, the Amazon, offering incredible Lima food!

1. Food: 4

2. Drinks: 3

3. Atmosphere: 4

4. Design: 4

5. Service: 3

The menu at Amaz stems from Peru’s Amazonian region, and there’s a focus on taking this culture into the mainstream. While the drinks weren’t astonishing, this place gave us a new perspective on Lima food. It appears on many lists of the best restaurants in Lima, too!

The venue’s design complements Lima food to perfection, and the combination makes it one of the best restaurants in Lima. The look is also based on the Amazon, with décor heavy on wood and straw. While rustic in material, the design is exquisite, giving the restaurant a truly upscale vibe. Unfortunately, the service was a bit below my expectations.

The Magic Lima Boardwalk!

Madam Tusan – The Place to Eat Chifa Lima Food

Every Lima restaurant review needs at least one chifa entry! Chifa is the food that Chinese immigrants brought to Peru and then adapted to local flavors. Our choice to try this traditional fusion was Madam Tusan!

1. Food: 3

2. Drinks: 3

3. Atmosphere: 3

4. Design: 4

5. Service: 3

A growing restaurant chain specializing in Peruvian-Chinese fusion, this isn’t necessarily one of the best restaurants in Lima. Still, it’s a fine and safe introduction to this particular cuisine. You can definitely tell this is a chain, though: while its Lima food is good, the service isn’t very personal and the atmosphere is just okay. The design, however, is definitely interesting, with a cool mixture of both cultures in the art and general setting.

Lima – A Blend of Cultures and Colors

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