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Moscow has a little bit of everything – and a lot of great Moscow food! The best restaurants in Moscow paint a great picture of the wide gastronomic variety. There are amazing places to eat in Moscow, from luxurious rooftop dining to hip small eateries. Below you can find my favorite Russian cuisine spots. You can’t leave the city without trying at least one of the best restaurants in Moscow! Pelemenis, blinis with Russian caviar, borscht, Russian pies, beef stroganoff are all must tries and why not have a Russian vodka to drink! Hope you will enjoy this Moscow restaurant guide!

The places below are pretty popular, so make sure to book a table to try their delicious Moscow food. If possible, have a man make the reservation. Bigger groups might also need to pay in advance, though they tend to be nicer to foreigners.

Delicious russian Moscow food at Cafe Pushkin
Russian food @Cafe Pushkin

Let’s dive into Moscow food with some of the best restaurants in Moscow. And don’t forget to read my other Moscow restaurant guide, including my rooftop , hipster, international and breakfast eateries reviews! 

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1. Grand Café Dr. Zhivago – A Star Among the Best Restaurants in Moscow

1. Food: 5

2. Drinks: 5

3. Atmosphere: 4

4. Design: 4

5. Service: 4

You must try traditional Russian cuisine when visiting Moscow – a must in any Moscow restaurant guide.  There’s no better place than Dr. Zhivago! Opposite the Kremlin, this eatery is a design sweetheart for lovers of Moscow food. It’s all in classic black, white and red, with waitresses in maid-like uniforms. Modern-day Russian splendor, steps away from the Red Square!

dr zhivago café moskva russian moscow restaurants
Glamorous interior with a Russian touch!

A voyage to another time, this is one of the top Russian restaurants in Moscow with the best Moscow food. I highly recommend the pelemenes, borsch, beef stroganoff and the blinis with caviar. Besides eating, it’s a great spot for people watching. A favorite among Moscovite elites!

dr zhivago café review russian moscow restaurants
White, red and black details

2. Café Pushkin – Moscow food at Its Best!

1. Food: 4

2. Drinks: 4

3. Atmosphere: 5

4. Design: 4

5. Service: 4

A classic among places to eat, you’ll see Café Pushkin in every Moscow restaurant guide. Located in a Baroque-style mansion, the décor is very traditional, with lots of dark wood and beautiful old items. One of the oldest and most iconic eateries in Moscow, it’s practically a museum!

café pushkin
Lovely interior

Get the vibe of one of the best restaurants in Moscow by asking for a downstairs table. The menu is huge, but I’d recommend the same dishes as in Dr. Zhivago, plus the pierogi. Moscow food at its best!

Café Pushkin stands out in this Moscow restaurant guide because it’s great for lunch, dinner, and after-party. It’s open 24/7! 

Pirogi - the best Moscow food at cafe pushkin
Russian pies – the mushroom one is my favorite!

3. Turnadot – Adding Gold & Champagne All Day Long to any Moscow Restaurant Guide!

1. Food: 3

2. Drinks: 4

3. Atmosphere: 5

4. Design: 5

5. Service: 3

What makes Turnadot one of the best restaurants in Moscow isn’t so much its Moscow food: it’s the setting. A splendorous place full of gold and beautiful old chandeliers, it screams luxury.

Their brunch is a little expensive among Moscow food choices, but the atmosphere and experience are worthwhile. Plus, the champagne is ever-flowing: you’ll get as much as you want! One of the places to eat in Moscow you shouldn’t miss! The luxury gem in this Moscow restaurant guide!

Turnadot restaurant the golden star in any Moscow restaurant guide
Dining in gold @Turnadot

4. Voronezh – The Meat Paradise

1. Food: 4

2. Drinks: 4

3. Atmosphere: 4

4. Design: 4

5. Service: 3

Among the best restaurants in Moscow, Voronezh stands out for its dual concept. With traditional Russian cuisine upstairs, downstairs it’s a radically different vibe: a burger joint, so unique in this Moscow restaurant guide! All-around, it’s a high-end meat restaurant with its own meat market, with a great offer of Moscow food.

Voronezh restaurant moscow - the meat expert of any Moscow restaurant guide

There are two Voronezh venues, but my favorite is opposite Christ the Savior Cathedral. The fancier upper floor there is decorated like a Russian home, which makes for a very cosy experience. The rooftop is also great in the summer, with a great view of the landmark while enjoying some delicious Moscow food!

5. Erwin – The Luxury Seafood Gem!

1. Food: 4

2. Drinks: 4

3. Atmosphere: 4

4. Design: 4

5. Service: 4

If you are into seafood with a Russian touch, Erwin offers the ultimate dinner by the river experience. A seafood restaurant with nightly entertainment below the Radisson Royal Hotel, it’s the perfect spot for fish lovers. Their menu is huge and very varied and offers high-quality Moscow food! 

The service and vibe are fantastic, a great white dining experience, perfect for lunch, brunch or dinner. One the best restaurants in Moscow and of course a star in this Moscow restaurant guide.

Erwin restaurant Moscow - the paradise of delicious moscow food and seafood
Seafood Paradise!

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      Ha ha, yes mayo they love but their local food is so much more than that and really tasty!

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