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As the largest and most cosmopolitan city in the Baltic region, Riga offers a pretty interesting variety of international foods, and sushi, in particular, is making its wave into the city’s heart! Still, if you’re looking to really get to know how the locals live, there are a lot of Latvian cuisine restaurants where you can try the local flavors. Hope you enjoy my Riga Restaurant Guide and try out some of the best restaurants in Riga! You might even come across the best cafe in Riga.

Sink your teeth into my favorite eateries of the Latvian capital, plus the best cafe in Riga. But before that, here’s a few things to take into account for your trip!

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Best Restaurants In Riga

Restaurant 3 

Food: 4

Drinks: 4

Atmosphere: 3

Design: 3

Service: 5

If you’re committed to natural and organic products,Restaurant 3 is for you. The restaurant serves Latvian food the old fashioned way: using local ingredients without extra chemicals, without wasting anything. And the result is delicious, on par with the best restaurants in Riga. I loved their smoked goat cheese and Wagyu beef, as well as their delicious hot rhubarb and cranberry drink!

Delicious starter..

The design is really warm with rustic undertones and the atmosphere is fairly cool, not unlike entering the best cafe in Riga. However, aside from the food, what really makes this place special is its friendly and professional service, the mark of the best restaurants in Riga.

Cozy design & interior - Restaurant 3
Cozy design & interior of one of the best restaurants in Riga



Tris Pavari 

Food: 4

Drinks: 4

Atmosphere: 4

Design: 4

Service: 4

Known as the Three Chefs, Tris Pavari’s focus is precisely that: the fact that all meals are prepared by three cooks, Mārtinš Sirmais, Artūrs Trinkuns, and Ēriks Dreibants. With a very relaxed atmosphere, this place has a very pleasant, hipster-inspired design. It’s a great match for the open-air kitchen they’re famous for!

 However, it the was food’s presentation that really did the trick for me. The entrées came served on paper, giving the impression of a beautiful work of art, crafted with such care.

Here I experienced one of the best restaurants in Riga, as I continued my search for the best cafe in Riga!

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Tris Pavari – Best Riga Restaurants
Creative starter…



Food: 5

Drinks: 4

Atmosphere: 4

Design: 4

Service: 4

Due to its close proximity to Sweden, Latvia has historically had very strong ties with Scandinavia, and Muusu is very aware of that connection. With a Norse design and chef, this 3-story restaurant with brick walls, which offers an exceptional culinary experience, is really popular. We went there for a quiet lunch, but we could tell the ambiance is pretty romantic in the evenings!

This entry among the best restaurants in Riga also has a bar with stools by the windows. It’s a perfectly cozy spot to try some of their yummy food and drinks while engaging in a bit of people-watching.


Best Cafe in Riga

Art Café Sienna

Food: 3

Drinks: 4

Atmosphere: 4

Design: 4

Service: 4

Located in the heart of Riga’s Art Nouveau district, Art Café Sienna is a feast for the eyes and a strong contender for best cafe in Riga. The decoration is a dream in its romantic style, with a lot of old chaises and cupboards that give it the feel of a period movie. There are even lots of inspiring books lying around!

Their sweets and pastries are limited, but with lots of types of coffee, tea and other drinks, what you expect from the best cafe in Riga. The service was great and super personal, and the atmosphere was very relaxed. A cozy little gem that deserves a spot among the best restaurants in Riga!

Restaurant Review Riga
Travel back in time…
Restaurant Review Riga
Tea time…


Parunasim – Café

Food: 4

Drinks: 4

Atmosphere: 5

Design: 5

Service: 4

One of the best restaurants in Riga for visitors with a sweet tooth! Parunasim Café is marketed as the best cafe in Riga for couples, and I must say I agree. In fact, we came to this place 3 times when we were in town! The upper floor keeps the rough walls and interior and mixes it with old and beautiful furniture.

Parunasim Café
Table by the window in the upper floor…

This contender for the best cafe in Riga has two floors and an outdoor area for the nicer and warmer days of the year. The design is enchanting and with an Amélie-like quality to it, mixing styles and clearly made with a lot of love.

While they serve alcohol, they also have a nice selection of coffee, tea and amazing hot cocoa with marshmallows – and, of course, the sweets! With homemade cookies, cakes, macaroons, one strong point for the best cafe in Riga is that it’s meant for dessert lovers.

The atmosphere is about as sweet as their products, which makes for what may be the best cafe in Riga!

Restaurant Review Riga
The best cafe in Riga is also cute from the outside



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