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My Complete Tbilisi Travel Guide & Top 10 Things to Do in Georgia’s Magical Capital!

The Georgian capital is a growingly popular tourist destination and with good reason. A gem among Eastern European or rather Eurasian cities, to visit Tbilisi is to walk among millennia of history! Georgian history dates back to millennia before Christ, and there are traces of this rich heritage everywhere. There are so many things to do in Tbilisi. Hope you will enjoy My Complete Tbilisi Travel Guide!

Read all about my favorite spots in this shabby chic little city in this Tbilisi travel guide. Below you will find all you need to know before traveling here, including How to Get Here, Where to Stay, Where To Eat and Top 10 Things to Do in Tbilisi.

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Tbilisi Travel Guide: Gorgeous architecture in the old town!
Gorgeous architecture in the old town!

There are so many things to do in Tbilisi, with its hip venues and fascinating architecture. There’s an incredible mix of periods, from the Middle Ages to Soviet years and contemporary times. As a consequence, it’s a magical city for design lovers, and there is also one of my favorite boutique hotel located – The  Rooms Hotel. Easily one of the best hotels in Tbilisi Georgia, and a gem of this Tbilisi travel guide!

Tbilisi Travel Guide: Visit or stay at the Rooms Hotel
One of many hip Tbilisi Spots – The Rooms Hotel!

There’s much to experience when you’re visiting this capital, including hotels in Tbilisi Georgia.  Make sure you discover it all, with the help of this Tbilisi travel guide. Get Your Guide offers a lot of great and fun tours. HAVE A LOOK AT ALL THE TOURS AND BOOK THEM HERE.

Tbilisi travel guide: Fabrika street art
Tbilisi is a truly artsy city with lots of cool hipster spots!

Tbilisi Travel Guide: Falling in love with Georgia

Although small, Georgia is full of wonder, and the things to do in Tbilisi and its surroundings include Black Sea beaches to UNESCO sites. The landscapes and cultural offerings in this beautiful country are particularly varied when considering how small it is.

Tbilisi from Iveria rooftop!
Tbilisi from Iveria rooftop!

While Eastern Europe is known for being cold and dark, the Georgian climate is more benign. The country has a vibrant feel to it and, of course, the food and wine are amazing. It’s sort of the Italy of Eastern Europe, and the multiple things to do in Tbilisi are proof of that. I really hope my Tbilisi travel guide can serve as an inspiration to visit and feel the wonder, from restaurants to hotels in Tbilisi Georgia!

Tbilisi Travel Guide: How to Get Here?

Any Tbilisi travel guide will tell you that the Tbilisi International Airport is fairly small, and about 20 to 30 minutes away from the city center. It receives flights from most Balkan capitals, plus some cities in Western Europe and the Middle East. Be sure to look up flights around you before deciding on which things to do in Tbilisi.

Tbilisi Travel Guide: Gorgeous architecture at the opera house
Hello Tbilisi! Love your style!

As Tbilisi keeps appearing on Cities to Visit lists, it is not a surprise that the airport is growing, as are the things to do in Tbilisi. I am sure that the number of direct flights will increase in the coming years. In other words, this Tbilisi travel guide could end up getting updated in the airport section!

Tbilisi Travel Guide: The famous Baths
The famous Baths…

I can highly recommend considering a transfer from the airport in advance to reach the hotels in Tbilisi Georgia. THIS IS A PRIVATE TRANSFER FROM THE AIRPORT TO YOUR DESTINATION, BOOK IT HERE.

 Where to Stay? Hotels in Tbilisi Georgia

The Rooms Hotel

Once a publishing house, this beautiful boutique hotel in Tbilisi is made for design lovers, you should add staying here to your list of things to do in Tbilisi. The Rooms offers a fully hipster vibe, unique among hotels in Tbilisi Georgia, blending industrial chic design with Manhattanite sensibilities and details. There’s a really eclectic and well thought-out mix of industrial with soft details, and old with new. Much like the city outside its gates, The Rooms is a place of style contrasts – and they definitely work in its favor!

Welcome to the Rooms Hotel Tbilisi
Welcome to the Rooms Hotel!

A bigger boutique hotel than usual

With 125 rooms in total, there are 9 types of rooms with varying amenities, all inspired by the original building. For one of the top boutique hotels in Tbilisi Georgia, the place is pretty big! Some rooms offer mini-bars with cocktail recipe books, for those looking to bring some DIY mixology to their trip. Other rooms include gorgeous terraces with a view of the city, and different beds, depending on the guests. Each room includes furniture with details in leather, plus a wooden writing desk for when inspiration strikes.

Cool hipster-inspired rooms

I really liked the in-house restaurant of this darling among hotels in Tbilisi Georgia: The Kitchen. Although I only had breakfast here, I loved the strong New York vibe and the effort on superb presentation. The menu combines healthy meals with more traditional Georgian cuisine, with some great options at the wine bar. 

This looks delicious

Generally speaking, their drinks and wine selection is outstanding! If you want to go beyond my Tbilisi travel guide, you can read more about it on my Tbilisi Boutique Hotel review.

If luxury hotels in Tbilisi Georgia are your jam, staying at The Rooms should definitely be on your list of things to do in Tbilisi! BOOK IT HERE!

Eating & Drinking – Where?

Eat and drink should be on the top of your list of things to do in Tbilisi! Georgia is a country of flavors, and every Tbilisi travel guide will first recommend you to try everything. The food is among the most iconic in the region, with plenty of great local wines to choose from. I’d tried Georgian wines before, but the selection outside the country is limited; once in town, there are many more.

Tbilisi Travel Guide: Churchkela in Tbilisi

Tbilisi is one of those places where you can find an otherworldly culinary experience in any corner. Prepare your nose and taste buds for some serious deliciousness! Trying out some Khachapuri and khinkali should be one of the first things to do in Tbilisi! 

Tbilisi Travel Guide: Delicious Khinkali & Khachapuri
Delicious Khinkali & Khachapuri

These were some of the places that made eating an otherworldly foodie experience, unique in this Tbilisi travel guide. Add them to your things to do in Tbilisi!

Arthouse Tbilisi

Arthouse Tbilisi is a completely new concept in the Georgian capital: the first clubhouse in town. It has three incredible restaurants: Kharcho, for Georgian white dining; Brasserie Buvette, for fancy European flavors; and Publica, with flavors and design inspired by New York City.

Kharcho restaurant tbilisi
Fancy some Georgian fine dining at Kharcho?
Publica restaurant Tbilisi
Or some relaxed NY vibes at Publica? Your choice”!

Keto & Kote

One of my favorites, Keto & Kote is a relatively new restaurant located in what was once an old house. There’s still a lot of the original house, which was rich in wood, windows and had a lot of plants. Its Georgian balconies and corbels add to its old charm, although the newer parts are very modern. Contemporary personality and old history, just like the city – which is one of the reasons it should be among your things to do in Tbilisi!

Tbilisi Travel Guide: Gorgeous architecture in the old town!
One of many gorgeous houses in Vera neighborhood

Located in Vera, it’s a little hidden: you might need some help from your GPS app to find it. The trip is worth it, though: their traditional dishes from the western Georgian region of Samegrelo are outstanding. This place is growing in popularity, so if adding it to your things to do in Tbilisi, it might be a good idea to book ahead. 


Another Vera jewel, Lolita is the new kid in town on the Tbilisi nightlife. At a time a restaurant, a bar, a lounge, and a nightclub, this place is growing in popularity. At Vera and right across the street from The Rooms, they serve a modern/international menu with a Georgian touch. Very unique flavors, and a great addition to your list of things to do in Tbilisi!

Tbilisi Travel Guide: The Hip Lolita restaurant
Everyone enjoying the food

As for the design, I quickly fell in love with it, starting with the building’s pseudo-Gothic façade. This hipster heaven has an open kitchen and a lovely backyard-turned-terrace with large wooden tables. It feels kind of like a chic picnic, and I loved having it as one of my things to do in Tbilisi! The cobblestone walls set up the environment outside, making a great contrast with the very modern outdoor kitchen. Cute hanging lamps, black & white floors, and cute plants finish the look.

places to eat in Tbilisi

The inside part feels more like a conventional bar/lounge with strong lights at nighttime. All-around, a great place to feel the beat of the city when it comes to things to do in Tbilisi!

Iveria Terrace

On the second floor of the Radisson Blu, this is a great place to unwind after a long day. Without a doubt, the best part of the Iveria Terrace is its view of the city and the Mtkavi River.

Tbilisi travel guide: Magical view from the Iveria Terrace!
Tbilisi – the city of contrasts! – Magical view from the Iveria Terrace!

An Italian restaurant, the food, and drinks are okay, but the spectacle of its panoramic view is worth the trip. The experience of sitting back and letting the wind and sun do their thing should be one of the main things to do in Tbilisi! This is a seasonal restaurant that’s only open in the more touristic times of the year, between May and October. A great atmosphere and view, it’s the perfect end to a day of getting to know Tbilisi.

hotels in tbilisi georgia
The best spot for a magic view!

During the evenings, Iveria turns into a nightclub and a DJ spins the night away. Add partying the night away to your list of things to do in Tbilisi!


A small and cozy restaurant with a very cool and modern design, Culinarium/Khasheria took my heart and stomach. Eating here quickly became one of my favorite things to do in Tbilisi! This place offers an experimental and healthy menu with Georgian and European undertones. The chef, Tekuna Gachechiladze, calls its food “Georgian, anti-hangover cuisine”!

Culinarium/Khasheria, hotels in tbilisi georgia
The night isn’t complete with a glass of wine

The design is nice and fresh. Although the place is small and cozy, the broad rustic wooden tables and the Mediterranean hues make it seem broader. The design is very modern, with a lot of blues and turquoises, so it feels hip and homey. As you can imagine, one of my fave things to do in Tbilisi was really soaking up the design and vibe of each place!

While the food is excellent and unique, the atmosphere in this place is also particularly pleasant. Of course, as I’ve come to expect from Georgia, the service was outstanding: both friendly and professional. Foodies should certainly add a visit to their list of things to do in Tbilisi.

My Favorite Things to Do in Tbilisi

There are so many things to do in Tbilisi: this growing destination has a very distinct kind of magic. In many ways, particularly when it comes to architecture, the Georgian capital is a city of contrasts. A city of hospitable people, fine dining and centuries of history, Tbilisi is always a dream come true! 

Tbilisi travel guide: Off the beaten paths - a cute inner yard
Exploring Tbilisi off the beaten paths!

1.  Get lost in the streets and backyards of the Old City

Although Tbilisi has been destroyed and rebuilt a few dozen times, a lot of the Old City still stands. This area is full of ancient churches, beautiful old balconies, and boutiques of all kinds.

Loved getting to know local handcraft

Here, you’ll find remains of how the city has looked throughout the centuries, ranging from Medieval to Art Nouveau. You won’t run out of things to do in Tbilisi here.

tbilisi travel gude: a beautiful building in the old part
Dare to open the doors and hidden gems like this awaits!

To see the best parts step into the many yards or open the doors and you will be surprised by all hidden gems in this hood. 

Want to discover more? Get picked up from your hotel and BOOK THIS DAY TRIP TO ARMENIA.

2. Have a bath or just admire the beautiful setting

Visit the baths! Famous throughout the region, Georgia sulfur baths are the best way to relax while getting in touch with nature. They’re right outside the Old City, they are gorgeous inside and out and one of the most unmissable things to do in Tbilisi! 

The pretty baths

Walk right beside the river, surrounded by green, and then enter these magical baths from a gone era. The architecture, in tune with Byzantine sensibilities, is a thing to behold.

Things to do in Tbilisi: Visit the baths & waterfalls
Hello Mother Nature!

3. Enjoy the scenery from the Bridge of Peace

The Georgian capital has many faces and it’s a city full of contrasts, which is why there are so many things to do in Tbilisi. Crossing the river from the Old City side and you will find another type of neighborhood.

The Modern Landmark – The Bridge of Peace!

What can be a better way to change scenery than by crossing the new landmark built in 2010 – the Bridge of Peace. Even though controversial, it has almost a magnetic effect. Its contemporary steel and glass design, the view and its 1208 LED light installation, attract people day and night. See the first photo of this Tbilisi Travel Guide. Visiting should be on your list of things to do in Tbilisi, so you can make your own mind about it!

On the other side awaits a beuatiful garden – The Rike Park with the modern Rike Concert Hall!

Things to do in tblisi: The beautiful Rike Park in bloom!
The beautiful Rike Park in bloom!

4. Become mesmerized by Narikala’s Legacy

Visiting Narikala Fortress is one of the most essential places on this Tbilisi travel guide. First built to protect the city back in the 4th century, it has undergone numerous reconstructions over the centuries. Millennia later, Narikala stands proudly overlooking the Georgian capital, a symbol of its rich past.

things to do in Tbilisi: Visiting Narikala Fortress
Had to snap a photo with the castle in the background!

Hike up through the Narikala Tourist route, a scenic path that begins at the Botanical Gardens. As you exercise and see nature and history, it’s one of the coolest things to do in Tbilisi!

5. Take a break at artsy Fabrika 

If you like street art, then you should cross the river and visit the German hoods and hip Fabrika . Once a Soviet sewing factory, now an urban hot spot for locals and travelers looking for a creative and artsy oasis.

hotels in tbilisi georgia
Artsy Fabrika

We had a healthy lunch, got some well-deserved rest after a long day and left full of inspiration. The cool design in the lobby and the colorful street art in this hood makes visiting one of the most worthwhile things to do in Tbilisi.

6. Taste some delicious Georgian wine

In terms of wine, Georgia is a bit like Eastern Europe’s Italy: a paradise for wine lovers. Having tasted Georgian wine in Moscow, I must admit that I was not impressed as I am not a fan of sweet or semi-sweet wine. Luckily I learned that Georgia also has drier options and some bottles made it to my wine shelf at home! Around the corner of Fabrika, is one of the best wine tasting places in town – The Wine Gallery. All wine lovers should include a visit to their list of things to do in Tbilisi.

Cool vibe at the Wine Gallery Georgia
Cool vibe at the Wine Gallery

7. Stroll around shabby chic Vera

Vera is one of the key downtown neighborhoods, and it’s delicious to walk around there. One of the oldest neighborhoods in town, most of my favorite things to do in Tbilisi are located here. The neighborhood thrives with hip little eateries, and the bohemian and artsy crowd hangs out here. Get lost in this shabby chic neighborhood of old, where art seems to await in every corner.

things to do in Tbilisi: A hidden beauty in the Vera district!
A hidden beauty in the Vera district!

Some of the highlights of this Tbilisi travel guide are in Vera, including The Rooms Hotel and Lolita!

8. Gaze into the best things to do in Tbilisi from above

The Georgian capital stands on a mountainside, so it offers plenty of incredible opportunities to see it from above.

Things to do in Tbilisi: take the cable car up to the top!
Time to get up on the mountain for a unforgettable view!

For the most breathtaking snaps of town, ride the city tramway up the Trialeti mountain range. The cable car only takes a few minutes up and it will leave you right next to Narikala Fortress, with beautiful pictures on the way. Just use the local metro card for it and enjoy an unmatchable 360-degree view of the town!

tbilisi travel guide: Beautiful views from the cabin!
Beautiful views from the cabin!

9. End a busy day at Arthouse Tbilisi

Once you’ve walked up and down the city like a champ, you deserve a break – and there’s no better place for it than Arthouse Tbilisi. While I mentioned its three restaurants above, the whole concept behind Arthouse is that it’s an all-encompassing experience. You can spend an entire day here, between the gym, health club, and the lovely rooftop. Take an evening to relax and enjoy the scenery – you’ve earned it!

Read more about Arthouse Tbilisi in my post, right here!

10. Travel back in time to the UNESCO Site – Mtskheta

Just a 30-minute drive from Tbilisi stands Mtskheta, an ancient city and UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s one of the essential things to do in Tbilisi!

Once the capital of the Georgian Kingdom of Iberia, this magical old city is full of sacred places, and a must visit among things to do in Tbilisi. Some highlights include the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral and the Jvari Monastery, both from the Early Middle Ages.

tbilisi travel guide: Mtsheka church
Middle age history at Svetitskhoveli Cathedral!

 Mtskheta is one of the oldest cities in Georgia, and arguably the most important in the local Orthodox church. It’s also a natural spectacle, surrounded by mountains and with the Black Sea as a background – like a postcard!

Tbilisi Travel Guide: Jvari Monastery, Georgia
Jvari Monastery – What a sight!

A definite must visit for those enamored with cultural heritage sites, and one of the most breathtaking things to do in Tbilisi. Check out my Mtskheta travel story!

I can highly recommend visiting Mtskheta, it’s so beautiful. HERE’S A PRIVATE TOUR OF MTSKHETA WITH A GUIDE THAT WILL HELP YOU SEE EVERYTHING! BOOK IT HERE.

In all…

Tbilisi, you had me at Hellow! The Georgian capital is one of my favorite destinations and I am sure you will enjoy all the incredible things to do in Tbilisi! Make sure to visit it before the crowd come here!

Tbilisi Travel Guide: Street view
Bye, bye Tbilisi – See you soon!

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