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Do you dream of waking up to the sound of the waves and the clash of a gong? Opening the door to your bungalow to receive the sun with open arms, while surrounded by palm trees and with the smell of freshly made ginger tea filling up the air. Truly rising slowly, bringing life to your body as you take a morning stroll along the nearly-deserted beach. Witnessing the idyllic scene of fishermen pulling up their boats after their morning work, as sand rests between your toes. Welcome to the Soul Space Goa, the best yoga retreat in India!

Cola beach India: Soul Space Retreat - Best yoga retreat in India
Hello Paradise!

Suddenly, the beach fills up with marvellous yoga music and, even if you’re not a morning person, a smile spreads across your lips. It’s time for today’s first workout on the mat. Your first meeting of the day with yourself to land in your body, to explore, feel and continue your self-discovery journey. A week in Soul Space Goa can only be described as magic for your body, mind, and soul!

Looking Ahead at Soul Space Goa

My first experience with Soul Space, in the Stockholm archipelago, only made my expectations for the Goa days soar. This was a weekend that changed my life in endless ways, giving me the tools I needed to be comfortable in my big life change. I had moved from gigantic Moscow to my small hometown, Kalmar, taking a break from my fast career and lifestyle to think about what to do next. 

Cola beach - The best yoga retreat India
Slowing down, arriving here and now! Photo by the amazing @thisisvalence

As I boarded the first of the two planes that would take me to the best yoga retreat Goa, I felt calm but curious. Where would this week take me? Would I experience Soul Space Goa as I did in Stockholm six months earlier, with the same powerful experiences and insights? Or was there more to discover within me?

Cola Beach – A Wonderful Little Oasis

The second I opened the door to my bungalow, I knew that coming to Soul Space Goa was the right call. All fatigue disappeared, along with any lingering doubts about travelling here… alone. 

best yoga retreat Goa: cola beach
Welcome to Cola Beach!

Cola Beach turned out to be a wonderful little oasis, and the perfect introduction to the best yoga retreat Goa. This small private beach in a small bay in India’s South Goa had golden brown sand, palm trees, and cliffs as long as the eye could see. Still, it was the atmosphere that made this place unique. 

best yoga retreat Goa: cola beach
To the sounds of the waves…

There’s a sense of harmony and calm here I hadn’t experienced anywhere else before. Cola Beach exhumes yoga, recovery, and meditation… but there’s also a depth and a promise of something greater than yourself. Something that invites you to reflection and tranquility. 

Cola beach goa
Could I please stay all day?

The owner, Pardeshi, has succeeded in the art of creating a yoga paradise that complements nature. The simple and functional bungalows and yoga shalas stand among the palm trees overlooking the sea. There’s no need for luxury in a place like this: nature is your host, and so you surrender to her. The sun, beach, sea, and palm trees sing the same song.

The Highlight of the Day: The Soul Flow at the Best Yoga Retreat Goa

After spending some time in the sunbeds, we all meet again on the yoga mat before lunch… and it’s the best time of the day. Two hours of playful and liberating Soul Flow, mixing dance, shaking and chakra breathing to open up. This joyful combination is part of what makes this the best yoga retreat Goa, as you’re encouraged to dare to go further. We let go, we get in touch with ourselves. And then, we land in the second stage, a beautiful yet more controlled yoga flow.

best yoga retreat Goa: cola beach
Yoga among the palm trees with the sea as our view!

Josefine, the founder of Soul Space Goa, leads her classes in a unique way. Her honesty and vulnerability shine through, together with a full presence at the moment. All of these qualities help you come into contact with the innermost parts of yourself, staying in the present, releasing all thoughts of what has been and will be. Yoga to the sound of the waves, with a view of the beach; an unforgettable experience. 

Soul Space Yoga Retreat India Goa
Sunset Yoga

Each day has a theme and one or more personal questions based on our energy center or chakra. These questions provide you with a structure and a thread to follow throughout the week. They’ll help you understand why you act the way you do, finding insight into the future. What kind of relationship do you have with your body, to your feelings? Essential questions that we seldom ask ourselves. 

Soul Space Yoga Retreat Goa India - Evening Meditation
Evening Meditation

Time and Silence, The Best Presents You Can Give Yourself

Time. In our fast-moving society, we have too little of it. The more we stress, the less time we have, the smaller our world becomes. However, here at the best yoga retreat Goa, time feels infinite. You have time to reflect, to listen to your thoughts instead of pushing them aside, to truly inhabit your body. You have the time to truly feel your feelings. Just what you need to continue your self discovery journey. A priceless gift to yourself!

Soul Space Goa: meditation
Time… such a precious gift! Photo by the amazing @thisisvalence

Silence, the second gift. When in Soul Space Goa, the day starts in silence and continues that way until lunch. I admit that the first time I did this, in Stockholm, it was a little strange and scary. In Cola Beach, it was just magical. Silence allows for rest and inner reflection. Silence from and for you, without any imposed loneliness, as you’re surrounded by wonderful people.

Soul Space Goa: beach walk
Enjoying the silence

Ayurvedic Food for Body & Soul at the Best Yoga Retreat Goa

The last time I was in India, my stomach responded so badly I had to be hospitalised upon returning home. After that, I was understandably nervous about how I’d feel this time around. However, my concerns were unjustified, as my stomach never felt better than it did on Cola Beach.

Soul Space Goa: ayurvedic food
Healthy Ayurveda food every day!

One of the things that makes this the best yoga retreat Goa is its team. Everyone is absolutely wonderful, and they seem to truly love what they’re doing. They are always willing to lend a hand with a smile on their lips. It was such a joyful feeling that it even permeated into the food.

Soul Space Goa: ayurvedic food
Just delicious!

Lunch and dinner were served with rice, naan bread and three or four small bowls of Indian vegetarian dishes. Respecting nature, everything was made from local and organic ingredients, with exquisite flavours. My mouth waters just thinking about the food on my week on Soul Space Goa…

Sunsets, Mantras & Deserted Beaches

Each evening at Soul Space Goa offered a myriad of spectacles, natural and man-made. The sunsets were dreamy, followed by calm passive yin yoga. 

sunset at cola beach in goa india
A natural spectacle!

At night, the best yoga retreat Goa had mantra evenings with fantastic Sofia, or kundalini yoga on a deserted beach with lovely Martina. The icing on the cake? Dinner on the beach in front of a crackling fire.

Soul Space Goa: sunset meditation
Breathe in, breathe out!

The Best Yoga Retreat Goa for Meetings with Ourselves 

While the Soul Space Goa retreat is fully focused on you, we had many nice and heartfelt meetings with others during the week. Our group was a mixed bag of ages and backgrounds… with one thing in common. We all came to Cola Beach to develop, explore, meet ourselves and find the tools to make a change in our lives, whether big or small.

Soul Space Yoga Team
The Amazing Soul Space Team – Sofia, Josefin & Martina!

One of the things that makes this the best yoga retreat Goa is its ability to build connections. Meetings and discussions had external things like careers and living spaces play a secondary role. Instead, we all shared our deepest thoughts and secrets in a surprisingly natural way. It was unusual yet so lovely, meeting people in-depth, meaningfully, stripped down of all extras like context, prejudice or preconceived opinions.

Soul Space Goa: yoga meetings
We are all different, but with the same vision of being here

A Fantastic Transformation

We all met at Cola Beach’s Soul Space Goa. Many of us were tired, jet-lagged, curious and even worried about where the week would take us. Some wanted to develop their yoga, others to continue their journey. Some carried around a lot of baggage, others were just curious. We had plenty of reasons to be there, and all of us came out of it transformed. It was a fantastic journey to take part in, in time, silence and fellowship.

Soul Space Goa: sunset evening
That feeling… Photo by the amazing @thisisvalence

We said goodbye with shimmering eyes, hopeful futures, news dreams, and insights. Decisions that seemed impossible before the retreat were now calming and obvious. One by one, each of my new friends left with a glimmer in their eye, longing to come home to implement the insights and promises learned in India. 

best yoga retreat Goa: meditation
Time to say good bye…

Me, I stayed. For once, I chose a re-bookable ticket, and I made the decision to extend my stay on day 2. I checked into a bungalow at Pardeshi, 100 meters away, to take everything in and melt into my thoughts. I did yoga with local visitors, visited the cute neighbouring Agonda village, with its big beach and healthy Instagram cafés. Above all, I wanted to enjoy this little Indian paradise for a few more days.

You’ll find plenty of yoga camps to choose from but Soul Space is, to me, the best yoga retreat Goa. The girls have created a truly unique, heartfelt and personal environment.

Josefine, Martina, and Sofia: thank you, thank you, thank you for creating these little oases in India, Stockholm, and France. I’m already longing for my next retreat to come!

Sunset cola beach goa
Bye Bye Cola Beach! Hope to see you in a year!

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