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There are few beaches in the world quite as iconic as Bondi. The number one surfer paradise in Sydney, there are endless things to do in Bondi Beach. A magically chill place, it’s full of hip restaurants and cafés and cute boutiques – yet there’s more than meets the eye. Some of the loveliest Bondi Beach Instagram spots are on its surrounding areas, in quieter places like Tamarama and Bronte. Still, everywhere you go in this area, the mood invites you to relax and surrender to the sound of the waves!

You can easily spend a week or two in Bondi, staying in one of the many cute Airbnbs in the area. There’s something very relaxing about this place, with its numerous picture-perfect spots and surfer vibe. 

Bondi Beach Instagram Spot: Tamarama Beach
Feeling the breeze at Tamarama Beach

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The Ultimate Bondi Beach Instagram Spot by the Waves

Most things to do in Bondi Beach revolve around, you guessed it – the beach! Enjoy the waves and get to know some of the loveliest places in the area.

1. Chill Vibes at Bondi Beach

The one and only Bondi Beach Instagram spot: the beach itself. Bring a blanket and enjoy the local vibe!

Bondi Beach Instagram Spot: Bondi beach
Beach with a view or the other way around..:)!

Find the coolest Insta-ready places just above the Icebergs Club. Perfect to snap this place from above!

2. A Classic Hangout: Bondi Icebergs Club

A local institution, visiting and taking snaps are among the essential things to do in Bondi Beach. A winter swimmers club that’s been around for nearly a century, it’s open for guests to visit and take pics. There’s a pretty impressive outdoor salt pool next to the wild sea, but you don’t have to swim if you’re not into it. I definitely recommend having lunch with a view here – while the food isn’t great, the vibe and landscape are.

Bondi Beach Instagram Spot: icebergs club
One of the most well known places in Bondi, definitely worth a visit
Bondi Beach Instagram Spot: icebergs club
Maybe a bit too cold for a dip in the pool, but have lunch with a view!

3. Surfer’s Paradise

If you’re looking to start up surfing, this is obviously the place to do it. Here, you’ll find the local lifestyle revolves around surfing. Sydney locals start their days in the waves, and then in the afternoon change back to surfer shorts and off they go again.

Bondi Beach Instagram Spot: surfers paradise
I wish I could surf like this! Can you?
things to do in Bondi Beach: go surfing
Even if you can’t surf, this is a beautiful beach to just chill and enjoy the view

If you can’t bring yourself to try this out by yourself, it’s still a prime Bondi Beach Instagram spot, truly getting the place’s vibe!

Top Things to Do in Bondi Beach: Walk from Bondi to Coogee

You’ll find some of the most beautiful Bondi Beach Instagram spots by stepping slightly away from Bondi and into nearby places. Walking from Bondi to Coogee is a must when you’re in the area, and it’s absolutely essential to have your camera ready! Walk by the majestic coastline and go face to face with the rocks, dramatic cliffs and the wild ocean. You’ll pass lots of cute little beach towns while you go by!

things to do in Bondi Beach: walk from Bondi to coogee
This is just the beginning…
things to do in Bondi Beach: coogee
So fascinated by all of the surroundings here

Google Maps will tell you the walk is 2 hours long, but if you’re planning to take snaps as you go, plan at least double that time. Take your sweet time and enjoy each place, as this is definitely where you’ll find the most Instagrammable places in Bondi Beach. 

things to do in Bondi Beach: coogee walk
Beautiful walk

A few tips: start early to avoid crowds and have the scenery all by yourself. Check the weather forecast before you leave, as Aussie weather is a little unpredictable – we had a sunny blue sky that suddenly turned rainy after a swim! 

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4. The Magic Begins: From Bondi to Tamarama

Start your walk turning around the corner from Icebergs Club – and see the magic begin. Here, you’ll find incredible viewpoints over the ocean, including those famous rock formations you always see in Aussie surfer movies. Once you’ve reached the point where Bronte Beach becomes visible, you’ll have a postcard pic on your camera’s memory!

things to do in Bondi Beach: tamarama beach

5.  The Tamarama Beach Hideout

Narrow and small, Tamarama Beach feels like a hidden secret, and it’s perhaps my favorite Bondi Beach Instagram spot. White sand, turquoise water and the wind shaking the waves into the rocks – a beach perfect place. Be sure your camera (or phone!) is well charged for this, as you won’t want to miss this magical place. If you want to make a stop and enjoy the sights, there’s a small café right here.

things to do in Bondi Beach: tamarama beach
After all of the photos, relax and enjoy the beach!

6. Breakfast with a View at Bronte Beach

Bigger than Tamarama, Bronte is just as beautiful as the beach before it. A popular surf point, it’s also a little more popular, so you’ll find a row of cafés further up. Have some brunch and take some snaps!

things to do in Bondi Beach: bronte beach
Hello Bronte Beach!

7. The Gorgeous Bronte Rock Pool

Quite possibly the ultimate Bondi Beach Instagram spot along this course, it’s a natural salt pool. Created by Mother Earth, the views here are breathtaking, as you can swim next to the wild Pacific Ocean, surrounded by gorgeous rock formations. Enjoy your swim.

things to do in Bondi Beach: bronte rock pool
If you prefer swimming in a pool rather than the ocean, this is the spot for you!

Find the coolest photo spots by the end of the pool, the ultimate insta-ready place!

Next time I will take the waterproof case for smartphone with me to get those stunning mermaid underwater pictures!

8. Mystique & Drama at Waverley Cemetary

Although it might sound a little dark, the fact is that visiting Waverley Cemetary is easily one of the best things to do in Byron Beach. The combination of the rock formations overlooking the sea and the white-washed tombs provide a unique landscape – and a definite air of mystery. If the weather is getting stormy, the extra layer of mystique makes is downright picture-perfect.

Bondi Beach Instagram Spot: Waverley Cemetary
The sun disappeared giving the place a mystic vibe!
Bondi Beach Instagram Spot: Waverley Cemetary
Fred wanted a photo too:)!

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Eating & Living: the Best Things to Do in Bondi Beach

While this place is gorgeous, the truth is that some of the coolest things to do in Bondi Beach are just enjoying local life. There are plenty of fantastic places to hang out – and they tend to be very Instagrammable!

If you want to explore the Sydney foodie scene, check out this Secret Food Tour!

9. Bondi Beach Instagram Spot for Breakfast

Sydney is full of small and cute breakfast places, but Speedos is definitely the ultimate Bondi Beach Instagram spot. The place is adorable in terms of design, but the food is also delicious – particularly their smoothies.

Start the day here, power up with great food and have a walk along the coast to take some snaps of the fancy houses. The nearby Flat Rock lookout point is also a very Instagrammable place!

Bondi Beach Instagram Spot: speedos breakfast
This picture screams Instagram perfection, plus it was so yummy

For another brekkie option, head to Lox Stock & Barrel and get a glimpse of how locals spend their mornings.

Read more about Sydney’s many lovely breakfast spots on my post on the Sydney’s Most Instagrammable Cafés

10. Trendy Restaurants for Design Lovers

Sydney is full of hip eateries for all tastes, and Bondi specifically has lots of great options. For sure, one of the coolest things to do in Bondi Beach is enjoying the local gastronomy. Plus, a lot of these places are design wonders and truly Insta-ready!

My favourite Mexican restaurant in the area is Fonda, a restaurant with locations in all over Melbourne, with a sole Sydney spot in Bondi. The food here is fantastic and the design is lovely, so come in with a fully charged battery.

Bondi Beach Instagram spots: Fonda restaurant
You know me… love pink vibes!
Yummy Mexican Food at Fonda restaurant Bondi Beach
Yummy Mexican Food!

If you’re looking for something a bit more serious, the popular Bills is a great option. A bistro-like restaurant, it’s a fun place with a wonderful atmosphere at night.

Bondi Beach Instagram Spot: bills restaurant
My mouth is watering just looking at this delicious food from Bills

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11. More Things to do in Bondi Beach: Yoga & Mindfulness!

With the town’s surfer hippie vibe, yoga is one of the essential things to do in Bondi Beach. There are lots of great studios all over the place, well-staffed to help you connect with yourself and the place you’re in. 

Bondi Beach Instagram Spot: yoga
Yoga break at the Well studio!

My favourite was The Well, a thoroughly contemporary studio with simple yet cosy design. They also have lots of yoga classes to choose from, so you can enter the experience in a way that best suits you! 

12. Street Art for All Tastes

If street art is your thing, you might find your favourite Bondi Beach Instagram spot just looking at the local murals. Hang the camera by your neck and prepare to fall in love with fantastic expressions of urban art.

Bondi Beach Instagram Spot: street art in Bondi Beach
Time to add some colorful photos to your Instagram feed!

The perfect place to see street art is the boardwalk along the beach, where you’ll find beautiful and very interesting murals. There are pieces of art of different types, too – a feast for design-savvy travellers!

13. Boho Chic Airbnbs

To get a feel of the local vibe, I recommend staying at an Airbnb when visiting Bondi. There are a lot of options for different budgets, and there’s a general care in creating beautiful spaces with lots of design details. We stayed at a great spot, very boho-chic on Francis Street, but there’s a lot to choose from!

Bondi Beach Instagram Spot: airbnb
I personally love having the opportunity to cook and make food whilst I’m on vacation
Bondi Beach Instagram Spot: airbnb
Feels like home

If you’re more of a hotel person, there are plenty of fantastic choices on Booking.com!

Travel with a Silver Lining Beyond Bondi Beach Instagram Spot

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