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My Best Hotels to Stay in Madrid!

As you know by now, one of my favorite things about traveling is seeing new and exciting boutique hotels. For me, much of the city experience relies on a cozy place to stay. When coming to the Spanish capital, I was on a quest to find the top boutique hotel Madrid. I have high expectations for big cities, so I expected nothing less than the best hotels to stay in Madrid. And that’s exactly what I found at the Only You Hotel Madrid!

It’s rare I find a boutique hotel to be perfect but Only You was certainly one of those occasions! Walking in, the colors of this one-of-a-kind hotel will grab your eye and fill your soul.

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Lovely living room in Only You Hotel - the best hotel to stay in Madrid
Anyone fancy some champagne?

I love the cool and daring mix of styles in the design. This hotel has a very eclectic look, but the styles magically match. The result is an incredible ambiance, full of innovation and creativity. Energy just flows in this hotel, and I’m here for it! 

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Only You Hotel Madrid – The Best Boutique Hotel Madrid!

1. Design & Boutique Feeling: 5

2. Room & Other Facilities: 5

3. Food & Drinks: 5

4. Service: 5

5. Location: 5

the lobby at Only You Hotel Madrid
Design Heaven!

Design & Boutique Feeling

A true design star. This is one of the best hotels to stay in Madrid all-around, but its beautiful look is your first encounter. The beautiful modern design mixing palettes from area to area is a balm for the eyes.

The general area of the Only You Hotel Madrid is comprised of many small rooms, each with their own visual style. The main room, with its high ceilings and Veuve Clicquot bottles, is quite Roman, in whites and full of light.

The luxury oasis in Only you hotel - an amazing boutique hotel in Madrid
Luxury, light & champagne – loved this oasis!

The living room area feels very British, with a lot of luxury. The hallway has a Twin Peaks-like aesthetic, in red with black and white floors. The elevators have Portuguese tiles on them, the library is super cozy with wooden walls and gorgeous chandeliers. The entire concept here is harmony in the eclectic, and it feels completely seamless.

Cozy living room & bar in only you boutique hotel Madrid
Cozy living room & bar!

This is the standard of what a top boutique hotel Madrid should be like. You can tell someone put a lot of love and thought into the concept. The palpable personal touch makes each room a place to get inspired and step into creative mode. It’s easy to get lost in your favorite room and turn it into your hub away from home. An enchanting boutique experience!

Library De Lux in the Only You Boutique hotel Madrid
Library De Lux!

Rooms & Other Facilities

The rooms are impeccable, as you would expect from one of the best hotels to stay in Madrid. I loved the little antique details all around, while the room maintained a modern approach. The room was just the right size, and its high wooden ceilings made it look even bigger!

Our Cozy Room in only you hotel madrid
Our Cozy Room

The small balcony was another plus, as it allowed us to see the busy happenings outside. And, despite the noisy street below, the room was very quiet, which is a rarity in this type of scenario. The mark of this spotless boutique hotel Madrid: someone has taken care of every detail!

The view from our balcony at Only You boutique hotel Madrid
Good Morning Madrid!

The use of color in the room was trendy and peaceful at the same time. The blue wall in plush was really interesting, a really unique setting. The dark wood surroundings gave it a distinct air of luxury, beautifully combined with the big doors.

The bathroom, with white tiles and details in black, was modern and lovely. I was particularly fond of the entrance: a beautiful glass door covered by a world map. The Only You Hotel Madrid certainly invited you to travel further!

best hotels to stay in madrid

best hotels to stay in madrid
It always feels extra special when you have your own robe and slippers.

Food & Drinks

We only had breakfast here and it was superb! Instead of a buffet, they have a wide variety of breakfast menus. I particularly loved the healthy breakfast and the 100% vegan one. I cannot stress this enough: one of the things that make a great boutique hotel Madrid is the food! 

We had that first meal of the day on the outside patio, as Madrid woke up with us. A perfect way to start the day at the Only You Hotel Madrid!

Breakfast on the patio in Only you hotel -the best hotels to stay in madrid
Breakfast on the patio, could the day start any better?


As we entered, a pleasant doorman with a cool outfit greeted us with a big smile. Right then and there, we knew we were in one of the best hotels to stay in Madrid!

The service at Only You Hotel Madrid is spectacular, very personal and friendly. Everyone goes out of their way to make your stay perfect. The staff is happy to help you, and they provide great recommendations for their target audience. We definitely felt pampered and like we were staying at the top boutique hotel Madrid!

best hotels to stay in madrid
We felt very welcomed and everyone were so friendly!


Only You Hotel Madrid has two locations, and we stayed in the one at the heart of Justicia. It was perfect: away from crowds, yet surrounded by small boutiques and near everything. From here you can walk to Malasaña, Salamanca, Retiro Park, and Gran Via.

The Chic Justicia Neigborhood Madrid
The Chic Justicia Neigborhood!

I hope you enjoyed this post about the best hotels to stay in Madrid! Area you also a boutique hotel lover then check out all my hotel review posts here!

Me in the Only You hotel Madrid - an amazing boutique hotel Madrid
So true…. Every corner of this boutique hotel is an experience!

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Booking Support & Input

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