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The Best Boutique Hotels in Town

Arriving at The Rooms Hotel Tbilisi, you are struck by the contrasts you won’t find in other Tbilisi hotels. Located in the charming shabby chic area of Vera, you somehow do not expect to find such a cool little boutique hotel like this here. Here is my review of The Rooms, my favorite boutique hotel Tbilisi, easily among the best hotels in Tbilisi!

But what you find at this boutique hotel Tbilisi is a true haven for hipsters and design lovers. I enjoyed every minute of my stay here and if it would not have been for romantic Tbilisi waiting to be explored outside the doorsteps, I would have stayed here all weekend long.

Enjoy my The Rooms Hotel Tbilisi review and experience in the Vlog below. Check out my review of my favorite boutique hotel Tbilisi further down in this post. I hope this makes your decision of Tbilisi hotels a little easier!

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Overall Review – The Rooms Hotel Tbilisi

See my overall rating below for the key categories that I am evaluating on a 1 to 5 scale, with 5 being the best. For me, the best boutique hotel Tbilisi!

1. Design & Boutique Feeling: 5

2. Rooms & Other Facilities: 4

3. Food & Drinks: 4

4. Service: 3

5. Location: 5

Design & Boutique Feeling of One of the Best Hotels in Tbilisi

Located in an old publishing house, The Rooms Hotel Tbilisi offers an industrial-chic design combined with  New York influences. A truly interesting combination that makes from a top boutique hotel Tbilisi! The mix of raw and rough industrial elements with softer details and fabrics, a mix of old and new, gives it a unique atmosphere and boutique feeling. The decor, style, and setting are thought through into every small detail, standing out.

Entering the well-stocked library lobby you get a friendly welcome and I loved the afternoons in one of the cozy lounge plush sofas in the living room. But there are more surprises to be discovered like the stairway with art in beautiful pastel colors, the small and charming Bar Room where you can enjoy drinks from the master mixologist as well as the Kitchen with a true New York vibe. One of the reasons this is one of the top Tbilisi hotels is that it transports you to a really specific feeling, which is always a true joy.

Last but not least, do not miss the Garden Bar at this boutique hotel Tbilisi. The cool and true industrial spot for a drink before or after dinner, an unmissable experience!

Boutique hotel Tbilisi
The Well-Stocked Library Lobby
The Cosy Living Room
The Cozy Living Room
The Rooms Hotel Tbilisi
Some Contemporary Art

This hotel is filled with inspiration inspiring setting and no wonder it has become one of the top Tbilisi hotels for international creatives. This boutique hotel Tbilisi is heaven for your creativity! The Rooms Hotel Tbilisi has everything you could ever wish for in terms of design and boutique feeling. The only thing I missed a bit was the personal touch and the service.

Rooms & Other Facilities of this Boutique Hotel Tbilisi

My Terrace Queen Room was located on the 5th floor with a small balcony overlooking the Garden Bar as well as Tbilisi. It is hard to get more hipster feeling than this. Simplistic, cool and a bit of retro design, on par with my favorite boutique hotel Tbilisi. The wooden floor and desk, the lamps, the green bedspread as well as the bathroom, also with wooden floor and white tiles. The bed was just amazing, just what I’d expect.

I did not want to go up and the balcony was the perfect place for some relaxing time in the morning and afternoon, even though the stylish wooden chairs did not invite you to stay too long. I can forgive a less than amazing chair if I get one of the best all-around Tbilisi hotels, though!

Best hotels in Tbilisi
The Terrace Queen Room
The Balcony - The Terrace Queen Room
The Balcony
A Glimpse of Tbilisi
A Glimpse of the City Unique Among Tbilisi Hotels

The only complaint was the sound insulation, which is not good enough. Being a cool boutique hotel Tbilisi with a lot of youngsters, I woke up every night when they came home after partying. There is also a lot of construction work going on, on the other side of the yard, but it contributed to the industrial feeling that sets this apart from other Tbilisi hotels.

Food & Drinks – A Highlight of Tbilisi Hotels

Food is served in The Kitchen, a small restaurant with an open kitchen and with strong influences from New York, a very peculiar trait different from other Tbilisi hotels. I only had a delicious breakfast here; it’s one of the reasons this is my favorite boutique hotel Tbilisi.

Beautifully presented to give it a more luxury feeling than a normal hotel breakfast and with a good mix of Georgian specialties and more healthy choices. In such a food-centric city, I expected Tbilisi hotels to serve amazing things, and I wasn’t disappointed.

The wine list in the Garden Bar offers some great local wines and the mixology drinks the Bar Room made me travel back to the days in Apothenke in New York. You can’t go wrong with food in my favorite boutique hotel Tbilisi.

The Rooms Hotel Tbilisi - Tbilisi Hotels
Breakfast Time


I had quite high expectations when it came to the service of this boutique hotel Tbilisi. First of all the hotel as such sets the expectations high but also the famous Georgian hospitality. Not sure if I was just unlucky with the timing, but it didn’t feel like I was getting the top Tbilisi hotels experience.

The service was for sure good but a bit below what can be expected. I missed the personal touch and also flexibility in terms of solving various issues. A misunderstanding regarding the breakfast become somehow a big issue for the staff and here I think they have some work to do to match the service with the hotel as such. The cutest boutique hotel Tbilisi deserves incredible service to match!


Vera – a charming part of old Tbilisi – is the perfect location with walking distance to most attractions, which makes The Rooms stand out among Tbilisi hotels. Here, you’re a near the old city, the Bridge of Peace, the funicular as well as to the German part of Tbilisi. This boutique hotel Tbilisi is set on a picturesque street just off the main street, and you just have to cross the street to find great restaurants, bars, and clubs for the evening. Do not miss out popular and hip Lolita just across the street!

Lolita Restaurant Tbilisi
Hip Lolita

Would you like to stay at my favorite boutique hotel Tbilisi, The Rooms Hotel Tbilisi? THEN BOOK IT HERE!

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