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Tel Aviv is a beach lover’s dream: many have called it the region’s Miami! There’s a multitude of great luxury hotels Tel Aviv that are unmissable during any visit. For us, the best hotels in Tel Aviv were the Alma Hotel & Lounge and Market House Hotel, and also paid a visit to Brown TLV Urban Hotel. Generally speaking, we were really impressed by the scene of the top boutique hotel Tel Aviv!

This magical city never sleeps, and it’s actually many cities in one, and every boutique lodging reflects that. The neighborhood with the boutique lodgings is Jaffa, the oldest neighborhood. Many other hotels are located in the northern part, the wealthiest district.

Tel Aviv has so much to offer and make sure to plan in advanced if there’s anything specific you want to see. I can recommend to in advance CHECK OUT ALL OF THE GET YOUR GUIDE TOURS AND EXPERIENCE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN ON YOUR TRIP.

Tel Aviv hotels tel aviv boutique hotels
Hello Tel Aviv!

A growingly popular destination in the region, the vibe might take you by surprise. Enjoy my review 3 luxury hotels Tel Aviv: Alma, Brown TLV Urban, and Market House, below! If you want to read more about our lovely days in Tel Aviv check out My Tel Aviv Travel Story

Alma  – One of the Best Hotels in Tel Aviv!

Alma really lives up to its description: it’s a chic lodging with a (fantastic) rooftop terrace. A beautifully restored early 20th-century building, it’s a city center gem that sparkles among luxury hotels Tel Aviv! 

Overall Experience

1. Design & Boutique Feeling: 4

2. Room & Other Facilities: 4

3. Food & Drinks: 3

4. Service: 5

5. Location: 4

tel aviv boutique hotels Alma hotel & lounge tel aviv
Love to be among the city rooftops & local hotels have great ones!

Design & Boutique Feeling

Alma, a boutique star. This gem screams boutique everywhere you look. A neo-classic wonder from the outside, the façade lights up at night. Once you walk in, you’re in one of the best luxury hotels Tel Aviv!

The spaces are broad and full of light, and this boutique hotel feels like an apartment building with fancy service. There’s a certain Manhattanite vibe – kind of like TV show Friends, unique among luxury hotels Tel Aviv. It really gives it an edge!

alma hotel & lounge Tel aviv, tel aviv boutique hotels
On the rooftop of one of my favorite boutique hotel Tel Aviv – just love this design!

The best part of this place is the rooftop. The ultimate spot for afternoon drinks, you’re surrounded by Tel Aviv’s busy life here. It’s such a cute place! The décor mixes Middle Eastern with a colorful, modern touch, for one of the top luxury hotels Tel Aviv. Lots of relaxed furniture, like cute couches and cushions in vibrant hues. Turquoise reigns, but there’s also lots of fuchsias. An Instagram gem!

Room & Other Facilities

The rooms, in warm tones, are relatively big, and there was clearly a lot of love putting this place together. A rarity among city lodgings in general. There are also some industrial elements, which is somewhat common in luxury hotels Tel Aviv. A few romantic touches finish the deal, like the big, classic bed. Loved the room’s colorful map, a really fun piece that appeals to my traveler heart! The modern desk with its lamp was super cute, perfect for some note-taking.

alma hotel review tel aviv
Beautiful boutique feeling

While the rooftop was wonderful, I missed a lounge area to really hang out in this hotel. There’s still so much more good than relative bad in this gem!

Food & Drinks

The bar/restaurant area is gorgeous, with lots of whites and beiges in open spaces. However, while nicely presented, the food and drinks weren’t necessarily life-altering. There had to be a downside!

tel aviv boutique hotels Alma hotel & lounge
Breakfast time!


Incredible service, just what you’d expect. The staff was super friendly and professional. They were always willing to lend a hand or recommend places and activities. The personal touch I always crave!


Practically perfect. It’s outside the crowded beach madness, but still just a block away from major Rothschild Street. Here, you’ll find a whole strip lined with bars and clubs to party until morning. Lots of hip little restaurants around, too, perfect for foodies!

Alma is in Tel Aviv city center, just a 20-minute walk from the beach. The only downside is that, although the area is quiet, it can be noisy at night. Bring earplugs and enjoy your evenings!

tel aviv boutique hotels Alma hotel & lounge tel aviv
Zoo Zoo Bar at the main Rotshild Street

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Brown TLV Urban – A Star Among Luxury Hotels Tel Aviv!

Brown TLV Urban was fully booked when we visited, and it was clear why. The design is rich in dark woods and an all-around earthy palette, it’s so luxurious! The inspo is “urban warmth” with a nod to the 70’s. In all, Brown TLV Urban feels like a boho-chic person’s home, standing out among luxury hotels Tel Aviv.

This boutique hotel hosts another magical rooftop; small, cozy and with a bar/lounge. Great for a nightcap. The awesome service had the same feel as Market House Hotel!

Perfect Start of the Evening!

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Market House – A Boutique Hotel Tel Aviv on Jaffa Flea Market Secret

Market House is a rarity: a near-perfect 5/5. Located in Tel Aviv’s old town, Jaffa, it’s everything I need. Gorgeously designed, amazing food and drinks and incredible service!

tel aviv boutique hotels market house hotel tel aviv
Jaffa Flea Market around the corner

Overall Experience

1. Design & Boutique Feeling: 5

2. Room & Other Facilities: 5

3. Food & Drinks: 4

4. Service: 5

5. Location: 5

Design & Boutique Feeling

This is one of the most sought-after spots in the boutique hotel Tel Aviv category. While a totally luxurious experience, this hotel is still super cozy, a common trait among luxury hotels Tel Aviv. Decorated in calming earth tones, the beautiful dark furniture looks fancy, without sacrificing comfort. A true design star. 

As its name indicates, Market House is right in a market, and the décor takes advantage of it. The design borrows elements from surrounding Jaffa streets, while common areas harmonize with modern touches. Incredible design is a common 

Tel Aviv hotels tel aviv boutique hotels market house hotel tel aviv
Welcome to Market House Hotel!

The design includes lovely B&W floors mixed with leather and 1960’s-inspired seats. It’s a little old, a little industrial, a little oriental, all top luxury hotels Tel Aviv! The façade is a Parisian cutie in brownstone, with tiny black balconies. Even from the outside you already know it’s one of the best lodgings in town.

Luxury hotels Tel Aviv
Everything I need from a boutique hotel

Room & Other Facilities

Somewhat common in Tel Aviv boutique hotels (and everywhere, really) are rooms on the smaller side. Ours was also cozy and modern, though. The design had lots of browns, in a very harmonious distribution. The room had hooks throughout the walls, so we could hang our clothes everywhere. 

Another highlight on this gorgeous hotel was the big balcony facing the city. Whatever type of room you book, I’d recommend one with a balcony. It’s always lovely to hear a big city waking up and going to bed, a must when staying in luxury hotels Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv hotels tel aviv boutique hotels market house hotel tel aviv
Our cozy little room!

Food & Drinks

Breakfast was delicious, and the bread was unforgettable, as you’d expect from one of the top luxury hotels Tel Aviv. Right next door you can find Milk, which serves amazing coffee. Complimentary wine and snacks are served as an after-office between 5 and 8 in this boutique hotel Tel Aviv. And it’s all delish! Great local hotels are also hubs for incredible food, no doubt.

market house hotel jaffa interior
Warm tones of interior in the cozy breakfast restaurant of this boutique hotel Tel Aviv


The impeccable service is why this is among the top luxury hotels Tel Aviv. The staff was always available for great recommendations. In all, there’s a real effort in bringing the personal touch to the table at this boutique hotel Tel Aviv. For example, we were offered an extra beach bag, with water and a towel. The kind of detail that sets it apart from the rest.

Tel Aviv hotels tel aviv boutique hotels market house hotel tel aviv
Lounge feeling with a perfect view of the Jaffa life!

Location – The Best of Any Boutique Hotel Tel Aviv

Smack in the middle of Jaffa, Tel Aviv’s oldest neighborhood – right in the flea market. A prime location for any boutique hotel Tel Aviv! This is my favorite part of town, so the location is perfect, a gem among luxury hotels Tel Aviv. This unique area is within reach of everything, and you can easily get anywhere from here. Plus, the closest beach, Jaffa, is calm and beautiful. 

This boutique hotel Tel Aviv was quiet enough at night, so a perfect little hideout. A gem with a top location.

Tel Aviv hotels tel aviv boutique hotels market house hotel tel aviv
Beautiful Jaffa!

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If you end up booking any of these hotels, let me know what you thought. I always recommend these when I get asked about hotels in Tel Aviv. This trip was a true favorite of mine, and I can’t wait to plan some more future visits here. Want inspiration or support when booking your trip here? Check out my Tel Aviv Blog Posts below:

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