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Often called the Paris of the East due to its astonishing architecture and gorgeous sights, Budapest is quite a dream. There are endless Budapest Instagram spots to choose from, and below I’ve handpicked my favourites for all photography lovers. With its beautiful buildings, breathtaking views on different sides of the Danube and lovely parks, Hungary’s capital is always picture-perfect. Below, you can find my top Budapest photo spots!

budapest instagram spots
Budapest you took me by surprise with all your beauty!

Budapest is well-known for being one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. In the past years, it’s been growing as a tourist destination, and it’s easy to see why. Budapest has it all: it’s an old city full of charm and history, while also being fully modern and vibrant. You can spend your whole day seeing UNESCO World Heritage Sites and then put on your heels and party the night away. Insta-perfect in every corner, it’s also a dream for all lovers of photography!

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Budapest Instagram Spots on the Danube

The Danube is the second-longest river in Europe, and its banks provide some of the loveliest Budapest Instagram spots. This iconic body of water has been the subject of endless pieces of art over the centuries, and it’s easy to see why. Centuries ago, the river divided separated the cities of Buda and Pest, which would later unite to become today’s town. No guide of the loveliest Budapest photo spots is complete without honouring its Pearl of the Danube moniker!

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1. Cruise Down the Danube 

See this vibrant metropolis from its famous river and enjoy a unique perspective of the loveliest Budapest photo spots. One of the most camera-ready boat rides in Europe!

Budapest Instagram spots: Danube
A boat ride with this view is on the to-do-list in Budapest

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2. Get Acquainted with the Chain Bridge

The Széchenyi Chain Bridge was built in the 19th century to connect the eastern and western banks of the city. For over 150 years, it’s been one of the most remarkable Budapest Instagram spots. This one-of-a-kind structure features imposing details like statues of tongueless lions, offering quite a sight. Drop by with your camera and enjoy one of the top Budapest photo spots.

Budapest photo spots: chain bridge
One of many gorgeous views, the Chain Bridge

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3. Fantasy-Like Snaps at Liberty Bridge

A little newer than the Széchenyi, the Liberty Bridge is an art nouveau gem. This green beauty connecting Buda and Pest is one of the top Budapest photo spots for couples looking to find that perfect shot. The wind and the beauty of the city make for the perfect photo op.

Budapest Instagram spots: liberty bridge
A smile and wind in my hair, thanks for the view Liberty bridge
Budapest Instagram spots: liberty bridge
Explore mode on

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Iconic Budapest Photo Spots on the Buda Side

West of the Danube, Buda is home to some of the most iconic Budapest Instagram spots, such as the city’s iconic castle. Nowadays, it also includes the residence of the President of Hungary and many other Budapest photo spots!

4. Incomparable Views from Buda Castle

The historical palace complex of Hungarian royalty throughout the centuries, Buda Castle is a Baroque feat from the 13th century. With all its pastels and grandeur, you’ll find it looks a little like a Wes Anderson movie. For the best pics, look down to the city from its heights or get lost in its beautiful gardens, the perfect scenery. Keep in mind that this also one of the most popular Budapest photo spots, so be sure to get there early to avoid crowds.

Budapest Instagram spots: buda castle
Welcome to the Buda Castle!
Budapest Instagram spots: buda castle
The Gorgeous Fountain on the inner yard!
buda castle view budapest
Garden views


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5. Take Pics of the Budapest Parliament

Perhaps the most famous building in the city, the Hungarian Parliament is technically on the Pest side. However, you’ll get the most perfect views of this gem of Budapest Instagram spots from Buda Castle.

Budapest photo spots: budapest parliament
Shining bright like a diamond during night time!
Budapest photo spots: budapest parliament
Picture perfect

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6. Funicular Up the Buda Castle District

Located at the end of the Chain Bridge, this old cable car offers a cheap alternative to climbing up the Castle Hill. As a plus, it also offers one of the loveliest views in the city – think of it as the funicular up to Sacrée Coeur in Montmartre, Paris. These cute old carts are a lovely intro to one of the most iconic Budapest Instagram spots.

Budapest Instagram spots: buda castle district
A must visit tourist spot
Budapest Instagram spots: buda castle district
Once you’re up, you have the whole view over Budapest

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Budapest Instagram Spots in Lovely Pest

On the eastern bank of the Danube River, Pest covers two-thirds of the current city and some of its more industrialized sights. Still, it’s also full of unmissable Budapest photo spots!

7. Majestic Heroes’ Square

One of the major squares in the city, it stands as one of the best Budapest photo spots because of its iconic statue complex. Surrounded by two major museums (the Palace of Art and the Museum of Fine Arts), it’s a beautiful place to take snaps. Spacious, yet minimalistic and elegant, it’s one of the essential landmarks of present-day Budapest.

heroes square budapest
The iconic Heroes Square

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8. The Fairytale World of Vajdahunyad Castle

Built for the country’s Millennial Exhibition in 1896, this palace surrounded by a lake feels like a fairytale setting. One of the most perfect Budapest Instagram spots for couples who want to feel like Cinderella and Prince Charming.

Budapest photo spots: vajdahunyad castle
How cute is that little car in the water?

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9. Lovely St. Stephen’s Basilica

As the tallest building in the city, this early 20th-century church is entirely unmissable. Certainly one of the most beautiful Budapest photo spots, there are plenty of places to takes pic of it, including Buda Castle. When nearby, remember to take pics of the façade outside but also from the tower for beautiful views of the city.

st stephen's basilica budapest
One of a kind, the St Stephen’s Basilica

Well worth a visit, even if you’re not big on photography! 

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10. Boho Views at Budapest Eye

Much like London, Budapest has its own giant and iconic Ferris wheel. What makes it one of my favourite Budapest photo spots is that pics with it add a definite Coachella vibe!

Budapest Instagram spots: budapest eye
Like a fairytale
Budapest Instagram spots: budapest eye

Once you’ve snapped it from below, go up and enjoy the gorgeous sights of the city.

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11. Great Market Hall

The largest and oldest indoor market in town, the Nagyvásárcsarnok has been around since 1897! I love visiting old city markets because they always provide a chance to taste great fresh food just like locals do. The atmosphere is out of this world, with delicious food and a truly authentic vibe. Just the place to really get to know the local food culture.

great market hall budapest
Great vibe in Budapest!
Budapest Instagram spots: great market hall
The Great Market Hall

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The Best Budapest Photo Spots Inside Hotels

This is a city for art lovers, and its boutique hotels reflect that feel entirely, offering some of the prime Budapest photo spots. 

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12. The Musical Aria Hotel

The Aria Hotel has been named the no. 1 hotel in the world by TripAdvisor, with every reason. This perfectly decorated accommodation is musically themed in its entirety, with luxury in every corner. It’s also one of my favourite Budapest Instagram spots!

Budapest Instagram spots: aria hotel
One of my favorite hotels, Aria Hotel
Budapest Instagram spots: aria hotel
Just look at this luxurious lounge

There are plenty of gorgeous Budapest photo spots to choose from here, but the Opera Suite is the greatest of them all. Don’t miss the chance to take snaps of the room’s star: its violet velvet bed!

Budapest Instagram spots: aria hotel
Loved our room as well, 5/5!

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13. Drinks with a View at High Note Sky Bar

One of the coolest Budapest photo spots is the Aria Hotel’s bar, the High Note Sky Bar. With a 360-degree view of the metropolis, it’s a dreamy spot to spend an afternoon. This is one of the best places to get a snap of the St. Stephen’s Basilica’s dome, from a wholly different perspective. The fact that the drinks are delicious just adds to the experience.

high note sky bar budapest
You will not find a better rooftop than this, wanna bet?

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Unforgettable Budapest Instagram Spots at the Jewish Quarter

The Jewish Quarter as it stands today sprung up right outside the Pest city walls after the cities unified. Now, it holds some of the most beautiful Budapest Instagram spots, with gorgeous synagogues, including the biggest one in Europe. If you’re only in town for a couple of days, make sure this neighbourhood is among the Budapest photo spots on your to-do list!

14. The Dreamy Vintage Garden

Vintage Garden has everything to be the most picture-perfect restaurant in the Hungarian capital. The décor is spectacular, with a romantic and cosy design that’s straight from a pink dream. The decoration changes every season, so there’s something to look forward to. Plus, the location is great and its menu of delicious and beautifully served French food is unforgettable. One of the loveliest Budapest photo spots, for sure. 

Budapest photo spots: vintage garden
The perfect dinner table

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15. Szimpla Kert, the Quintessential Ruin Bar

Ruin bars have been the rage in the city, and Szimpla Kert was the very first one. The Jewish Quarter was nearly abandoned after World War II until this fantastic pub opened its doors inside an abandoned factory building in 2002. In the time since plenty of bars have repopulated the neighbourhood and turned it into a hip nightlife scene. Still, Szimpla Kert remains the best, and one of the most impressive Budapest Instagram spots. Raw and fun, it’s full of graffiti, art installations, and endless other cool things. Take snaps and party the night away!

szimpla kert budapest
Feeling very rustic

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16. Bluebird Roastery, A Friendly Corner of Colour

Bluebird Roastery is a delicious specialty coffee place in a super cute and authentic setting. What makes it one of my favourite Budapest Instagram spots is its very authentic feel and rustic look, perfect for some snaps and coffee!

Budapest photo spots: bluebird roastery
Fresh roasted coffee? Yes please
Budapest photo spots: bluebird roastery
Loving the blue mixed with the wooden details

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17. Akvarium, the Place to Party

The self-proclaimed “most cutting-edge venue” in Budapest, Akvarium has a privileged location at the very heart of town. Besides being one of the top places for drinks and music, this multifunctional restaurant, bar, and venue is exquisitely decorated. One of the top Budapest photo spots for party pics!

Budapest photo spots: akvarium
If there’s good weather, this is where I wanna be
Budapest photo spots: party at akvarium
A little get together here wouldn’t be wrong

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18. New York Café, an Unmissable Gem

The New York Café has been one of the staple eateries of the Hungarian capital since the late 19th century, and a rendezvous for poets and artists. Built in eclectic Italian Renaissance style, it’s certainly among the most essential Budapest Instagram spots!

Budapest photo spots: new york cafe
Just wow…
new york cafe budapest
Who doesn’t like bread?

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