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Boho dream Byron Bay quickly became one of my favourite stops during our 3 months Australia and New Zealand trip. I could easily move to this place for six months to a year, just enjoying the vibe and getting to know the cool new spots. A perfect destination for luxury travellers and backpackers, as the best things to do in Byron Bay, can fit every budget. With its environmentally conscious and hobo vibe, finding the perfect Byron Bay Instagram spot isn’t hard!

Belongil cafe byron bay
Hello Byron Bay! Kinda love your style @Belongil Cafe

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17 Places to Search for the Ultimate Byron Bay Instagram Spot – Enjoy the Ride!

Everything in this Aussie town is at least a little cute, and it’s a wonderful place to just enjoy the sights. That’s why I’ve prepared this fun Instagram guide with some of the coolest things to do in Byron Bay. Rent a bike and prepare to get to know this fun place with a lovely chill bohemian atmosphere!

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1. The Colourful Byron Bay Town

The first place on your search for the top Byron Bay Instagram spot? The cute town! A famous hippie destination for many decades, Byron Bay is made to enjoy its looks and sights. 

The popular Byron Wall…

The town is filled with cool street art and colourful, all providing great photo ops. The Golden Breed shop’s striped wall may be the most iconic, but I also really loved the one with the aqua Volkswagen van. Very hippie and 60s, a sort of Haight Ashbury dream!

Hanging Out at the Beach

A beach destination at heart, many of the best things to do in Byron Bay revolve around the sun and waves. The beach is the heart of Byron Bay, and the entire place is surrounded by water, with each spot lovelier than the next. The main beaches are great, particularly the vibe, but my favourite were the ones a little beyond the crowds.

A day at Tallow Beach - My favorite beach side hangout!
A day at Tallow Beach – My favorite beach side hangout!

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2. Tallow Beach – A Hideaway Beyond the Forest

A paradise of white sand and turquoise water as far as the eye can see, Tallow Beach is a great choice for the ultimate Byron Bay Instagram spot. Despite being huge, you can have this place practically all for yourself. It’s such a wonder to see secluded places like this in a destination as popular as Byron!

Playing in the waves at Tallow Beach
Playing in the waves!
Tallow Beach byron bay
Take me back to this dream!

Getting in is easy: bike towards the area and then walk about 10 minutes along any of the paths crossing through the forest. There are many ways to get in, all of them lovely and full of beautiful photo ops. Once here, enjoy the scene, play in the waves and relax!

byron bay instagram spot: the tallow beach
Walking around to explore some more beautiful places around the beach

3. Belongil Beach – A Relaxed Beauty Near Everything

Bike in the other direction, just a few steps from the main Byron beach, to find Belongil. Secluded and relaxed, the setting is beautiful, though the sand isn’t quite as white as in Tallow. As a plus, many of the best things to do in Byron Bay are near Belongil, like hotels and cafés!

the belongil beach byro bay
New Day – New Beach!

4. Belongil Café – An Instagram Gem

A boho-chic little place that feels like a garden, The Belongil Café quickly became a favourite for us. Designed in pastel with rustic details, it certainly deserves a place in the competition for the cutest Byron Bay Instagram spot. Take some snaps and don’t forget to try their avocado toast, eggs Benedict and delish smoothies!

best things to do in Byron Bay: belongil café
Loving the chill boho vibe here!
Shabby chic gem!

Cape Byron Lighthouse, Among the Best Things to Do in Byron Bay

One of the best Byron Bay activities is for sure to take a walk towards the lighthouse. While a little rocky (wearing comfy shoes is essential!), the views are spectacular. You might just discover your favourite Byron Bay Instagram spot along this trek. My top recommendation: go in the afternoon and catch a sunset! And make sure to bring a sun hat and water!

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5. Fisherman’s Lookout – The Best View of Town

Make your first stop at Fisherman’s Lookout, and then enjoy a prime Byron Bay Instagram spot, overlooking the main beach. This surfer’s hangout is great for a picnic and a few snaps, particularly at sunset.

best things to do in Byron Bay: fishermans lookout
A picnic up here? Yes please

6. The Boho Luxurious Wategos Beach

Located on the luxurious side of town, Wategos Beach is a gorgeous place with truly hippie vibes. You’ll find people chilling, smoking and partying until sunrise. 

best things to do in Byron Bay: wategos beach
Catching memories… and photos over the Wategos Beach!

One of the best things to do in Byron Bay is going to the fancy Raes on Wategos to take pics and have a deluxe rosé lunch – oh, la la!

7. The Easternmost Spot in Mainland Australia

Just standing here and letting the sea wave your hair around is an amazing experience. A prime Byron Bay Instagram spot, you’ll find dramatic rock formations for incredible pics.

Had to give it a try!

8. The Most Powerful Lighthouse in Australia

Cape Byron Light is the endgame for this lovely walk. The continent’s most powerful lighthouse. It was inaugurated as the 19th century ended, giving literal light to New South Wales. Feel at the end of the world in this beautiful structure and go crazy taking pics. You might even catch some majestic mammals, as it’s a popular spot for whale watching! 

byron bay instagram spot: cape byron lighthouse
Even the walk to the lighthouse is gorgeous
Byron bay lighthouse
Perfect photo spot!

9. The Main Attraction: A Sunset

Between the background of the bright blue beach, the mountains and the colours of the sky, a sunset here is a spectacle. My favourite spot is 100 meters below the sunset, looking into Tallow Beach. The ultimate Byron Bay Instagram spot!

byron bay instagram spot: sunset

The Byron Bay Instagram Spot for Adventurers: Excursion Time!

If you’re renting a car during your stay in the area, one of the best things to do in Byron Bay is exploring its surroundings. There are plenty of daily excursions you can take here, like the cute nearby villages of Bungalow and Brunswick. Animal lovers will really enjoy this Platypus Spotting Walk from Byron Bay!

Out & About at the Farm!
Out & About at the Farm!

10. The Farm – A Rural Experience Right Outside Town

Visiting The Farm is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Byron Bay. A five-minute drive away from town, this is, in fact, a working farm providing an enchanting rural experience.

Here, you can spend some time with the cute animals and also enjoy breakfast at their cute café, with the freshest ingredients. They also have a flower shop, grocery store, and even a cute ice cream place, so get your camera ready!

best things to do in Byron Bay: visit the farm
Bringing home a flower after a day at the farm
best things to do in Byron Bay: the farm
Yummy avocado toast
best things to do in Byron Bay: the farm
A perfect place for horse lovers like me!

The Best Things to Do in Byron Bay for Conscious Foodies

As a beach town with a hippie’s heart, Byron Bay has a vibrant foodie scene, strongly focused on sustainable living. The town is a hotspot for organic places full of locally produced ingredients. The places are also pretty cute, and perfect to find your Byron Bay Instagram spot! See my top 3 choices below. 

Learn more about the Byron Bay foodie scene in my full Breakfast & Hip Eatery posts!

11. Combi – The Insta Beaut

A darling in pastels but with tropical sensibilities, Combi ranks high for the top Byron Bay Instagram spot. Chic, modern and breezy, it serves really delicious breakfast and lunch food. Go crazy taking pics around the cute pink table while you enjoy the chill vibe!

best things to do in Byron Bay: combi food
Loving the interior here

12. The General Store – A Rustic Darling

About 10 minutes away from the proper town and right outside my favourite local hotel, The Bower, The General Store is one of the most popular breakfast places in Byron. It seems that locals and visitors all agree visiting is one of the best things to do in Byron Bay. The gorgeous rustic design provides many photo ops, and the fact that the organic açai bowls and smoothies are amazing helps!

best things to do in Byron Bay: the general store food
One word… Delicious

13. The Mez Club – A Hamptons Delight

In white and bamboo, The Mez will transport you to the Hamptons – a real photography darling. Serving lunch and dinner, we loved everything we tried here, with its Mediterranean approach to food. Having a great meal and taking snaps here are two of the best things to do in Byron Bay! The vibe is lovely so a perfect spot to start your evening. For drinks head to The Loft!

byron bay instagram spot: the mez club
A photo or two from this unique place

Boho Chic Accommodations

For us, Byron Bay was a respite of a fulfilling yet very busy 3-month trip, so where we stayed here was particularly important. We quickly found that enjoying local hotels was one of the best things to do in Byron Bay.

Learn more about Byron Bay accommodations on my hotel review. Or just find the best hotel for your stay through Booking.com!

14. The Bower – A Luxury Boho Chic Oasis

A sweet and cosy darling, The Bower was the first place we stayed in, and it gave us the calm we craved after being on the road. A little outside town, it’s a little haven, full of cute details competing for the top Byron Bay Instagram spot. Don’t miss a shot by the lovely pool!

best things to do in Byron Bay: the bower
Starting the day by the pool is not too bad
best things to do in Byron Bay: the bower room
Our cute room
best things to do in Byron Bay: the bower
Set in a tropical surrounding!

Read my full review of the Bower HERE! Do you love The Bower? Book your stay HERE!

15. Byron Springs – A Classy Hideout

A chic and recently renovated guesthouse, Byron Springs offers a sweet and personal experience. A designer’s dream, everything is very modern and in clear tones, with little splashes of colour for an extra oomph. You’ll feel right at home!

best things to do in Byron Bay: byron springs pool
Could stay here all day!
best things to do in Byron Bay: byron springs room
Our room. Simplicity at its best!

Read my full review of the Byron Springs HERE! Do you love Byron Springs? Book your stay HERE!

16. The Temple Retreat Studio – Our Cute Design Airbnb

If you’re more into Airbnbs, then The Temple Retreat Studio is a perfect choice for you. On the back of a bigger house, this cute place is more affordable than other Airbnbs and boutique hotels, with just as much of a boutique feeling. The design is Hamptons-inspired, and any of its sweet corners can become your favourite Byron Bay Instagram spot.

best things to do in Byron Bay: the temple retreat studio
How cute isn’t this bed! Sweet dreams!

Read my full review of the Byron Springs HERE! Loved the Temple Retreat Studio? Book your stay here!

More of the Best Things to do in Byron Bay

While a small town with fewer than 50,000 people, there are two more cool things to do in Byron Bay. They’re nearly opposite in nature, too: shopping and yoga!

17. Shopping, Design & Inspo

Without a doubt, one of the best things to do in Byron Bay is to delve into local shopping! Heaven for fans of romantic boho-chic, you’ll find design stores everywhere, even next to the most touristic places. The shops are cute enough, and everything inside will make you fall in love.

Byron bay shop
Byron Bay Style!

My favorite local design shops are Tigerlily, Spell Boutique (a gorgeous bohemian boutique) and the Auguste The Label.

For some fashion inspo, check out my post on 6 Boho Outfits A La Byron Bay Style For Stylish Summer Days!

18. Yoga and Mindfulness

Yoga is an integral part of the Byron Bay lifestyle, with many studios to choose from and Creature Yoga is the most popular.

The place I tried was Bamboo Yoga School, which provided what was one of the best things to do in Byron Bay for me. A truly personal little studio, the entire experience is very boutique and one-of-a-kind. One of the most mindful yoga experiences I’ve had, guided by incredible teachers!

Yoga in a tent - one with nature @Bamboo Yoga School!
Yoga in a tent – one with nature @Bamboo Yoga School!

Byron Bay is the kind of place that makes you dream of turning your vacation into a longer stay. Lovely weather, fun activities and beautiful places all around – it just changes the way you look at the world!

street art byron bay
Bye Bye Byron! Hope to see you soon again!

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