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Being a foodie, the restaurants and the food are as important as the hotel for me. Even though I love
spontaneity, I have learnt that if you want to visit the best restaurants you better do some research in advance
and book, especially if you are in cities. Like with the hotels, I adore restaurants that has a thought through
concepts from design, food and atmosphere and the best is when you find a small hidden restaurant that has
it all and where locals eat.

The 4 Best Restaurants in Kiev!

Kiev, an old and beautiful Eastern Europe city with all the metropolitan buzz that hasn’t lost its small-town charm. This is a place to enjoy life – and where better than in Kiev restaurants? The best restaurants in Kiev offer a great variety of flavors, from local cuisine…

The Best Restaurants in Tel Aviv!

My Tel Aviv Restaurant Guide Tel Aviv restaurants offer a little bit of everything, so this Tel Aviv restaurant guide is all about the day’s meals. Read all about where to eat in Tel Aviv and my favorite Tel Aviv eateries. Well, the best restaurants in Tel Aviv!  …

rio travel guide brazil

The Best Rio Restaurants & Breakfast Places!

Rio de Janeiro took in many immigrants during the 20th century. With a mostly European background, these people made the local cuisine a unique mix of flavors. Nowadays, that immigration translates to incredible food, and some truly eclectic places to eat in Rio. That, combined with centuries-old traditions…

The Best Restaurants in Lima!

Peru is well known for being a country of flavors, and they all meet up in the best restaurants in Lima. In fact, Lima food is absolutely outstanding, and even little hole-in-the-wall offer amazing experiences. This is a city for those who love seafood, potatoes and even Asian…

Favorite Restaurants in Havana

My Favorite Restaurants in Havana!

The Best Places to Eat in Havana While Havana is well-known for its flavors, finding the best restaurants in Havana is no easy feat. It requires research to discover the best places to eat in Havana, finding good food away from tourists. Although historic, you might want to…