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See the Wonders our planet has to offer, whether they’re natural or created by man. That means archeological sites with thousands of years of history, where ancient cultures left their mark. It’s also those places in nature where incredible things happen and they cannot be repeated anywhere else. UNESCO World Heritage Sites, grand waterfalls, one-of-a-kind colors in the sky. These are some of the most breathtaking and unique places on Earth! We want to see as many of these places as possible during our lifetime.

See what wonders we have experienced so far below!

iguazu falls travel guide

My Iguazu Falls Trip Guide

A UNESCO World Heritage Site and the meeting point of the two largest countries in South America, Argentina and Brazil, the Iguazú Falls are among the 7 Natural  Wonders of the World, with good reason: the landscape, the power, it’s all one of a kind. In this Iguazu…