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Our Moscow Life Story!

Our Moscow life! Living in Moscow has been an experience we will never forget! Well, my four weeks’ vacation in Sweden did not start the way I expected. Instead of being on the West Coast having a fantastic time with two of my best friends, I am stuck…

what to see in moscow

Moscow – The Return!

The Shock – Moscow Sightseeing 50 degrees temperature difference! It was for sure not a warm welcome I got, arriving back after three months in paradise! In any case time for some Moscow sightseeing and time to experience some of the things to do in Moscow in winter!…

Living in Moscow

Moscow – A love story?

Living in Moscow Back to how it all started – only you and me! Looking back, we did not get along very well in the beginning, different languages and cultures and it was not easy to get to know you.. But as time has passed (almost two years)…